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Friday, December 7, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Sunrises stunning & strange

I took these four photos of two different sunrises this week from our back patio: the first sunrise for its stunning colors, the second for its... well, strangeness! Never seen a cloud quite like that before...

Sunrise #1

Sunrise #2

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And Happy SkyWatching!


  1. These will probably be the best captures that I will view all day. Really well done.

  2. Gorgeous sunrises! That cloud is beguiling; I love interesting cloud mysterious and almost magical.

    I'm loving your changing background theme and title photo too!! Very nice!

  3. You do have dramatic skies in your town! The second one looks like a large creature chasing a small one — under water. If I had to guess what the large one was, I'd say a merpig.

  4. The beautiful and the bizarre. I love them both thank you.
    If you drop by my place on Sunday I will be (finally) posting something you asked for.

  5. Oh so pretty! That is indeed quite the strange cloud in the second set. I love when they're unusual. So cool!

    I also love your holiday theme that you have going on here. Very festive!

  6. Wow, these are beautiful sky captures. The clouds are so pretty and colorful, a beautiful sight to see. Happy Skywatching!

  7. Wow! Both beautiful and very eerie! I'm so glad you were able to capture and share them ;-). xoxoxo

  8. mmm, the second photograph looks like a pig in flight. Weird eh? I simply think these are the BEST skywatch photographs this week.
    Joyce M

  9. Most unusual and spectacular! Have a great weekend.

  10. Everyone ~ As always, thank you so much for your comments, they always make my day!

    DrillerAA90 and Joyce ~ Thank you very much! Your compliments are incredibly generous, given all the beautiful SkyWatch photos there are ~ yours included! I love this meme.

    Rose and Molly ~ I'm glad you liked these sunrises, and especially that unusual cloud, as much as I did. And I particularly appreciate your comments about my new festive look! (Creating and changing the header, blog widths, background and font colors can be a pain in the patootie, so thanks for noticing!) :-)

    Andrea and Joyce ~ Funny you both see a pig in that odd cloud, and Andrea - you've practically written the outline to a children's story. A merpig chasing a small creature under water. :-) This is kind of like a Rorschach Test, so I'm not sure what it says about our psyches, but where you saw a flying or swimming pig, I saw a critter with a hedgehog's face and a fox's body and tail, chasing a monkey in a space capsule. :-)

    Ellie C ~ I'm looking forward to it! (Is it your festively festooned fridge??) :-)

    Spud ~ Me too! My pleasure. :-)

  11. Stunning and really strange cloud in the second sunrise,i am still puzzle.

  12. Thomas ~ I know, it's a weird one!

  13. I just bloody commented and blogger lost it (literally)! Anyway... love the bokeh background to your blog and that new header is gorgeous. Note mine is still a season behind - I might get around to changing it to a Christmas one by Valentine's day!

    That top sunrise is a stunner - but I think the bottom one looks like a bear with its mouth open.

    Loved the vegan Christmas card by the way, and I'm not ignoring the news letter but haven't had time to sit and read it properly yet (will take it to work with me tomorrow) :O)

    And I am now following you - so there!!!

  14. as colorful as it can be in November. Gorgeous. :)

  15. Barbara ~ Oh man, I really hate it when that happens! I thought using this popup window format had helped avoid that.

    I'm so glad you like my new background and header! I'm still figuring some things out with this new template, so making these changes is sometimes awkward. But I'll get the hang of it. And I'm sure you'll have a stunning header well before Christmas. :-)

    A bear with its mouth open - nope, not seeing it. Though the head that looks to some of us like a pig or a hedgehog could be a bear (but with its mouth closed).

    Glad you like the vegan card (I couldn't remember if I"d sent it to you before, but didn't think so). And I couldn't imagine you ignoring the newsletter. Not entirely. ;-) Glad you have a place to go where you can have some peace, quiet and idle time to read your Christmas cards! LOL!

    I don't know why, but you're still not showing up in my followers list. Oh, well, at least you gave it the old Oxford try! Thanks! :-)

    NatureFootstep ~ Or in December! :-)

  16. These two sunrises are so beautiful. Photos like yours make me wonder why I don't wake up early enough to see the sunrise every day. When I see the sunrise I'm in a happier mood, always.
    And you are right, that cloud is so strange on the second set of photos, but still so beautiful.
    Regards from Barcelona.

  17. Beautiful pictures, I really like that and astonish to see you represent strange images here. Photos are vibrant, and hope I could I wake up early and see this sunrises. The clouds are looking beautiful. I am lost in these pictures uniqueness.

    Florida Hotels in Belleview

  18. I've never seen anything like that in the last capture! amazing :D

  19. Excellent catches of heaven, precious pictures, exquisite colors. Greetings.

  20. Some lovely wow shots for the meme, Mother Nature never ceases to impress.

  21. Outstanding photographs!
    In some shots the clouds look like a giant bird flying with its wings widespread. Or maybe that could be an angel itself!

  22. Aiketa ~ Thank you! You know, you're not the first person to lament sleeping past sunrise after seeing the beautiful ones we get out here (see brown clark's comment below yours! lol), and I don't doubt a bit that you're always in a happier mood after seeing one. I think few things set the tone for a great day than a beautiful sunrise, and it's my favorite time of day. :-)

    brown ~ Thank you! And yes, getting up early enough to see the sunrise is well worth it! I'm really glad you enjoyed these photos so much, and appreciate your kind comment as well as your visit.

    WildBlack ~ Well, given the amazing and exotic photos you take, that's really something! Glad I could return the favor a little bit, given how much I love and enjoy your photographs! :-)

    Leovi and Lindy Lou ~ Thank you! And I agree with you Lindy Lou about Mother Nature's ceaseless ability to impress.

    firasphotography ~ Thank you so much! That means a lot, coming from such an incredibly talented photographer as yourself! I love it when people share the images they see in the clouds I photograph, such wonderful imaginations on display! And I do see the giant bird with its wings spread AND the angel now, didn't look at the cloud from that perspective before!

  23. Oh man! Those clouds are out of control, especially in the second photo, so pretty!

  24. Beautiful and quite dramatic...hope this dont show up again on 21st, sure many are gonna get scared :)

    beautiful photos, love going thru ur blog

  25. Jill ~ I think one of the reasons we get such amazing sunrises here with almost daily frequency in every season but summer is that they're usually accompanied by clouds like this. (Well, not like clouds in those last two photos!) I'm glad you liked these!

    henrygl ~ LOL re: the upcoming End-of-the-Mayan-Calendar Doomsday! :-) The fact that the 21st is Winter Solstice, a special day for me, will make me watch the sunrise with special interest. But not because I think it'll be our last. :-)

    I sure loved going through your blog too, and am so glad you visited and left your comment! It was a wonderful discovery.


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