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Friday, January 18, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: beautiful world

I've decided to combine three of my favorite things ~ poetry, quotes and photography ~ by now and then adding some favorite words to some of my favorite photos. With maybe a little music thrown in from time to time. :-)

Sunrise from our back porch, taken with my new Rebel on 12/26/12

Of course, what other song could I have chosen, really? :-)
If you're unable to view it from here, the short jaunt to YouTube is well worth it!

And so is the short jaunt to SkyWatch! :-)
Enjoy beautiful skies from around the world, and a beautiful weekend!


  1. Indeed a wonderful world with that sunset.

  2. A beautiful shot and wonderful words.

  3. what a great colorful sky! thanx for stopping by :)

  4. What lovely colors you have here. And wonderful words to fit in.

  5. Great capture. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  6. Extremely beautiful. So ya like the new camera, eh? MB

  7. Oh, I like this! Those are all things I love, too. What a perfect quote to go with your gorgeous photo, and so true!

    Great song, too. It is indeed a wonderful world! :)

  8. Isn't that song by Armstrong great! What a view from your back porch! Have a nice weekend -- barbara

  9. Photos, quotes and poetry... a powerful brew!! Beautiful post, I really like it!!

  10. I love that song... and I think that's my favourite sky pic you've taken, it looks like paint that's been dragged across the sky. Sublime...

  11. Wonderful post indeed. Lovely sunset, words and music!

    Thanks for dropping by, have a nice weekend :)

  12. Thank you, everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed this post! I thought this stunning sunrise, wonderful words, and splendid song made a great medley (or, if you prefer, a powerful brew! Love that.) :-) Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your kind comments, it's much appreciated.

    Small City Scenes ~ I do, but it still has MUCH to teach me! (So much, it still intimidates me!)

    Barbara (KY)~ Sure is! One of the best!

    Spare Parts ~ You know, I've often combined quotes with my photos (this post was a favorite), but never ON my photos - and they do seem to pack more punch this way!

    Barbara (UK) ~ Really? Wow! I'm glad you like it - others have been more dramatic, but this sunrise was soft and lovely, and I love your analogy to a painting. Here is the original, if you'd like to see it unadultered with typing. :-)

  13. You are so lucky to have such a western view from your porch. Just lovely!

  14. Sara ~ We do indeed have a beautiful western view (of the Big Horn Mountains) from our FRONT porch, but this is a sunrise, and hence a view to the east from our BACK porch! :-) (I wonder why everyone seems to think it's a sunset?) We get far more beautiful sunrises than sunsets out here, at least at this time of year, but I got some amazing photos of a humdinger of a sunset last night, and they'll be next week's SkyWatch post. So stay tuned! :-)

  15. What a beautiful concept ... and quote. Thank you!

  16. Ingrid ~ My pleasure! :-) I just love your blog, and thank you for visiting mine!

  17. Still gorgeous without the words... such beautiful colours.

  18. What an amazing sunrise from your back porch. I'm glad you do the skyWatch Friday's just so you don't start taking those skies for granted.

    I was able to view the the video without taking a short jaunt which made it very convenient. I agree a perfect choice!!

  19. Jo ~ I can't imagine ever taking skies like these for granted, but I do appreciate having such a great weekly excuse to share them! :-)

    I'm not sure what's up with that video. When I first posted it, I'd get a disclaimer on the video screen that viewing options were restricted and you had to watch it on YouTube. But after a day or two, that went away and I was able to watch it on my blog. Weird!


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