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Sunday, July 10, 2011

CO: Arts & Entertainment

Welcome to post #7, the final in a series featuring some of the sights and sounds from a recent vacation in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO...

There's no shortage of artwork or live entertainment in Fort Collins' Old Town or Boulder's Pearl Street Mall! For our vacation post finale, here are just a few samples of some of the A&E we enjoyed...

A pretty painted pony adds a splash of vivid color to the courtyard of Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing...

Old Town, Fort Collins

Almost as colorful as the painted pony was this fun percussion group in their Rasta colors, playing to raise money for Joplin, MO's tornado victims...

Old Town, Fort Collins

Here's a lone percussionist who had an African look and sound...

Pearl Street, Boulder
(both of the above performers made me think of you, Sue!)

The kiddos enjoy fish-riding (perch-perching?) and bear-climbing on the fun sculptures...

Old Town, Fort Collins

This talented young man was one of several musicians playing to raise money to tour and play in Europe. He'd just finished a rousing rendition of Orange Blossom Special, but by the time I unholstered my camera and started filming, he was playing this hauntingly beautiful, Eastern European-sounding melody...

Pearl Street, Boulder

Ah yes, the age-old art of turning balloons into hats, light sabers, and... whatevers... never fails to entertain!...

Pearl Street, Boulder
You may not be able to see it even if you click on the photo,
but that hotdog stand has a sign advertising veggie dogs. :-)

I love the mini pine forest that was planted as a setting for this majestic elk sculpture...

Pearl Street, Boulder

This lovely waterfall fountain was thoughtfully placed on a median on College Ave, a very busy, broad avenue that usually requires crossing in two phases. So while you're halfway across and waiting for the pedestrian crossing sign to give you the go-ahead to finish crossing, you can sit here and enjoy the waterfall! Which is exactly what I did right after I took this photo. It's all the considerate touches like this that make me want to hug Fort Collins and take it home with me :-) ...

Old Town, Fort Collins

Andrea, you'd asked earlier if the residents were as tall and colorful
as the irises. Here's one! This busker
attempted various juggling acts while riding this very tall unicycle and keeping up a constant stream of banter. I shot some video, but BW and I agreed he was pretty obnoxious (and not terribly talented, frankly, though I admire his ability to ride that thing, and wonder how on earth one gets on and off it in the first place!), spending most of his time alternately heckling the audience and wheedling them for money. So, a still photo is plenty good enough!...

Pearl Street, Boulder

I photographed this wall mosaic, highlighting some of Fort Collins features, at dusk, so thank goodness for Kodak's auto-fix feature or you would have had trouble seeing it. (If you weren't already convinced that Fort Collins loves its bicycles, this might do the trick!)...

Old Town, Fort Collins

This sweet pig sculpture adorns a lovely Boulder backyard...

Mapleton Hill neighborhood, Boulder

Another balancing juggler, this time in Fort Collins. I missed most of his act (I was distracted, and you'll see why in the next video), but caught most of the grand finale...

Old Town, Fort Collins

If your keenness for buskers is still not satiated, check out Busker Central!

Right across from where the juggler was performing was an array of entertainingly unpredictable fountains creating an artful - and interactive - display, as demonstrated by a young lad named Asher (named for the organic microbrewery, we wondered?)...

Old Town, Fort Collins
(Spud, Asher reminded me of Kavi, and his dad of Jeremy!)

The fountains keep performing prettily even at night after their audiences have left for home (or the bars!)...

Old Town, Fort Collins

And so the lights go down on our Colorado vacation. Thanks for coming along for the past month (just wish my vacations took as long to finish as my posts about them do!) ;-)


  1. Ok, you've convinced me, Colorado is wonderful! I'll have to try and swing by there sometime. Boulder and Fort Collins both look so beautiful, relaxing, and full of life. I'm definitely digging the eco-friendly vibe too.

    I love the bear climbing pic...have you ever been bear climbing? lol. And those fountains look like fun! That guy on the unicycle looks like sort of a nutter! Wild! I wonder how he does get up there. And, how do people reach if they want to pass his palm with silver?

