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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Roads

I should be finishing my final Colorado post, but my blogging buddy Barbara always does such wonderfully fun and creative posts for the Thursday Challenge that when I saw this week's theme, I had to play along. I love photos of country lanes that wind their way into the unseen distance, disappearing around curves and into our imaginations.

I took these in Big Horn on my way home from town on Tuesday (as always, click on them to see larger versions)...

This is the entrance to the Gallatin Ranch, the same place I photographed the pretty poppies. They've been overtaken by tall grass now, but you can still see their bright orange flowers on either side of the driveway...

This lane, which leads to the Quarter Circle A Ranch (aka the Bradford Brinton Memorial), is a favorite haunt and place to run the dogs and so shows up in a lot of photos on my blog (most recently in my Cool & Green & Shady post). Little Goose Creek runs along beside it most of the way and makes for wonderful company on our walks...

Busy days this week with lots of errands and appointments, a house showing (today) and a big yard sale at my friend Robyn's (tomorrow and Saturday). But I plan to finish and post my final "end of the road" Colorado vacation post by Sunday. So happy trails till then! :-)


  1. What at gorgeous country road. I love that the mountain view is off in the distance as if the road eventually leads there....maybe it does, but that would be a very long dog walk.
    I'm behind on readin your posts. Have to catch up...maybe this weekend. Hope the house showing goes well. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I wish I could walk down those roads, they're so inviting. How lucky you get to walk along them!

    Good luck with the house showing and the garage sale!

  3. Sue ~ I love that perspective too, with the mountain view as a backdrop to the road. Neither road actually leads to the mountains, they both dead end at the ranch houses (which actually are neighbors, though their entrances are a good distance apart! I walk right past the Gallatin Ranch's main house when I walk on the lane to the Bradford Brinton), and you're right, that would be a long walk for dog and human alike! :-)

    Thanks for those crossed fingers! We don't know yet how it went, but the weather was gorgeous, everything is still nice and green, the neighborhood was wonderfully quiet, and our house (if I do say so myself) looked awfully pretty, inside and out. Plus, BW happened to get both yesterday and today off, which was a huge help to me and totally unexpected! And it might be auspicious that today is 7/7 and this was our 7th showing. :-)

    Rose ~ Well, wish you could have come along today then! I was on the road to the Bradford Brinton with the girls while the house was shown and BW ran into town to pay a bill and dump some trash. It was so ideal today, very quiet except for the river and birdsong, a lovely breeze was blowing and a bright sun shining in a deep blue sky... perfect. We walked a little over half way up the road and then we sat (or laid down, as the case may be!) in the shade of the cottonwoods while I finished "A Walk in the Woods" and cotton drifted down onto us. I kept having to blow cotton bits off the pages of my book. :-)

    Thanks for your good luck wishes on both counts! Not looking forward to tomorrow morning - the sale starts at 7, it's a long drive to Robyn's and we have to swing by our storage unit to get the last load of stuff, and then get there in time to set up. We'll be leaving here NLT 5am. Blech. And it will be mayhem for the first couple of hours. Lots of people always show up at 6, wanting to buy stuff by the armful as we're still unpacking it all. It's a 3 family yard sale (plus Robyn's daughter, so really 4 families), and we have the most stuff (by far) in it. Once things taper off and quiet down, it'll be fun. Once we start seeing our pile of junk dwindle and our stack of cash pile up, it'll REALLY be fun. LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend, and I'll let you know how it all goes! :-)

  4. What a beautiful picture from a nice road in the country. Like this...

  5. I love how certain roads can look, too. The ones you posted look very quaint. :)

  6. Thanks for a fun phone call today AND a place to "go" while I ate my solitary dinner. My favorite was the photo of the road to Circle A Ranch. With the lane going in one direction and the creek in the other - it gave me two lovely places to dream about going!

  7. Corry ~ Dank u! :-) I'm so glad you like them!

    Molly ~ I never thought of them as quaint, but now that you mention it... the Gallatin road with its rustic entry and fences, the poppies, and off to the left out of this shot (but in the poppies shot), the old barn... down the Bradford Brinton road a little way there's an old cabin perched right above the creek, some lovely old barns and outbuildings, the gorgeous main house, lots of old trees and beautiful landscaping, and every summer, a teepee! (I don't know if a teepee is considered "quaint," but it's sure cool!) :-)

    Jo ~ The fun phone call was my pleasure! And I'm so glad this post provided a lovely place to eat your dinner. :-) I also love that, from the direction I shot that photo, the road and the creek are leading in opposite directions! And each one does take you to some lovely spots.

