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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Badass Bandana Babes

My little fuzzy fashionistas do enjoy parading around in bandanas, especially when they go to town and can really show off their latest fashion statement. So when I saw a giveaway for two canine bandanas at It's a Vegan Dog's Life last week, I had to enter, natch. And lo, I won! O Happy Day! The bandanas arrived earlier this week (they're very cool, they have a "sleeve" that slips over the collar), so my sassy supermodels had to get to work and do a couple of fashion shoots. Here they are, struttin' their stuff in their bodacious new accessories. Eat your hearts out, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models!!

Sweet, angelic Willow models a bandana
emblazoned in skulls and crossbones with barbed wire accents.
(The contrast just kills me!)

Tessa shows off a lovely floral look,
along with an ear position we like to call, "Helicopter Head."

Willow finds it all so terribly amusing!

Josie's contract stipulates that she perform all modeling jobs
whilst lounging on the back deck.
No exotic locales that require arduous traveling
(like down our driveway!) for this prima donna!

Many thanks and enthusiastic tail-wags to Molly, Mike, Emma and Rowan of It's A Vegan Dog's Life for the great giveaway! Do stop by their very fun, informative and sweet blog (one of my favorite blogosphere haunts), and be sure to wish Emma a happy 4th birthday on Saturday!

And while we're on the subject of adorable fur-covered companions, check out Boo, guinea pig extraordinaire whose human is my friend rift. Major cuteness alert!! Those fuzzy little pursed lips are just too precious!


  1. The cuteness of your beautiful pups is just killing me! <3 Thanks so much for the lovely post. I really, really enjoyed it. I'm so glad they're enjoying the bandanas & how lucky that they have such a beautiful area to hike with you! Oh, and guinea pigs are just so cute I could burst. <3

  2. Congrats on the win and thanks for sharing the pictures! Your canine kids are adorable. And yes, Boo is a total cutie too! I love that pic!

  3. Apparently, I forgot to mention that I am in LOVE with your dogs! :D They always look so happy, and I am glad that you and BW are their caretakers.

    (and big "Thank You" to everyone who has mentioned Boo's cuteness!! She is terribly photogenic, huh! laughs!)

    {{{Vegan Hugs all around!}}}

  4. The are gorgeous! They must love all that wide open space, too. Happy family! Congrats on the win: they look cuter than I ever thought possible.

  5. Thank you for the compliments and the congrats, Marla! Yes, the girls do indeed love the wide open spaces. We're spoiled not having to use leashes, except when we go on outings to town! Of course, town provides a much better opportunity for showing off both their cuteness and their stunning new bandanas, so I guess it's a toss-up which sort of romp is most fun! (Nah, the girls will say "leash-free!" every time). ;-)


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