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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh, deer!

One of my quieter neighbors enjoys her breakfast in our yard, illuminated by the lovely early morning light...

At first I thought the tree leaves interfered with my photo,
but then I decided they add an interesting dimension.

The grass has been so tall and thick after all our spring rains that it has hidden the fawns well and I have seen very few of them this year. And only once did I have my camera with me, while driving home through Big Horn one day. This fawn was posing prettily in a sunlit meadow while mom browsed in the shade of some nearby trees, but when I stopped to get a photo, baby literally high-tailed it back to mama...

First the tree leaves, then the fawn leaves! ;-)
Oh well, the pitfalls of amateur photography.


  1. What a wonderful photo op! The leaf, by the way adds foreground interest, stick to that if anyone queries your reasons for including it :o) That pic of the faun is truly beautiful. Excuse any crappy spellings, I'm writing this on my phone and it's a bit hard to see what I'm doing!

  2. The tree leaves and the fawn :D It's all kind of leaves with you.

    Love your sweet quiet neighbor, and I agree that the tree leaves add perspective and interest to the shot.

    Too bad the little one ran out of the photo, but his hiney is cute anyway.

  3. What a lovely visitor. I used to get them in my yard, but haven't seen them this year - I'm clearly missing out.

  4. yes! The leaves are actually really cool. I love what they add to the photo, good stuff there! What an excellent composition. Thumbs up :)

  5. I can just imagine how much you appreciate these quiet neighbors! One of our neighbors just put their house on the market and I'm dreading who might move in next door....

    The leaves add a very nice touch to the photo. I like it!

  6. Laloofah -- very clever ending! Nice shots of the deer. Will you miss all this if your move to town. --- barbara

  7. Barbara (UK) ~ Okay, the leaf adds foreground interest. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed both photos despite all the leaving going on in both. :-) Your spelling, by the way, was impeccable despite being typed on a miniature keypad. Except for "faun," which I figured was perfectly appropriate - short for "fauna" of course - till I looked it up on my iMac's dictionary and saw their definition began, "One of a class of lustful rural gods..." LOL

    Rose ~ Oh yes ~ nouns, verbs ~ I'm not fussy. I'll take my leaves however I can find them. :-)
    I wouldn't have minded the out of focus tree leaves in the photo if they had actually looked more leaf-shaped, but the morning breeze was blowing them about so that they look more like indefinable green blobs. But I agree they do still add interest and perspective, and a nice framing element - if one likes frames made of green blobs, that is. :-)

    That fawn does have a cute hiney, too bad he didn't have his little white flag of a tail completely raised like he did when he first turned and bounded away.

    Jamie ~ They are lovely visitors, we enjoy having them around. They don't come around as much, or in the same numbers, this time of year as they do in winter, now that the all-you-can-eat buffet is open 24/7! :-) Hopefully the abundance of food available (and the fact they're tending their babies and may be shyer of people) is the reason you haven't seen them in your yard this year. Will you get to see deer at your new home?

    Jill ~ Thank you! That means a lot coming from a pro photographer, especially one specializing in nature photography! I'm thrilled you like it! Thanks for the thumbs up. :-)

  8. Molly ~ I frankly wish the wildlife were our only neighbors. They're certainly far superior (in every way) over "The Flintstones" next door! I understand your dread, but at least in this housing market, the possibility of new neighbors probably isn't imminent. I'd mentioned to our realtor a couple of weeks ago that a car with WI tags had pulled up in our driveway and was clearly scoping out the place, and hopefully they'd be in touch and were hurrying home to put their place on the market so they could buy this one! Her response? "Oh yeah, good luck selling a place in Wisconsin!" (Given her performance selling our place, I thought that was ironic, not to mention real positive and supportive, don't you?) ;-) Anyway, she may know diddly about the WI market, but I'll be hoping on your behalf that a) the house doesn't sell or b) it sells to some fun and wonderful people you'll be delighted to have as neighbors or c) it sells to such stinkwads that Mike is convinced it's time to move to the arid or semi-arid western destination of your choosing. See? You can't lose. :-)

    And speaking of positive and supportive, thanks for also giving the seal of approval to the leaves in my shot! I think we have a quorum now, so it's official. Leaves = good. :-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Thanks! Don't you love it when language makes it easy to be clever? I honestly didn't have to do a lick of mental work to make that play on words, they practically did it themselves. :-)

    When we move there are some things I'll miss terribly, like our wildlife friends and the views. But there are more things I won't miss at all, like a too-big house and property to clean and maintain, BW's commute, the distressing sound of gunfire in the fall (there are several large ranches, state land and National Forest land nearby), the early winters and late springs, the noisy Flintstones next door...

    Besides, after nearly 20 years here, it absolutely feels like it's past time for a change. We're ready. And, there are deer in town, too! If we move to a boat, though, the deer are apt to be far less plentiful (along with foreground leaves, for that matter!). ;-) I'm hoping dolphins will take their place! And I'll have all new photo ops, which would be fun too.

  9. I thought I'd better read this post before I lost track of it. Small but I am so glad you shared the photo of your quiet neighbor. I'm sorry you're not seeing them as much these days.

    And kudo's to Rose for the whole leaf and leaving pun. That was fun!

  10. Jo ~ I know, these short posts can easily get lost among the longer, more photo-intensive ones, so I'm glad you had time today to visit it before it got buried!

    It's okay that the deer aren't coming around much these days, I know it's because they're busy with their babies and because they've got plenty to eat. We see "the bad boys of summer" (a former fun neighbor's nickname for the bucks who hang out here this time of year) out in our pasture almost daily, and we'll see some of the does early in the morning and in the evenings around dusk. And I know as soon as turns cold, they'll be crowded onto our patio again, noses pressed to the glass! :-)

    Hey, now Rose deserves credit for a LOT of things, but not for my leaf pun! I'm the reigning Queen of (Usually Groan-Worthy) Puns, and no one's wresting that title from me without a fight! ;-) However, Rose definitely gets kudos for being the first person to pick up on it (or at least to publicly admit she did). :-D

  11. oh wow..just wrote a blog "midnight on yellow" : ) so glad i found this..YOU!! awesome photos!
    my entry for WW

  12. Ah jeez. You're the exception, but considering what usually happens to our fellow animals when they are spotted by us...I would wish all could collectively show us their hind-ends as they move rapidly away from us. :-)

    Thanks for the photos.

  13. Brenda ~ Well how timely that you would happen upon my blog as my yellow post appeared! Thank you very much for your complimentary comment, I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit! :-)

    veganelder ~ Well, I'm an exception, I even think one of many, but how well I know how justified they are in turning tail and fleeing at the sight of our species. It's upsetting that they've been forced to see us as threatening enemies instead of as compassionate friends.

  14. That first photo is gorgeous.. amazing shot!

  15. Eva ~ Thanks, Eva! It's good to see you again! :-)


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