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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Someone Loves Me!

Lookee here! I'm not only loved... ah'm FAMOUS! (Squeaky-clean, too!)
Gosh, I had no idea somebody's grandma had named her soap after me. That's so sweet, I'll forgive her for misspelling "Laloofah," because her heart was obviously in the right place. Why, it's even Vegetable Based... just like I am! ;-)

Reclining Salad by Greg Brown


  1. *laughs*
    And, dang it, no one is ever going to have a soap named "rift".

  2. Ha! Whined the woman who has an entire VALLEY named after her! (And a complex one, at that!) :-)~

  3. There's gotta be some "Spud Scrub" out there somewhere ;-)

  4. Well of course there's a Spud Scrub out there, Spuddles! Or if you'd prefer something with more formality, there's the Mr. Potato Brush! :-)

    I saw both of these in a Billings kitchenwares store (after health food stores, my favorite stores to plunder!), and the Spud Scrub looks just like a real (albeit small) potato! I'd be afraid it would get swept up amongst all the freshly-scrubbed taters and tossed into the pot! :-)

  5. No, Stinky! I meant a soap made from spuds....sigh. But I guess I set myself up for that one...LOL! Thanks for the Mr. Potatohead site. I may just purchase me one ;-)~

  6. Yo, who you callin' STINKY? I'm the one gettin' soap named after me, let's not forget! ;-)~

    Ah, soap made from spuds! Well, why didn't you say so in the first place? I think this is what you're after... LOL, I had no idea potatoes were soothing to the skin! :-D (Be sure to scroll down the page, they have several varieties of spuds from which to choose!)

  7. Hah!! I knew it!! Just one more use for the versitile, universal, King of Everything....The Spud. named after.....ahem....yours truly ;-)~


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