    The young lad playing the violin is very talented. What a beautiful sound he has. I hope he gets to Europe and has the time of his life!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! I hope I can see it for myself one day too!

  2. That horse is just gorgeous. I would have sat and looked at it for quite some time.

    I think my favorite is the violin player because I have a special spot in my heart for haunting violin melodies. He's very good!

    That mosaic is very cool, too. It's amazing what people can create with little pieces of glass, ceramic and whatnot.

    Mike said "that's some crazy shit!" when he saw the juggler with the knives. heh :)

    There's a fountain park here where kids can go, which is similar to what those fountains do. It's more kid themed, though, but still so cool.

    I'm really pining for Colorado and the southwest......

  3. You've outdone yourself. Thank you for the terrific words and descriptions and the beautiful photos. Except for the weather, I almost feel like I was there. Thank you so much.

  4. Rose ~ LOL, I didn't realize you required convincing! :-) It is indeed, at least this part of it, and I do hope you're able to visit. You describe them perfectly, are you sure you haven't been there before?

    Nope, never been bear-climbing. You? :-) Those fountains were a lot of fun, and pretty hypnotizing. I watched them a long time trying to anticipate when best to video them, but they remained randomly unpredictable, so I have a lot of footage of not much happening that was left on the cutting room floor. I think you're right about the unicyclist being a nutter! I should have stayed longer to see how he dismounted, at least, but I'd had my fill. ;-) He had a basket on the ground for people to put their donations in. (There wasn't exactly a mad rush by the crowd to fill it!)

    We were very impressed with the violinist. I hope he made it to Europe too and is wowing the crowds and having a wonderful time!

    You're most welcome, thanks so much for all your fun comments, Rose! I really do hope you can experience it for yourself one day soon too! (Or at least when we've retired there!) ;-)

  5. Molly ~ Isn't he some serious eye candy?The person who painted him is seriously talented! I just loved him!

    Well, chalk up another vegan mind-meld thing, because I too am utterly enchanted by haunting violin melodies, especially those like he's playing. There's something about that minor key that is so perfect for the violin's sound. (Have you seen the film, The Red Violin?)

    I love mosaics and would really like to try my hand at making one someday, like a picture frame or a little table top. It looks like fun!

    My favorite park in town, Whitney Commons, has a "random" fountain too, mostly for the kids to play in. But the one in Old Town was so unique, covering a huge amount of space - and I'd never seen any like those "giant drinking fountain" ones that squirt a high stream of water from one fountain to another, looking like a giant water Slinky! :-) Really fun and really pretty to watch.

    I can sure understand your pining! Sure hope your body can follow your heart to that part of the country soon. I can hardly wait to retire to Fort Collins... and goodness only knows what we'll be doing (and where!) during the years before that can happen!

    veganelder ~ Oh, that's very sweet of you to say! You're so welcome and I am really happy that you enjoyed your "armchair trip" along with us! :-) You might enjoy my posts from our vacation in Maine last year, too... most of those photos might make you feel like you're in a refreshingly cool spot, enjoying some sea spray! (I love vicarious trips almost as much as actual ones sometimes!) :-)

  6. Here's hoping we both get to move sooner rather than later!

    I've never even heard of that movie, but now I'm intrigued!

  7. Laloofah -- what a town to visit for entertainment. So many street theater folks. Looks like you had beautiful weather to match your day. I particularly liked Mr. fat pig in someone's backyard he/she was quite a yard ornament. -- barbara

  8. Molly ~ We really like it! I think it's does a wonderfully creative job of storytelling, and of course has some beautiful violin music in it (Joshua Bell" played all the violin solos for the film). After we rented it we bought the VHS tape, and it's one of the videos we replaced with a DVD later on (in other words, it's a favorite!) :-) I actually have the VHS tape in a pile of other stuff I'm planning to donate to the library tomorrow, but if you have a VCR and would like it, I'll happily send it to you instead! Just let me know!

