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Friday, December 21, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Solstice

Behind the complicated details of the world 
stand the simplicities. 
~Graham Greene~

A stack of sunrise-colored clouds 

A warm, soft glow of lights and snow illuminate the blue spruce in our backyard
(May my Southern Hemisphere readers please forgive my Northern Hemisphere bias!)

Happy Solstice and Happy SkyWatching!
See you next week (she said with utmost confidence)...



  1. Looks like an Indian signal cloud
    and Happy Winter Solstice.

  2. What an amazing cloud formation. Happy sky watching.

    Up in the sky

  3. Loved it all! The clouds, the beautiful snowy tree and of course the cartoon. snicker!

    Happiness MB

  4. That cartoon was just too funny. Of course everyone has been making jokes about today and Jim thought that it was pretting interesting that he would leave Germany before the end of the world but arrive in Michigan after. I suppose he would have gotten a birds eye view of it. But that cartoon is a perfect reason NOT to take these things so seriously!!!

    The spruce tree photo is just amazing. A co-worker just walked in for a signature and I showed it to him. He was really impressed as well. I'm glad you copywrited it. It's amazing! Oh I said that already - well it is!!!!

  5. WHat beautiful pics. I love your lit tree. Happy Solstice to you too.

  6. Love the comic! Ha! I wonder when the next armageddon will be.....

    That picture of the spruce in your yard looks ethereal! What a fantastically gorgeous capture!

    You get such interesting skies there. The stacked clouds look cool enough, but then to be a different color from the other clouds? So cool!

    Happy Solstice to you, as well. I'm just glad that the days will be getting longer now. Less than 9 hours of daylight is horrendous!

  7. Beautiful sky and I love the pretty tree! The cartoon was a great, thanks for sharing. Happy Skywatching and a very Merry Christmas!

  8. How beautiful your sky and spruce are. Far from minding your bias, I am loving seeing cooler pictures. Enjoy it - as I am vicariously.

  9. Pancake clouds! Love the cartoon — I'd like to share it on facebook. :)

  10. I love that solstice greeting! Is that with the new camera? The light is gorgeous.

  11. Thomas ~ You're right, that cloud does look like smoke signals! Hadn't noticed that before.

    MB ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this rather diverse batch of goodies. :-)

    Jo ~ Jim's insight about the "end of the world" would make a great Twilight Zone episode! I love Dan Piraro's comics, they always put things into wonderful perspective.

    So glad you (and your co-worker) like my spruce tree photo so much!

    Rose ~ Thanks, it went from just pretty to something other-worldly when that snow fell on it! Glad I could capture it.

    Molly ~ I know, Bizarro's the best! As for the next "the sky is falling" BS, who knows, I've heard there are already "oops, we miscalculated this one, beware of Dec 21, 2015!" nonsense. (But let's all deny the reality of global warming/habitat destruction/nuclear waste/species extinction/etc, while we make sure our tinfoil hat is on straight, shall we? Sheesh).

    Yes, we do get amazing skies out here! I'm surprise I don't end up with bird poop on my face, I'm looking up at the sky so often! :-)

    Me, I'm a freak. I love that it gets dark so early. Cozy! :-)

    Ellie C ~ I'm glad my winter photos cool you off. :-)

    Andrea ~ I almost captioned that photo, "Flapjack Clouds!" :-)

    So did you share the cartoon on FB? Dan's great about it, he only ever asks that you link back to his web site.

    Barbara ~ Thanks, I thought you might! Nope, that was a lucky shot (in a batch of "fails") with the current camera. (And since I haven't blogged about the new one yet, or even told anyone about it yet but you, please don't be blabbing any more spoilers! I'll let you know when I post any pics taken with the top secret device!) ;-)

    I noticed a new post from you last night when it was too late to comment, so I'm off to do that now and try to finish an email I started to you yesterday. I had a bad sinus headache yesterday and couldn't figure out why since there was no change called for in the weather we were having but lo - there's clouds and snow this morning! And so the barometer in my head once again proves more trustworthy than the meteorologist. Maybe I should rent out my prognosticating headache info for a fee!!

  12. Thanks for the link.
    We looked it up yesterday...hubby's comment was
    "So,the rest of the world has gold bullion in reserve,and we have maple syrup?".
    I think I may have to put a disclaimer on the blog!
    Jane x

  13. Jane ~ Well, maple syrup does taste a lot better on waffles and pancakes than gold bullion does! (Bullion is better in soups. LOL)

    So what is this? You leave a comment on my post without actually commenting on my post?! Shame.

  14. And a belated Happy Solstice to you. Now, for my Mayan Apocalypse joke ;-).
    A Mayan is busily caving a large stone when a friend asks him if he'd like a beer. "Well," he says, "I'm working on a calendar at the moment, but if I didn't finish, it wouldn't be the end of the world!"
    And...a very Merry Christmas to you, BW, and the pups. xoxoxo

  15. Spud ~ LOL! Good 'un, hadn't heard it before!

    Hope you and CG enjoyed a very special Christmas, and that the New Year is your best one ever! (First full year of retirement, am I right?) :-)


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