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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I Like My Turkey

This is how I like my turkey...

Wild and free and dancing the Turkey Trot...
wild turkeys in our back yard

Hangin' with their homies (not crammed together)...
wild turkeys in our driveway

Up close and personal...
whatchoo doin'?

Stuffing their faces (not stuffed with dressing)...
Boone enjoys a tasty morsel at Woodstock FAS' "ThanksLiving Celebration 2009"
(Photo by Derek Goodwin, used with his kind permission)

As the lively center of attention (not the slaughtered centerpiece)...
Rescued turkeys enjoy a banquet at Farm Sanctuary's annual
(click on pic for more photos of past events)

"Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity."
~George Bernard Shaw

You can help counter the cruel carnage by enjoying a vegan feast,
as well as by sponsoring a rescued turkey at an animal sanctuary...

(Sponsor a turkey, or any of the other rescued animals, any time of year)

These are three of my favorite essays on Thanksgiving....

Another View on "Turkey Day" by Delisa Renideo

To Seek or Not to Seek by Rae Sikora

My Wish for the Turkeys by Cadry Nelson

Speaking of talking turkey,
listen in on this happy conversation!

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy, peaceful and


  1. I adore seeing wild turkeys. They're gorgeous! <3

  2. Aren't they? Those iridescent feathers are stunning. Every now and then I find one on the ground and have to add it to my collection of magpie and turkey feathers. :-) They're as much fun to listen to as they are to watch. I love the burbling chatter they make while they eat, and how they always reply to claps of thunder (but I can rarely get them to reply to me when I do my turkey imitation _ they just look at me like I'm daft. LOL)

  3. Love your photos! and, I admit, Derek's pic of Boone made me lol. And thanks for the super short video (easy to d/l on dialup!) happy voices.

    And, yeah, your title. When people start talking dead animals around me, when the conversation seems to be winding down... I say "Well, I like my (whoever) alive! Aren't they just the cutest?!" I have not yet had a negative reaction to this. And I'm hoping that means people are thinking!


  4. Hey, rift! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics (yeah, that one of Boone is a hoot!), and were able to view the video! Weren't those sweet sounds of contentment? :-)

    I've given the same response to a few of the "dead animal conversations," and once - when the subject was eating turkeys, no less (and not even anywhere near TGiving) - the other person's reaction to my "I like my turkey alive and happy," was to burst into tears! Caught me completely by surprise. Wow, there is someone who has sure buried their compassion (though in a shallow grave, it seems!)

  5. Love this post! Can't get over the fact that you have wild turkeys on your driveway. How awesome is that?

    Happy Thanksvegan! I'm thankful to have "met" you. :-) And my love to your doggies!

  6. Thanks, VW! :-) Yeah, I think it's awesome too. It's always such fun to have the wildlife stop by to visit. If you'd like to see some other guests on my driveway, visit this post from last July. I think you'll enjoy it!

    My doggies have been loved on your behalf, and send you tail wags and sloppy kisses in return. Please give my love to Bert and Belle, and enjoy the rest of your Thanksvegan Day! :-)

  7. I love it, Laloofah! Thanks for posting this...

  8. You're welcome, Marla! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for visiting! :-)

  9. I love Boone! And turkeys eating pie?!? Heeheeheeheeeheee! This post made my day.

    Ellie (herding dog with a very strong prey drive) was confused by the gobbling video--she started pacing around the living room looking for turkeys.

  10. I think Boone must have his own fan club by now, and that "Turkeys Eating Pie" would be a good name for an alternative band. :-) I'm glad this post made your day! As for Ellie, if only my turkey video could have show up in time to distract her from stripping the paint from your bedroom floor! Naughty Ellie, cutest vandal EVER! ;-)


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There is still strong in our society the belief
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