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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A romp through the random

I've been accumulating random goodies to share for some time now - reckon it's about time to stop collecting and start sharing! :-) 

Utah 3D

I can't even remember where or when or how I found this web site, but their gallery of stunning Utah scenery has grown a lot since I did. This kind of 3D photography has since become popular on many real estate sites (even our realtor used it on the listing of our Big Horn house), but back when I found this site, it was rather new and unique. If you know of any other beautiful scenery 3D web sites, please let me know!

The Penny Floor

A recent find through a news article about a creative young couple who resurfaced their bedroom floor using nearly 60,000 pennies, their web site shares photos, instructions, trivia, and videos. I love the look... how about you?

A l'aise (At Ease)

That link will take you to one of my favorite wildlife photos ever - and I'm not just saying that because I'm partial to foxes. :-) Isn't that the most blissed out expression you ever saw?

Enjoy much more of Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond's incredible wildlife and nature photography on her Flickr page or her web site.

First I got an article about Simon Beck's amazing snow graphics from Joanne (aka "AdventureJo," quilter extraordinaire), then my friend Robyn sent me an email with these same photos, and then The Weather Channel web site ran a photo-story about them! So chances are, you've already seen these yourself. But here they are again, just in case.

And now turning from the pretty to the practical...

A free online tool to remedy jet lag, you can read about it here. Since I have no plans to travel across more than one time zone in the near future, I'll have to leave it up to any frequent flyers among you to let me know if it works for you!

And finally, here's some video help with three things I'm a total spaz at: folding t-shirts and fitted sheets so they don't look like chaotic fabric wads, and tying my shoelaces so they don't come untied every 50 feet. Happy to have found these instructional videos, happier still to find evidence that I'm not the only one with these dysfunctions, and happiest of all to share them with any of you who wear wrinkled t-shirts when struggling to fold fitted sheets while tripping over your untied shoelaces. You're welcome. :-)

I rather enjoy receiving instructions in a British accent. :-)
(And it's easier for me to follow than the Japanese version a friend sent me years ago, 
though their shirt did come out better!)

That is so me. And so...
Gotta love a sheet-folding man.

Can't believe I've been doing it wrong all these years.
Well, my dad (youngest of five) had to teach himself how to tie his shoes.
Clearly, he was the one who taught me! :-)


  1. Aaaargh, imagining dropping a coin on that'd go mad trying to find it!
    The fox...priceless...the look of utter bliss.
    Jane x
    In was in the Royal Navy I can fold clothing items to 'book size' .Fitted sheets are decidedly free form.

  2. Goes to show ya -- one can find all types of information online. -- barbara

  3. I love the 3D site! I had to look at Dead Horse Point because I just loved it when we visited there. So pretty!

    That penny floor is really cool, but I think it would drive me nuts because of all the little spaces between the pennies. I wouldn't feel like my floor was ever really clean....

    That fox is so adorable. He (she?) reminds me of Emma when she's sunbathing. Pure bliss!

    The snow "pictures"? OH MY!! I would be so excited if I could see something like that in person. How creative and cool!!

    Believe it or not, I've never flown. Ever. I'm sure that'll change one day, so I'll have to keep the jet lag tool handy.

    This was a really fun post!

  4. Jane ~ LOL! Good point, I hadn't thought of that! Guess you'd just have to let it go (at least until you vacuumed!) :-)

    I was in the AF, but all I learned about laundry folding was how to turn a pair of socks into a smiling ball. (We got demerits if our balled up socks were "frowning" from our drawer - they had to be "smiling!" Honestly).

    Molly ~ I thought of you while I was doing this post, knowing how much you've enjoyed my random posts in the past! :-) I'm glad this one didn't disappoint!

    Glad you enjoyed the 3D trip to an old haunt! :-) I really need to get out to those amazing parts of Utah some day. BW's been to Zion and Bryce, but I've never seen any of it - just bits along the borders of other states and the inside of the SLC airport.

    They filled in all the spaces (and coated the pennies) with a clear-coat epoxy, so it's all one shiny, level surface now. Otherwise, yeah - that would get pretty grody pretty fast! I found this "how to" article in case you and Mike ever get the urge. :-) Btw, did you watch that first video? The guy has some serious arm tattoos!

    That fox is simply too precious for words. I think I share Emma's and the fox's blissed out expression when I'm basking, too.

    Know what would be fun? Seeing all those beautiful snow designs from a hot air balloon!

    I wonder where you'll go via plane for the first time? That'll be quite the experience for you. :-)

  5. Before I even saw your comment, I had the exact same thought: I can't believe I've been doing it all wrong for my *entire* life. Funny how life-changing that video will probably be. :)

  6. I bought my husband a clothes folder that he just loves!

  7. Ingrid ~ LOL! I know, right? In the beginning I found it absurdly difficult to re-learn how to tie my shoes after about 46 years of doing it wrong, and in the beginning I'd often suddenly get the old and new ways confused - especially when my husband was watching me with a, "what is WRONG with you" expression that made me fear he might be planning to have me institutionalized. :-)

    I hope you saw the wonderful fox photo - I knew as a lover and photographer of our wild friends, you'd particularly enjoy and appreciate it! :-)

    ladyfi ~ A clothes folder??? Never heard the like! Does it fold everything? Now I must do an internet search for one. I'm picturing an enormous contraption with many moving parts. :-)

  8. ladyfi ~ Is this the sort of thing you got for your husband? I had no idea there was such a thing!

