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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homage to some fellow bloggers...

Since I've got a bit of free time on my hands (though a library book I just got today does beckon!), I thought I should post something, you know, Mehitable Dayish. I considered telling you about our comfy new mattress that was delivered yesterday and the organic flannel sheets I ordered for it on Nov 13 that are still not here (hello, FedEx SmartPost, I could have driven to Ohio and picked them up myself, spent a couple of days visiting my Ohioan friend Spud, driven back home, washed and dried them and put them on the bed, and slept on them at least once by now!) But... nah. I could tell you how disgusted I am that our weather on Thursday is supposed to be sunny and near 60º, and rant about how that's hardly conducive to cooking our planned feast (Quinoa and Red Lentil Cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy, butternut squash, peas, and homemade cranberry sauce) or snug and cozy for watching our ritual Thanksgiving movies (Planes, Trains & Automobiles and Scent of a Woman). So instead we're probably going to be extra unconventional and pack some "tu-not" salad sandwiches and take the dogs on a hike and have a picnic. But, well... it hasn't happened yet, so there's not much point blogging about it when it's still so nebulous! (And who in their right mind trusts the weather forecast?)

Clearly, there's nothing new with me lately that's interesting enough to blog about besides having bars of soap misnamed in my honor, and I already blogged about that. :-) So instead of it being all about me, I thought I'd share a few noteworthy posts from some of my favorite bloggers...

I've mentioned It's a Vegan Dog's Life several times lately, but I'm mentioning it again now because...

a) they're doing a special giveaway this week (the deadline's tomorrow), and

b) by blogging about it, I get an extra entry for myself. Because I guess that in the end,

Nyuck, nyuck. ;-)~ Now, I'm no math whiz, but I do realize that if even just ONE of you enters this contest now, it will negate the extra entry I got by blogging about it. But that's okay, it's a fun giveaway and I really do want you to enter, especially if you have a dog. Or know a dog. Or would like to bake vegan dog treats for your local shelter inmates. So go do it, quick, before the deadline. Then come back and read the rest of my post, because otherwise, you'll miss out on more fun stuff.

Today my friend Robyn told me that her daughter Ashley made these Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache from Mary's Mitten Machen blog for Thanksgiving, and that they were so absolutely incredible in their moist deliciousness, they wouldn't even need the ganache. In fact, Robyn sounded a bit faint just talking about them. (Those of us who eschew oil, like Robyn and me, merely sub unsweetened organic applesauce). If the name alone hasn't sent you scurrying to check out the recipe, go now and see if that photo doesn't have you drooling on your keyboard! Just don't drool enough to short it out so you can't come back here, because Marla from Vegan Feminist Agitator has written a very witty Thanksgiving post (my favorite ever) and you don't want to miss it!

And speaking of pumpkiny baked goods and Thanksgiving, I just made this Pumpkin Bread last night. My favorite quick bread of the season (another favorite recipe from FatFree Vegan), and probably my 5th or 6th loaf already this year. I add about half a cup of fresh cranberries (halved) to mine, use organic whole wheat pastry flour, and use a cup of sucanat instead of 1 1/2 cups of sugar, and sprinkle some demerara sugar over the top before baking (it adds a lovely sweet crunch and a pretty sparkle). This bread is just heavenly. I didn't take a photo of it, but Susan has a photo on her blog so just picture it with cranberries embedded in it and sparkly sugar crystals on the top, and you'll have the idea. Oh, and picture at least 1/4 of it gone already. ;-)

And speaking of sugary sweet stuff (best segue I could come up with on such short notice), here's an amusing piñata cartoon by one of my favorite cartoonists, Dan Piraro of Bizarro...

Okay, after all that sweaty competition, sloppy salivating and wry chuckling, I know you'll need to regain your composure by gazing in Zen-like fashion at an adorable guinea pig. And, more specifically, at her exceptionally adorable pooty bottom lip. So here's another photo from rift of the enchanting, winsome Boo and her cute little lips.


  1. Thanks for the mention! xoxo

    Oh, and the pumpkin bread looks totally yummy!

  2. My pleasure! xoxo back atcha! :-)

    The bread is totally yummy. I was thinking of making a pot of tea and hoovering some. Wanna come on over? :-)

  3. Must love on that guinea pig! Cuteness! And thanks for the link and support, Laloofah, I've been enjoying your blog!

  4. My pleasure, Marla. I always enjoy visiting your blog, so am glad I'm able to reciprocate! :-)

  5. I'm so glad Robyn and Ashley enjoyed the pumpkin cupcakes! And I'm glad to know they worked with applesauce instead of oil. Thanks for the feedback on my recipe!

  6. Hey, Mary, Robyn and Ashley weren't the only ones who enjoyed your cupcakes! They took them to the family gathering for Thanksgiving, where they were ALSO a huge hit among the cattle-ranching omnivorous kin!


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