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Thursday, January 3, 2013

And so another 365-day trip round the sun...

... comes to its conclusion. The birthdays arrive faster and sooner every year, so good thing I started counting backward after I hit 40; that makes me 29 today. (Oh, you didn't know that counting backward from 40 is the rule? You start counting forward again when you hit 20 the second time, till you hit 40 again, and so on. It's a much better system than the unimaginatively lame original, trust me).

I was born to catch dragons in their dens
And pick flowers
To tell tales and laugh away the morning
To drift and dream like a lazy stream
And walk barefoot across sunshine days.
~James Kavanaugh

Or perhaps to pick icicles and slog heavy-booted across snowy days, being a Capricorn and all. :-) 

Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

Capricorn's form of half goat, half fish derives from ancient Babylonian mythology, in which Ea, the Sea-Goat and Lord of Wisdom, emerges from his home in the sea to bring civilization and knowledge to mankind (but given our species' frequent uncivilized and ignorant behavior, I'd say the half-goat, half-fish deity did a pretty half-assed job). Steady, purposeful and long-sighted, Capricorns have a plan for the future and set their sights high. They seek security and certainty (thus setting themselves up for constant disappointment), and insist that rules be followed (yes, dammit, we do! Now sit up straight, pay attention, and leave a comment using proper grammar and spelling. And don't forget about counting backwards from 40!) But don't let that fool you into thinking Capricorns are all work and no play (as evidenced by all the frivolous blogging): they have a lively wit, a dry sense of humor, and that rare combination, creativity coupled with organization! (Well, most days have been heavier on creativity and pitifully light on organization around here lately!) :-)

 Insightful purple bits ©Leanin' Tree®, crotchety red bits ©Laloofah® 

The gorgeous painting is Capricorn by Josephine Wall, my favorite artist.
Find her painting of your own zodiac on her magical web site!


  1. Oh gawd I am so rubbish! Your card and small giftlet are en route to you but probably won't reach you until Easter. Happy Birthday matey!

  2. I didn't look at my calendar - I went from memory!! So looks like my memory is not very reliable. I'm hoping that Happy Birthday wishes one day early are better than one day late!!!! I can assure you they are just as heartfelt!

    Did BW get today off to spend the day with you? That would make it more special, I'm sure.

    I see you've got your new banner and I really like the "cold" feel of it - perfect for January.

    I checked out my zodiac sign and it's way off - except for the part about the natural leader and performer, and the part about expecting the best, and being most comfortable being at center of things, and also the part about being luxury and comfort seekers, and where it says thier roar is deafening but passes quickly, And of course the self confident and energy and enthusiasm parts. OK, it described me to a tee!!

    Yours was also right on as well and I loved the crotchety red bits - you are so funny thus proving the lively wit part! I sat up straighter and paid very close attention to ther rules too.

    Have a great day. It was very fun to comment number 2 for a change!!!

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday!

    I had no idea that Capricorn was half fish. I thought it was all goat!

    Anyway, have a wonderful day! I like your counting back from 40 method! I feel younger already.

  4. Happy birthday!!!

    I hope that your day is everything you could wish for. Oh, and I love your way of counting your age. Wonderful! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Laurie! I like your method of counting birthday years! I'm so much younger than I thought, but not as young as you!

  6. I do hope you had a lovely, lovely day. As a Capricorn on this side of the world believe me there is sun in plenty. Too much of it even - to the point where walking barefoot is to risk blistered feet.

    I read a star-sign spoof some years back that said that Capricorns needed to be careful that we don't take root and turn into trees. I think the implication was that we are boring. Which I dispute. I can think of worse things to turn into though.

  7. Barbara ~ Ha! "Giftlet." Love that word. :-) Let's hope our countries' postal services do a bit better job than that! :-)

    Jo ~ Well, your email note was a day early, but your Care2 card was right on time - even mentioning our phone call "tomorrow," which was what today was yesterday. :-) Anyway, here's an easy way to remember - yours is on the 4th, mine is on the 3rd. Which is what makes me older than you. LOL

    Yes, BW did get the day off yesterday, which was wonderful!