    Barbara ~ Both towns abound with entertainment, especially buskers of all sorts! It's a lot of fun! And I loved that pig sculpture too, especially how they had positioned her to look like she was munching a plant. :-) The day we spent in Boulder was our first really hot day of the summer after weeks of cool temps (it was around 90º-92º that day) so we hadn't acclimated to that kind of heat yet, and it was a bit uncomfortable. But every other day was perfect and the evenings were wonderfully cool, as Rocky Mountain summer evenings invariably are. :-)

  9. The young violinist is something else! So much talent at such a young age. I've loved everything you've shown us in Fort Collins and Boulder, and though I've been to Pearl St. and loved it, I've yet to experience Fort Collins. Maybe when you move there you can host a vegan blogger meetup!

    My favorite is the pig in Boulder. I've been wanting a garden pig ever since I saw one years ago at a home in Madison. One day I WILL have one, even if I have to make it myself!

  10. Andrea ~ I couldn't agree more, I wish we had lingered and listened (and videotaped!) him much longer! I know he's put in untold hours of practice to be that good, but he also seems like a real natural. I envy him that talent! The violin is one of my favorite instruments, and though I doubt I'd have ever been much good at it, my mother adamantly refused to put up with screechy practice sessions of "Mary Had a Little Lamb," so I never even got to try. Sure do love to listen to great violinists, though.

    I'm so glad you loved everything I shared in my posts, and think your idea of hosting a vegan meetup there someday is brilliant! :-) I even found a perfect house for it, a pretty renovated 1902 church in a beautiful neighborhood in Old Town (we rode our bikes in this area). It's not perfect for us - much too big and way beyond our budget - but perfect for hosting that meetup for sure! :-) I love some of the unique features. What do you think?

    The garden pig is great, and it'll be a lot of fun when you get (or make!) one of your own! (I'm picturing you with a welding hat and face shield, hard at work! LOL) I want a garden goat really badly, and there was such a cute one at the Ace Hardware just 2-3 doors down from The Armstrong... I was sorely tempted, but it sold while we were there! I was hoping BW had snuck over there while I was in the shower or something and had gotten it for me for our anniversary (on June 18), but that day came and went without a goat. *sigh* Guess I'll have to learn welding too! :-)

  11. I agree the house is perfect, even the furnishings — and not perfect for the reasons you've mentioned. The taxes seem very low, though.

    I was thinking less metal and more fiberglass, or whatever the material is that outdoor pigs seem to be made of. I want it full-sized but light enough that I can move it. Hope you get your goat someday. Maybe you should wait until you move, though.

  12. Yeah to Boulder for having veggie dog venders. (It's lunch so radar went right to the one food item in your post). I agree that Boulder and Fort Collins both deserve hugs.

    Thank you for the definition of busker - that was a totally new one for me - handy word too. The word said aloud sounds gutteral so you chose well using it for the loud unicyclist rather than that really pretty sounding violinist!

    Mappletown Hill neighborhood brought back memories. I'm glad you saw some new fun things!

    The little boy with the fountains was really cute but it was the buxter that he distracted you from that I liked the best.

    I'm glad you took this long to write the posts because I would have been disappointed if the trip you took me on had ended any sooner. Thanks for letting me go to Colorado twice with you (vicariously this time). That was fun.

  13. Fab photos, I just love that painted pony. And what a wonderful violinist that chap is! Btw Mrs P spat, hissed and screamed at both vets tonight. She also made a stinky mess in her basket on the way there and the way back. I actually had to wash her tail when we got home, then she screamed at me too, sigh. Pepper is listening to Torchwood on the radio at the moment (she has quite the crush on Captain Jack), and refused to be drawn on her motives for disliking that small tortie cat. I'll try and get it out of her tomorrow!

  14. Forgot to say, no news on the house front yet. There's a thatched cottage for sale in the village we want to move to too! Aaaargh!

  15. Andrea ~ We thought the same thing about the taxes, and wondered if it's a typo. Most of the little bungalows we've looked at in Old Town (in the $200K range) had taxes like that, so I can't imagine this place is taxed the same. Must be a typo!

