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Friday, July 29, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Riding the Thermals

Soar into the weekend on the thermals of Wyoming's summer skies above the Big Horn Mountains, accompanied, if you wish, by Brian Crain's beautiful song Dream of Flying...

Music Playlist at

Click the photos for larger versions...

Paragliders often ride the thermals above our house (at 5500'),
since there's a popular launch point above us.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass
under trees on a summer's day,
listening to the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky,
is by no means a waste of time.
~J. Lubbock

It looks like he's sitting on the cloud!

Sometimes I go about pitying myself, and all along,
my soul is being blown by great winds across the sky.
~Ojibway saying

Floating back to earth about 1000' below our house,
with the Goose Creek Valley spread out below.

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to see more skies around the world!


  1. What beautiful captures, so blue and inspiring. I am enjoying your blog.

  2. Wonderful shots!

  3. Poetic Shutterbug ~ Thank you! I'm delighted that you were enjoying your visit to my little corner of the Interweb. ;-) I've been enjoying your blog as well, and learning about Hong Kong's beautiful islands as a bonus!

    Ladyfi Thanks, and enjoy a wonderful month with your niece!

  4. That would be so much fun to do. Not something you see around here, though!

  5. That looks a truly amazing thing to do. I've been ballooning (and loved it) and now ... Thank you. Beautiful shots.

  6. That looks amazing. I've seen paragliders launch off local mountains, but wouldn't try it myself.

  7. Fabulous pics...he/she does look like they're sitting on a cloud! I wonder if it's comfy. I'm pretty sure I'd be brave enough to try that, if it wasn't too complicated. Have you ever been?

    Another great take on a theme!

    Happy weekend Laurie!

  8. What a view he must have from up there - just don't think I'm brave enough to try it.

  9. Barbara ~ Maybe we could take a sedative of some kind that would give us the necessary courage to launch ourselves, but then immediately wear off so we could enjoy the ride! :-)

    Everyone ~ Has anyone listened to the music yet? It's so pretty! I was quite pleased with myself for finding it, it goes so well with these photos, but no one is mentioning it! :-(

    My Regular Readers/Commenters ~ Do you like my new popup comment form better? Or do you care one way or the other? I ditched the word verification, and so far have only gotten one spam comment. So we'll see how it goes...

  10. The music is very pretty, Laurie. :) So relaxing, and I can just imagine listening to it while floating through the sky. Ahhhhh

  11. The music is beautiful, very relaxing and it does sound perfect for gliding gently among the clouds. I imagine gliding up there would be loud (from the wind) but also far above everything. This music gives a sense of quiet soaring. I really enjoyed it!

    As for the comments, I'm good either way. :)

  12. Laloofah -- Nice Post! The glider in the sky with your beautiful passages made me melt into my chair. Like your header very much -- barbara

  13. Just had to say, I was reading some of your archive posts last night (via perverse phone), how fab they are. I love your Halloween ones (the links to some of those graveyard photos are breathtaking), and I really want your ghost ornament!!! I am also in love with your Santa's Workshop... (As I type this I have somewhat foolishly left the cats downstairs eating breakfast by themselves. This is not a good thing, I've already heard Charlie hissing which means Posky is probably trying to edge up to him to snaffle the food he's not meant to have...sigh).

  14. Molly and Rose ~ Thank you for listening to the pretty tune and sharing your feedback! I thought it went perfectly with the graceful, gentle paragliding photos too. I never thought about listening to that music while being up there gliding (and I hadn't considered the possibility of wind noise, it was all so silent from where I stood!), but that would probably enhance the experience nicely! :-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Thanks so much, I was hoping it would have that soothing, relaxing effect! Watching him glide through that blue sky sure had that effect on me, despite the fact I was simultaneously snapping photos like crazy! :-)

    Thank you for noticing my new header! I made it many months ago and had forgotten about it completely. I was happy to find it again, I thought my blog needed a little sprucing up.

