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Friday, January 25, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: What goes up must come down

I've been taking so many sunrise photos since Autumn (since our sunrises are usually more spectacular than our sunsets this time of year), that I think I'm in a rut. And so does Mother Nature, apparently, for she outdid herself with a splendid sunset last week. Here's how it looked from our back yard's view to the east, seizing the sunrise's domain...

I love the soft clouds, so softly tinted

And here it is in its usual setting (ha, punny!) in the west, viewed from our front porch...

It grew increasingly dramatic and more colorful each minute...

Can you see the paintbrush-shaped cloud above the light post on the left? 
I wonder if that cloud is responsible for painting this sky? :-)

It's a shame the sun ever has to set on a sky like this one. Then again, 
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever... it will never pass into nothingness." (Keats). :-)

Enjoy the last SkyWatching skies of January at...


  1. The paint brush is a sensational capture. Gorgeous :)

  2. Beautifully captured. Absolutely stunning colors. Well done.

  3. Amazing capture,it really looks like a brush.

  4. Isn't Mother Nature amazing? I particularly like your first shot. The pink and purple hues are wonderful.

  5. That just got better with each passing moment. You're to thank for capturing all these wonderful sky shots.....and we're all the better for it ;-). xoxo

  6. Fabulous colours in all six shots and a great capture. Sunsets can vanish before you get the camera out some days

  7. Wow, some stunning sunsets! Your first is my favorite, because the pink sunsets we don't get often to see here:) And I LOVE your new blog look!

  8. well, if it lasted forever we should stop appreaciating it. Glad you liked my blog. :)

    Keep stairing at the little kitty reading a book. :)

  9. The sunsets there are just as beautiful as the sunrises! They're just gorgeous, Laurie, and you captured them perfectly. Very peaceful, too. :)

  10. Pretty spectacular! Love the oranges and pink. I had to dissect that Keats poem in an undergrad exam once... I still have flashbacks at what I did to poor JK.

    Just looking at your readings list... have you read the Larsson yet? Be interested to hear what you think. I didn't think it was very well written and found it quite boring - in fact I gave up. More hype than substance - much prefer Jo Nesbo!

  11. Your skies are really amazing! Perfectly captures with spectacular colors.

  12. what marvelous sunset skies!
    the layers of colors are beautiful.

  13. Wow, each capture is just amazing. Lovely sunrises and sunsets. You have a lovely view from your porch! Thanks for sharing your skies. Have a happy weekend!

  14. Spectacular sky!
    i haven't seen a good sunset in ages.

  15. Your area seems to have the most fabulous sky performances. -- barbara

  16. What a glorious array. Thinking that watching waves and moon passing behind clouds are similar for me: could keep at it for very long time. A departure for my usual short attention span.

  17. You have some mad skills at catching the light at the right moment!

  18. Breathtaking impressions ! not only the spectacular colors, event the wide open sky.

    a place for my heart.

  19. Hi, everyone! ~ Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all your wonderful comments! Thank you so much! I love sharing our beautiful skies with you, and am so glad you enjoy them as much as we do.

    I'm glad I noticed, photographed and shared that sunset view in the east, since that was a surprising favorite for some of you! Sometimes the softly gentle watercolor look is more appealing than the boldly dramatic oil painting look. :-)

    Jeannette StG ~ Thanks for noticing my new blog look, I'm glad you like it! (I'll be coming up with something different as spring approaches!)

    NatureFootstep ~ I thought the same thing, actually - its fleeting existence no doubt makes us appreciate much more. I think there is a poem or a quote about that very thing (having to do with roses??) but it's been escaping me. Oh, and glad you're captivated by the literate kitty. :-)

    Barbara (UK) ~ My book list is languishing and in danger of becoming cobwebby, as reading has taken a back seat since the holidays. And so it has been several months since I read the Larsson and don't remember it all that well. But I don't remember struggling to finish it - I liked it well enough. I do remember being somewhat dissatisfied with the ending, though I know he was setting us up for a sequel (which I wasn't interested in reading). I must admit, I ended up having to return "Alias Grace" without getting to far into it, and have only left it on my list because my intention is to give it another go one of these days. I like Margaret Atwood. It wasn't the fault of the book that I didn't finish, but of my life (we've been watching lots of Indy and foreign films lately, they seem to fit my current life better than my beloved books do!)

    naomi ~ Those mesmerize me, as well. So does staring into a fireplace (assuming a fire is going in it, lol).

    Vegan Gypsies ~ Thanks, but I think I'm just lucky! All I really have to do with these skies is point my camera at them and press the right button. :-)

    isabella ~ I love the wide open sky too (not everyone does!) I love your line, "a place for my heart." You truly are a poet. :-)

  20. so many richly delicious slices of sky you've served up here. Thank you!

  21. Beautiful colors! The paintbrush cloud is pretty cool! The last two shots look surreal. I'm glad someone can see the's pretty clouded over here most of the time. Not that I'm complaining...

  22. I see the paint brush! These photos are truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  23. Sensational sunset and gorgeous photos of it. Stunning!

  24. Thanks, ladies! :-)

    Rose ~ The clouds are what make our sunrises and sunsets ~ if only your cloud cover would just let enough sun peek through to color your clouds, you'd be set. I'd have a word with old Sol, if I were you. :-)

    Annie ~ Isn't that paintbrush cloud the coolest? It's such a perfect cloud shape to go with that colorful sunset. I didn't even notice it till I saw my photo on the computer!

    Thank you for answering my gondola question, btw! :-)

  25. I don't know how you don't get to where you take them for granted with so many beautiful skies all the time! I bet Skywatch Friday helps!!

    Thanks for pointing out the paintbrush. That was really cool and for that reason, that's my favorite photo. I am glad that you posted them all because it gave me a chance to experience it with you that it grew more colorful and dramatic with each passing moment. It's almost like I was there!

  26. Jo ~ You know, so many of our sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful, I take time to admire every one that I see, but only photograph the ones that I think are exceptional (and always with SkyWatch in mind). So I don't think I'd ever take them for granted, but my blog and the SkyWatch meme do help me prioritize them! Otherwise, my hard drive would be filled up with sunrise and sunset photos. :-)

    I was excited to see and point out that paintbrush cloud, so I'm glad it made that photo your favorite - it is also mine! I sure hope we have some real humdinger photo-worthy skies while you're out here, so it won't just be "almost" like seeing them in person! :-)


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