  9. Yes it is. I got one that Sheldon uses in Big Bang Theory - very like the one in your link!

  10. ladyfi ~ I know of that show, but have never watched it. I'd love to see it in action - betting YouTube's got a video of it! :-)

  11. I had time to read a post but apparentely this was a mega post!!

    First the 3D pictures which are so cool, each one I looked at took a long time because I had to see all 360 degrees and the sky and the ground. I can't even begin to imagine the technology to do it but it is amazing and I could have just stayed in there for hours.

    Then the penny floor. I thought, OK that'll be a quick picture but since it's so unique and interesting I had to read all of the "how we did it" which was worth the read and though I'm not sure that's the best use of our currency, I agree that it is pretty.

    So A l'aise was the last part of this post i had time for if I was going to have enough time for comments. It was so darling!! What an incredible pose and what luck (and skill) for the photographer to catch it.

    So alas, I've only gotten through 1/2 a post today but I love your random ones so it's worth it!!!

  12. Jo ~ Yep, you landed on a bit of a doozy if you only had limited time. Too bad you stopped just short of seeing your name in lights! ;-)

    Utah 3D is definitely worth repeat visits. They've got multiple galleries of gorgeous shots. I think the first time I discovered them it was through one of their night sky photos - awesome! But that Utah landscape is other-worldly. I really want to visit some of those places.

    There's frequent talk of stopping the minting of the penny, since it costs more to make than it's worth and most people find it either useless or annoying and either horde them in jars or dump them at every opportunity. Of course, collect enough of them and you've got some real cash, but I don't have a problem with covering a floor with them! And if they ever DO stop minting the penny, that bedroom floor might be worth a mint!

    If you had to stop somewhere before finishing this post and starting your weekend, "A l'aise" was a great place to do it. That photo never fails to make me smile! And I'd add patience (probably) to your list of luck and skill! She's got lots of wonderful photos, but I'll always love this one best.

    See you when you return!

  13. Jo ~ This video about Canada dropping their penny and the debate over whether we'll follow suit just came out today - very interesting! Watch it and see if you still think using pennies as flooring isn't the best use of our currency. Definitely sounds like MINTING pennies isn't the best use of our currency! :-)

  14. Part II,

    I quit just before the snow quilts which goes to show that I really don't read ahead since you mentioned me only two lines from where I left off!!! Glad you enjoyed them. I believe I was a little late calling you one time because I was so busy looking at these!

    The jet lag rooster web site sounds great. I once had a book called "overcoming jet lag" that really worked. It had a whole equation about when to eat, sleep and drink based on the number of time zones and which direction. I did it on the way to Korea and it really worked but it was really complicated. I love the idea of just plugging everything into this web site (and I lost the book). I'll definitely bookmark this one!

    Either I don't mind wrinkles or my way is OK because my T-shirts are good though I do it much differently. The sheet folding was exactly how mom showed me to do it - yay mom!

    Too bad I don't have laced shoes at work because I'll be darned if I know if I do a reef knot or a granny knot. Can't wait to go home and see. That was my favorite of the instructions simply because I had no idea there was a right or wrong way. Amazing what you can still learn about tying your shoes at 50!

  15. Jo ~ I wondered if you'd peeked at the next thing and saw it was "your" snow quilts and so figured you'd quit there since you already knew about those! (How can you resist reading ahead??) :-)

    I had you specifically in mind when I shared that Jet Lag Rooster, so I'm glad that site might come in really handy for you (and perhaps for Jim!) Let me know if it works for you. I'm sure my mother showed me the right and proper way to fold both tshirts and fitted sheets, but I clearly found it too boring to retain! :-) So did you figure out which way you tie your shoes yet? And yeah, it's humbling to learn at 50 (or 51) how much basic stuff you still have to learn! Keeps us young, though, I figure. :-)

  16. I went back to read your comment and see the video about the penny. I was aware that it costs more to make than it's worth which is why I don't like to see people hoarding them because it just causes us to have to make more which is such a waste!!! Very interesting that it's a zinc lobby group that's keeping the penny around. Even scarier is that it costs 10 cents to make a nickle!! I have hopeed that they'd stop making the penny for a while and now I hope they stop making the nickle too!

  17. Jo ~ Thanks for putting in your 2 cents' worth. (Haha, couldn't resist!) :-) So if they get rid of the penny, will we still say things like that? Or "a penny for your thoughts" or "I'm worth every penny?" (Yeah, just like we keep "dialing" phones that have no dials. LOL)

    Anyway, I'm back here to share this hot-off-the-press story, because since I did this post, this seems to be a hot topic...

    Penny Pinching: Can Obama Manage Elimination of One-Cent Coin?

    It doesn't address people covering their floors with pennies, but it does mention "so-called 'penny-hoarders,'" saying it's illegal to melt pennies and nickels as well as to carry more than $5 in either coin out of the country (why would anyone want to??) Anyway, any cost to mint more pennies that's created by people hoarding them is very small potatoes in the scheme of things, but hey - a penny saved is a penny earned, right? ;-)


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