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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Vehicles (more fun than you think!)

I don't usually take photos of vehicles but just lately I've accumulated quite a stash, starting with
half a post's worth from our Colorado vacation last month and ending with some I took over the 4th of July weekend. As I was pondering the best way to share these latest photos, this week's Thursday Challenge rode to the rescue with the theme (what else?):


Every 4th of July or thereabouts, Sheridan's Karz Club (classic and vintage car owners) hold their annual "Rod Run" car show. BW and I often go check out the entries, which come from as far away as Wisconsin and California to participate. This year we had other things demanding our attention and so arrived in Sheridan 90 minutes after the car show had ended and disbanded. Bummer! So we took the dogs to the park, a popular spot for cruising, hoping that some of the cars might drive by as a "consolation prize" while we sat in the shade of the trees. Sure enough, along came this beauty, driving slowly enough for me to snap a couple of photos (click any photo to see a larger version)...

Now that's what I call "Candy Apple Red!"

1940 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible

Turns out we got lucky, since the car that cruised through the park while we were lolling about with the dogs had won "Best in Show" at the Rod Run! Which is how I knew what kind of car it was. (Hey, BW's the motorhead, not me!) :-)

When we left the park and headed back to our car, we were treated to another consolation prize... sort of an impromptu, juvenile division "rod run"...

I love his serious, focused concentration & her stylin' pacifier!

This is a brother and sister who live in nearby house (right between two wonderful parks, not a bad deal!) It didn't take long for them to notice me taking photos, which seemed to delight them...

Of course I couldn't resist shooting some video as they drove back and forth in front of us. I love Bro's reaction when he has a little transmission trouble near the end of the video! LOL!

By the way, after I'd put away my camera Bro and Sis swapped vehicles, Sis operating the tractor while Bro rode in the pink Jeep. Wyoming's nickname may be "The Equality State," but I'm pretty sure Bro waited till he'd seen me put my camera away before agreeing to that trade! ;-)


  1. I'm so overdue to visit you and your blog....glad I got a chance to see this post in-between yucky real estate calls and duties.
    Those kids are cute in their little cars, but that candy apple wonder it was best in show.
    Happy day to you my friend.

  2. Fun post! Love seeing the kids driving around too. :)
    I scrolled down & saw that you visited Boulder (we lived in Lafayette for years, and Boulder was just a 15 min. drive). :)
    Wishing you a lovely one,
    ~ Zuzu

  3. Cute post - my favorite part being Bro and Sis.

    But I thought it was really cool that your consolation prize car was the best in show so that made it a very worthy consolation prize! If I only saw one quilt in a show, that's the one I'd want to see!!!

    But getting back to bro and sis, I played it twice but I couldn't be sure what he was saying. Was it "mommy"? Anyway, they were adorable and that additional bit about them switching spots had me in stitches imagining it! Can you imagine if that was the scene you had walked in on? :-) Plus I'm assuming he did this without parental arm twisting so I'm doubly impressed with that young man - he'll make a fine husband someday if his sister keeps training him right!

    Talk to you very soon - I'm off tomorrow so TGIF for me!!!

  4. At first I thought those were pics of some of the Green Heebies! But, these two are cute and charming, unlike the Heebies must be. Really cute, you can see the lad hamming it up for the camera!

    The red roadster is pretty cool too!

  5. Sue ~ I understand completely (been there, done - or not done - that!), but I've missed you and your fun comments! I'm glad you could pop in between yukky real estate chores, and do hope you get a chance to check out the post beneath this one, especially since your name appears on it. ;-)

    I know, I love that color! Mighty snazzy.

    Zuzu ~ Thanks, I'm so glad you stopped by! I thought the kids were pretty entertaining and had fun filming them.

    I wondered if your sweet cottage might be anywhere around the Boulder area, so it's fun that you did live around there at one time!