    Barbara (UK) ~ Oh thank you! How fun that you've been enjoying some of my archived posts! Your comment about the graveyard photos inspired me to revisit that post myself last night, and I found that the url to the beautiful short film "Guardian: Cemeteries and their Sentinels" had changed (Duirwaigh is a great site, but they move and change stuff frequently, which totally messes up my linkage!), so I fixed it. Also, my link to the Australian man who requested and got the "green" burial was kaput, so I found the article elsewhere and re-linked to it. So thank you for mentioning that post and sparking me to do a little housekeeping!

    Which Halloween ornament do you mean? The ghost light?

    Oh yes, the Santa's Workshop post! That's one of my all-time favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed that one, and hopefully your perverse phone didn't somehow turn it into a den of iniquity. LOL

    I also hope all was well among your kitty crew at breakfast. I can imagine Charlie adroitly defending his bowl of victuals from Posky's covetous advances, but still, hissing wouldn't be a sound I'd want to hear coming from my furry, breakfasting children. Especially since they're dogs, that would be especially alarming! ;-)

  15. WOW! That would be so much fun! Lovely pictures! :)

  16. Yes it's the ghost light that I am wanting to steal from you - love it. Charlie is paranoid about everything, but in the case of his food he's entirely correct that Posky is out to take it from him :O) And if your dog hisses then you might be on the road to fame and riches!

  17. Lavender ~ I think it would too! We should try it sometime. You go first. ;-) I'm glad you like the photos and appreciate your stopping by and leaving your friendly comment!

    Barbara ~ So you're out to steal my ghost light and Posky's out to steal Charlie's food. Now I will be joining Charlie in his paranoia, since there are so many thieves about, coveting our stuff! :-) My mom got me that ghost light a thousand years ago (I may have been in college at the time!) I've never seen another one like it, and applaud your taste in Halloween decorations! (Your house is very festive then too, when your children aren't dragging away the decorations! LOL)

  18. I meant to say, that widget thing you have on your page that says where your visitors are from and when they visited has so far put me in Gloucestersshire, Sutton Coldfield and Lincolnshire, all when I'm sitting here at my desk and none of which are correct! LOL! And I also meant to say... I wouldn't bother with Warwick Castle (unless you're being thrown into a dungeon there), I think it's very theme-parkish (now owned by Madame Tussauds), Kenilworth is a ruin but much better on atmosphere. Now that's given me an idea for somewhere to go get photos...

  19. Barbara ~ I know, both that widget and Site Meter are totally squirrely that way, and they seldom agree with each other on what erroneous places my visitors are from! I figure it gets me in the ballpark (though it doesn't always get the state right, never mind the town!), and that it must have to do with where their server or ISP is or something? Don't ask me, I'm Amish! :-)

    Thanks for the tip about Warwick Castle, not only for future reference but also so we don't feel so badly for having missed it. We did get to visit the Oakhampton Castle ruins on our way back from Plymouth to Farnham, Surrey where Iain and Sophie were living... or at least BW did. I had a ferocious migraine on that drive and never got out of my curled-up fetal position in the backseat. But I hear it was a very lovely place! At least I got to see a few castles in Scotland, my favorite being Urquhart. I do love the ruins! Can't wait to see your Kenilworth photos!!

  20. I like your new comment form alot and now I have another reason! The music keeps playing even when I'm in the comment form.

    It's so pretty and soothing - just the thing after a very hectic morning. I figure it's so pretty, it won't matter if my neighbors can see it!

    I loved the photo where it looked like he's sitting on the cloud - you were probably the only one at the right angle to see it that way so I'm glad you were looking when you did!

  21. Jo ~ Hey, that's a good point about the music that I hadn't thought of! I'm definitely keeping the popup comment form.

    I love that one too... I hadn't even noticed that he appeared to be reclining on the cloud when I took the photo, just when I downloaded it onto the computer! So it was sheer luck I caught him at that very moment. :-)


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