    Oh, fiberglass! Hadn't thought of that! The goat sculptures I've seen have all been made of metal, so I had metal on my mind. :-) I'm sure my goat will have to wait till we've moved, unless we find ourselves "stuck" here for several years. And if we end up on a boat, I suppose the goat will have to wait even longer. Though a goat on a boat has a nice Dr. Seuss sound to it, doesn't it? Besides, since I'm a Capricorn, whose symbol is the sea goat, it would be most appropriate! Maybe I could have him bolted to the bow. LOL

    Jo ~ Your food radar is well-calibrated! Though you might want to lower its sensitivity settings just a tad at lunchtime. LOL And yes, bear hugs for Boulder as well as Fort Collins!

    I'm glad you've picked up the fun new word "busker," and hope you'll get a chance to show it off soon! Does Detroit have buskers?

    I saw lots of familiar sights from our adventures in Mapleton Hill a couple of years ago, of course, but didn't recognize the pig. I wondered if it's new, if we hadn't seen that house (on a side street), or if we'd failed to notice it when we were there. There's so much to gawk at, I wouldn't be surprised if the pretty pig had been there all along, snickering into her little cabbage plant as we sauntered by. :-)

    Thanks for coming along with me to Colorado vicariously as well as literally! I know there are several places on our "adventure rendezvous" list, but Fort Collins needs to be on there too! You'll love it.

  16. Barbara (UK) ~ I love that painted pony too! There are several painted horse statues (standing, not rearing) around our local town (part of a fundraiser several years ago), but none nearly as pretty as this one! I'm hoping that violinist raised enough money to tour Europe this summer. Maybe he's coming to a concert hall near you! :-)

    Mrs. P spat AND shat?! Man, that girl really despises vets! I can sure empathize when it comes to doctors, and even more so when it comes to dentists! Poor Mrs. P, I wish she didn't have to go see them so frequently, and wish you didn't have to share the ordeal!

    Yes, when Pepper can tear herself away from Torchwood and Captain Jack (both completely unknown to me so I had to look them up!), please do implore her to share her reasons for having such a tortie tiff.

    Sorry you don't have happy news to report on your house sale endeavors (nor do we), and really hope you're able to sell it and nab that thatched roof cottage! I'd love to just KNOW someone who lives in a thatched roof cottage, and I pick YOU! :-) Really, best of luck!!

  17. oh fun post! It's been a while since I've been to that area in Colorado but I remember having fun there. Looks like a good time! :) (Good to see ya again!)

  18. Jill ~ It was a good time! I'm sure you'd find that area has lost none of its charm. Might have even gained some! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

    Good to see you again, too! I missed your posts, though I know you miss your wilds now. Hope you can return to them (or others just as wonderful) soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I love that painted pony!!! Colorado is on our list of places to visit...looks to be a great time will be had!

  20. gtyyup ~ That painted pony is definitely photogenic! I was pretty excited when I rounded the corner and saw him.

    Colorado is a great destination to explore, I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!

  21. TW! Thanks....he did look like...and acted like Kavi ;-). How nice of you to keep us in mind. Just perused your other posts and loved them all. Your weather clouds were surreal. Glad your yard sale went well, but I have to say I'm bummed that you didn't get an offer on your place...sigh....xoxoxo-Spud

  22. Spud ~ I'm glad to hear you thought so too! :-) I'm uploading one of my other videos of Asher and his dad to YouTube so I can email you the link. You'll see more of them both in it. I thought the resemblance was pretty amazing! I didn't see Asher's mom, though I could hear her calling to him off-camera in one of the vids - wonder if she looks like Nisha? :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed my other posts, and more importantly that you finally had some free time! Those Nad-Grabbers are out of control. It'll be so nice when you, Marcia and BW can all retire! We're bummed about all the lookie-loos but no offer-loos too. And now I'm in the middle of staining the deck - you know after all these years how much I love THAT annual chore - and I'd really thought when I did it last year that it was my last time. *sigh* Oh well, someday I'll get to share the happy news of a house sale, I just hope it's this year.


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