  8. What beautiful country roads.

  9. Beautiful photos! The roads just lead you in and I felt I could step onto them!

    I do so hope the viewing went well... Everything crossable is crossed for you!

  10. Like your photo of where you run your dog. Beautiful stream! -- barbara

  11. How'd the yard sale go?....and the showing?....keep me posted!

  12. Ooh I got a mention, thank you! I didn't do the Thursday Challenge this week having been overcome with Madame Bovary type ennui ;O), love those photos by the way. I knew I meant to ask you something (nothing to do with roads or photography), David said that you don't have savoury pies in America, just sweet ones. Is that right? What a dreadful state of affairs!

  13. veganelder ~ The scenery out here isn't exactly hard on the eyes, is it? ;-)

    Jamie ~ I think so too. :-)

    Penny ~ You're describing exactly the kind of country road photos I love, so I'm really happy these photos of mine did that for you! :-)

    And thank you for crossing everything on our behalf! We actually ended up having TWO showings (one yesterday), so it's been crazy and I'm exhausted and behind on everything. We got positive feedback on the first showing, haven't heard anything on the second one yet. First guy still has to sell his house, unfortunately, or he'd almost certainly have made us an offer. (He's the president of one of our local banks, so you'd think he could just get what he needed out of the vault, wouldn't you?! LOL)

    Barbara ~ It really is a beautiful stream, especially this year when it's been very rambunctious from all the rain and melting snow runoff!

  14. Spud ~ I'll do my best to answer your questions in the little bit of time I have, but this is more or less the Cliff Notes version...

    The yard sale went fine, but was a LOT of work, especially with two house showings during it! I was up at 4:30 both mornings (after getting NO sleep Thursday night for some reason), got the call at the yard sale that afternoon that a guy was driving up from Casper the next day specifically to see our house. So after a long, very busy, fatiguing day, we got to come home and clean house (again!), because the lovely mountain breezes at night had blown about 4.2 tons of pollen through (and onto) our open windows and all over everything during the night! I was so tired when I got home ~ wanting nothing more than some food, a shower and to climb in bed ~ and saw what all needed to be done that I just collapsed in a heap and wept. Then I got up and started dusting and sweeping and mopping and BW set to washing windows for the umpteenth time, mowing and trimming and ohdeargod when WILL this end?!

    The showing on Thursday went well (see my comment to Penny)... the guy loved the house, it's exactly what he's looking for, he wants to bring his wife out to see it (he's local, so why couldn't he bloody well bring her the FIRST time?!), he's well qualified... so naturally, he has to sell his $900K house first! (They are majorly downsizing!) Argh. Seems the people who love the house never have the $, and the people with the $ (and so far there have only been two) have some issue with the lay of the land or the floor plan. FIgures!

    We haven't gotten any feedback yet on the guy from Casper. But we couldn't have had more beautiful weather, the neighborhood was dead quiet, the house and property looked really great for both showings... so we'll see. Wish the two of them would get in a bidding war! :-) Now I just hope to have a quiet week to catch up on bills, laundry, and most critical of all, blogging. :-)

    As for the yard sale, I got a few photos so it may show up in a post soon! :-) It was very busy all day Friday and we sold a LOT of stuff. It was hectic - it was a 3-family yard sale, but 3 additional people ended up bringing stuff to put in it, and I did most of the sales record-keeping and change making, which seriously hurt my head. Saturday was very slow, which is unusual, but we all sold more stuff. In the end, we had to haul two saddle stands, a heavy oak cabinet, and a box or two of stuff back to the storage unit, 5 boxes of stuff to Salvation Army, one box of stuff to the Women's Advocacy Center, and some glass and cardboard to the recycling center. And we made about $500. So all in all, not bad! Just a lot more hectic than it might have been given enough sleep and differently-timed house showings! But oh well. At least it's over - now let's sell this puppy so I can whine about all the work of packing and moving! LOL

  15. Barbara (UK) ~ Of course you got a mention, that's the least a muse should get. :-) I'd wondered why you didn't do the Thursday Challenge this week, but imagine participating in all those various memes can get a little overwhelming at times (especially on top of everything else you've got going on - how goes YOUR house selling, btw?), so I was happy to fill in for you. ;-) Glad you loved my photos! I'm going to try to do this week's Challenge too, I already have some good photos for it.

    As for the savo(u)ry pies question, it's not all so dreadful as that. Well, it's dreadful in that they're usually not vegan, but we do have them here - things like pot pies and shepherd's pies and quiches (do those count?), all of which have lots and lots of delicious vegan versions all over the internet and in cookbooks. So see, we're not nearly as uncouth as David led you to believe! :-)


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