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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Pop Culture" Christmas Tree

For tomorrow's ABC Wednesday post, I plan to share a particular set of ornaments on our next door neighbor's 12' tall Christmas tree, decorated with an American Pop Culture theme. But for today, I wanted to share some of the other fun ornaments on their tree. None of these will win any photography awards (pardon the flash's overexposure in some, I've spent all the time I can trying to improve them), but I hope you'll enjoy them in the whimsical spirit in which they're posted, and that some might even bring back fun and fond childhood memories for some of you. :-)

Though not really a fan of either Marilyn or Hallmark's curmudgeonly Maxine (whose string of Christmas lights blink), I found their juxtaposition here amusing! Could there be two more different personalities, do you think? 

Some of my fellow Baby Boomers* among you may appreciate the fond Saturday morning memories this ornament evokes, especially when you hear the Looney Tunes theme song the ornament plays!
*Oh, I know you can catch these cartoons on cable now, but it's just not the same 
as watching it in footie jammies on a console TV with rabbit ear antennas and dials 
that you had to get up, go over and TURN! Uphill in a blizzard! LOL :-)

And who among you wouldn't claim the classic Chocolate Factory scene as their favorite I Love Lucy episode?

(Because you know you want to)...
Still brings tears of laughter to my eyes!

(I Dream of) Jeannie, complete with her genie bottle, who will forever be linked in my mind with days I stayed home sick from school, watching her, Green Acres, My Three Sons, Mister Ed, Gomer Pyle, McHale's Navy, The Andy Griffith Show, Bewitched... 

Speaking of "witch" (lol)...
How I sometimes still wish for a magic ponytail to toss or a bewitching nose to twitch to make bad things disappear and wonderful things happen.

Television's The Muppet Show came along as I entered high school and ended during my first year in college. Do you remember the names of the two curmudgeons who heckled the rest of the Muppets from their balcony booth?* Several of their heckles emanate from this ornament...
(Thank goodness for the Interwebs, I never would have remembered on my own!)

And a favorite TV show from recent years, BW and I discovered the first few seasons of The Office on Netflix (when the only TV station we got was PBS), and would stay up WAY past our bedtime watching episode after episode on our computer!

A favorite book and Christmas television show, everyone's favorite Grinch (but only because his heart grew three sizes that day!)...

Scarlet O'Hara from Gone with the Wind... 
Vivien Leigh's Scarlett looks lovely, but I will forever prefer Carol Burnett's version!

Will Santa bring you what you asked for?...
"Reply hazy, try again." ;-)

I am "of an age" that remembers playing Pong on my neighbors' TV set and thinking it was really something. That was a few years before I spent more quarters and hours than I care to think about playing this...
(and Galaga and Spy Hunter and Centipede, which I mastered well enough that I could eventually play them for hours with only a 25¢ investment, an achievement of which I'm still terribly proud. Especially since it meant I could still afford to do laundry that week.) :-)

This one's for you, Molly! :-)

See you tomorrow for more!


  1. Oh, WOW! I love American pop culture like this (and even took a class of it in college!), so I was really loving this post to begin with. Then you throw in that adorable camper to boot! I adore it so much!

    A lot of the ornaments really brought back some great memories of my childhood. I loved many of those shows, especially the Muppets and Bewitched.

    My Atari 2600 saw a lot of action, including Pac Man. ha!

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post as I can just imagine what other treasures are hanging on that (12 foot!?!!) tree. Such fun!

  2. I love this tree! So large! I participated in ABC Wednesday for the first time today. I loved W!

  3. I used to sing the theme tune to Green Acres came out all bubbly and silly!
    Jane x

  4. Molly ~ I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, because I thought of you when I got to "tour" this tree, remembering your love and study of pop culture! When I saw the camper ornament (one of several, though this one most closely resembled an Airstream), I was really wishing you could have been there with me! :-)

    Yep, twelve feet! And this is just one of several trees (there's a Star Trek tree, a Barbie tree, a planes, trains and automobiles tree...) and they said they had even more before they downsized so they could fit into their current house!

    I hope you'll enjoy tomorrow's post too, though I have a feeling this one will be your favorite of the two. But we'll see! :-)

    Cindi ~ I know, I put a kink in my neck getting that photo of it from below! :-) Congrats on joining ABC Wednesday, I'll have to check out your post tomorrow!

    Jane ~ LOL - I would think most songs would sound bubbly and silly when sung underwater! :-) (I seem to remember doing something similar as a kid, but don't remember what song it was we bubbled at the bottom of the pool!)

  5. Oh. I loved this. I don't think we got 'I love Lucy' though some of the others were part of my long ago childhood as well. And surely Christmas is about memories as much as it is about anticipation.
    I have to admit a sneaking fondness for Maxine though. She is so bad that I don't have to be - if that makes sense.
    May your Christmas be full of love and magic.

  6. Ellie C ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that even though we're on opposite sides of the world, we still share many of the same childhood memories! Did you watch the I Love Lucy episode I posted? Funny stuff!

    I do understand how Maxine could be cathartic. :-)


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