    I'm glad you like my new January banner. I used an editing feature that makes my photo look like a painting on canvas, which I thought looked kinda nifty!

    Ha, when I first read the first line of your next paragraph, about your zodiac sign's description being "way off," I immediately started composing a rebuttal in my head! :-) Good thing I finished reading it first! That's exactly what I thought when I'd read it (which I had, knowing you'd probably be doing just that): it describes you to a T! You all could have saved yourselves a lot of time and skipped that whole personality profile questionnaire thingy, and just used that zodiac blurb instead. :-) I thought the Cappy description fit me quite well too (they don't always), and appreciate both your acknowledgement of my wit and your excellent posture and attentiveness. ;-)

    And congrats for showing up near the head of the line!

    Rose ~ Thanks! I'd thought that about Capricorn for a long time too. I remember wondering what kinds and quantities of drugs the artist had taken the first time I saw it portrayed with the fish tail several years ago!

    Glad you like my creative accounting methods. And you ARE younger. LOL

    Molly ~ Thank you! I doubt you need to adopt my age calculating scheme yet, but I encourage you to use it once you qualify for it. Works wonders. ;-)

    Andrea ~ Thank you, Andrea! See, ain't it great? Now, I'm no mathematician and haven't really thought this out, but I'm pretty sure that with my method, most of us will pass each other in both directions, age-wise, so we all take turns being elder or younger. Much more fun that way. :-)

    Ellie C ~ I did indeed! Though when BW and I went to phone in a take-out order at one of our favorite restaurants (a Chinese place not too far from our house), we found out it's closed! Don't know if it's temporary or permanent, but that was a bummer. Still, we enjoyed a wonderful Mexican vegan dinner at our other favorite restaurant (the last one standing, apparently, as two other favorites also closed in the past year!)

    I'd forgotten that you're a fellow Capricorn! Were you a December Cappy or are you January too? I simply can't imagine celebrating my birthday in summertime temperatures and surroundings. Wish I could send you some of our snow and cold, though it's actually a bit balmy for early January (around 40ºF with a lot of sunshine!)

    I dispute that implication as well, that Cappies are boring. Maybe it was referring to our strength, stability and the fact that some of us are fruity or nutty. :-) And I sure don't mind being compared to a tree, either!

  8. Why didn't you tell me I could count backward after 40? Oh well, I hardly look 16 these days ;-).
    Being a Capricorn has always suited you....many happy returns!

  9. Congratulations!

    I'll keep muddling forward with my count (but you have a good notion) truth given our ongoing horribleness toward our mother Earth and our sister and brother animals...I'm sort of glad to be heading for the finish line. :-)

  10. Spud ~ Oh, it's not too late to start, you know! But don't forget to start counting forward again once you hit 20. Trying to pass ourselves off as 16 might be a stretch, and most of us probably don't care to repeat our teens anyway. :-)

    veganelder ~ I know what you mean, but we (and our non-human animal friends) need you and your voice here for as long as you can stay. :-) And there's a lot of good news out there when it comes to veganism catching on - not fast enough or widespread enough, that's for sure, but there is a lot that's heading in the right direction! Thanks in no small part to people like you.

  11. A belated Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you, Laloofah!!
    I have been known to simply make up a number for my age (unless I need to write it down for official purposes) this has caused problems when I need to recollect which year I absentmindedly wrote down on some websites :)
    and for the record, I much prefer the Mairi Campbell version of Auld Lang Syne (though I seem to be in the minority)

  12. Lesley ~ Thank you!! Belated Happy Birthday to you, too - and LOL about your making up ages and then struggling to remember age you made up. "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive." ;-)

    I'm glad Mairi Campbell's version got a vote! I knew someone would end up preferring hers, it's such a pretty version of the song.


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