    Wishing you a lovely one in return (how could it be anything else, spent in such a lovely home?) :-)

    Jo ~ I figured it would be. :-) And I agree, if we could only see one contestant cruise by for a photo op, it's great that it was the grand prize winner! Maybe we'll just skip the car show from now on, and head directly to the park. LOL

    I can clearly hear one of them say what sounds like "Mommy" too (they were headed toward their house at the time, which is just beyond and hidden by those trees they disappear behind at the end, so Mom might have come out to check on them), but I can't tell which one of them is saying it. It sounds like it would be Little Sister, but she still had a mouth full of pacifier! I figured she was wanting to let mom know that bro wasn't such a great driver, jerking her along like that. :-) And that would have been really funny if I'd come upon them after the switcheroo! ROTFL! I don't think any parental coercion was involved, I just think he's a pretty cool Big Brother, and that Little Sister also knows how to demand - and get - her equal rights. You go, Sister! ;-)

    Happy "Friday observed" to you! Talk to you soon!

    Rose ~ LOL! If only the Green Heebies were content with such quiet, non-polluting vehicles, but alas - they outgrew such things long ago. I thought his hamming it up was funny too! It didn't take him long to notice my camera and play to it, whereas Sis played it ├╝ber cool, paying both it and us little mind till near the end (though I know she knew full well I was filming!) Funny kids. I often park in the shade across from their house when I take the dogs to the park, and have seen them playing together in a big cardboard box on their front porch. One will be in the box, head and shoulders sticking up, but when I look over they'll duck down and all I'll see is the box, and then the box will rise up and a pair of little legs will appear poking out the bottom and the box will run across the porch. LOL! Cracks me up!

  6. Wow!! What a beautiful red car. Nice you made this photo and show it to us. But I like most the children on their vehicles. Suo cute!!

  7. Laloofah -- it looked like a lovely day to sit and watch the world go by -- candy red and bro and sis. Hope your it dogs enjoyed too.-- barbara

  8. Candy apple red is the perfect description of the car. It almost looks like it has a sugar shell that I could bite into and crack!

  9. That Ford is beauuuutiful! I'm practically drooling over it like I would some succulent food.

    I lived the second half of my childhood in Elkhart Lake, which is known for Road America, and I would often see some really nice cars. The vintage weekend was always my favorite.

    Kids around here seem to have those cars more than actual bikes. Seems weird to me, but I would have loved one of those when I was little.

  10. Corry ~ I know, isn't that a handsome car and a great color? I'm very glad I got a photo of it, but a ride in it would have been even better! :-) I agree, the kids driving their vehicles were really cute, and fun to watch. I'm glad you enjoyed!

    Barbara ~ It was a lovely day indeed, as most of our summer days here are. And the dogs had a wonderful time! They love car rides and their walks in the park ~ despite the fact that leashes are required, unlike on our hikes at home. I have photos of them enjoying that day and some other "dog days" of summer that I'll post soon!

    Andrea ~ I absolutely agree! I wonder if little kids ever go up and lick it, expecting a sugary cinnamon experience. :-) I just love that glossy, gorgeous color.

    Molly ~ Oh, BW would love that Road America experience. He's not into cars like he once was (sailboats and breweries have eclipsed them!), but he still enjoys seeing the classics and can identify the year, make and model of just about any pre-1980 car, even when it blows past us at high speed on a highway. (I find this "skill" vaguely disturbing, lol). Before I met him he owned a yellow Plymouth Superbird, and when we started dating he had a 1949 Cadillac up on blocks that he planned to restore. But he married me so had a house to restore - and then sell so we could get the hell out of there - instead! :-)

    That is odd that those little kid cars outnumber bikes where you are. These are the only ones like them I remember seeing around here. I wonder if they still make the kind of cars you can pedal, or if we've given in to physical laziness completely?! When my grandmother was a little girl, she'd asked Santa for one of those little pedal cars you can sit in. She wanted one sooo badly, her heart was set on it. But Santa misunderstood (or more likely, couldn't afford it), and gave her a little miniature car, like a Matchbox car, instead. She was still crestfallen decades later when she'd tell about that!


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