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Friday, November 27, 2009

Your first KISS :-x

I've noticed in my wanderings through Blogland that some bloggers do weekly themed posts. Like What Do I Know's "Friday Cow Blogging" (or sometimes "Friday Horse Blogging"), or rift's always delightful Photo Friday. (Is it a coincidence that they're both on Fridays, or is there a Blog Rule Book somewhere that requires it?) Anyway, since Fridays work for me, I thought it would be fun from now till Christmas to share posts every Friday on something I have an inexplicably passionate affection for - kitchen gadgets. Gadgets I've got and love, gadgets that I don't have but which intrigue me, gadgets you may never have heard of. Not big, complicated, electric gadgets, but simple stocking-stuffer sized gadgets. In order to have a better acronym to use for these posts, I'm going to call them implements instead of gadgets.

So here's your first Friday Kitchen Implement Stocking Stuffer post, aka your first Friday KISS!


For your first KISS, the Garlic Twist!
(Poetic and ironic, I know!) ;-)

I made this discovery in Jill Nussinow's cooking class. She was using one, recommending them, and - handily - selling them, so I snagged one for $15. We use a lot of garlic in our cooking and have a garlic press, a garlic peeler, and a perfect knife for smacking the skins off and releasing the flavorful garlic oil (you can also use the flat side of the garlic twist lid for this). For the past 2+ years that I've had this garlic twist (which comes in blue and red as well as clear). I almost never use my garlic press anymore because this is so much easier to clean. You do need to line the teeth up just right (not difficult) or it gets jammed, it helps to cut large cloves in half first, and if you put too many garlic cloves in it at once it can take some major oomph to twist it. But it does a great job of mincing. (And while it does make two pretty triangles of minced garlic for ease of scooping out, as shown in the corporate photo, don't expect the rest of the garlic twist to look that pristine!)

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