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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ABC Wednesday: Requiem for Roses

I've been wanting to share these photos I took of some beautiful Roses blooming at Trail End, a historic mansion (now a museum) near our house in late October (Roses, in northern Wyoming in late October! That's Really Rare!), and now that it's R week at ABC Wednesday, and the Roses are finally gone till next year, I thought a Requiem for Roses might be an appropriate post today...

A Red, Red Rose

I love how the sunlight illuminated this one

I love this pretty peppermint rose with her little "bud!" ;-)
You can see the mansion in the background.
This Rose garden is beside the mansion's carriage house,
now a theater for local stage productions.

The pièce de Résistance.
I think the colors are Radiant, the bloom absolutely perfect.

Although we've enjoyed enough beautiful weather to Revel in Roses at Halloween and for me to Run errands on my bike Monday, Old Man Winter is now Restless to have his turn. Monday evening, Willow and I headed through the park and up the hill past the mansion with its now Resting Rose garden, to take photos of the nasty front that was blowing in. (This one was taken from Kendrick Park, the Rest of the photos I took I'll share in a post for this week's SkyWatch Friday)...

After a night of Rambunctious weather, we weren't surprised to awaken yesterday morning to our first Real snowfall at Dragonfly Cottage...

Naturally I had to tramp out into the early morning cold
to Record the moment for posterity! :-)

The footbridge in front of our cottage
that leads into Kendrick Park

I love this Restful scene of snow-covered trees and park bench

Dragonfly Cottage seen from inside Kendrick Park.
Is that a wintery-looking dawn sky or what?

Rush on over to...

to Revel in Rollicking Rs!


  1. Hear that sound? That was a rush of jealousy going to my head. Dragonfly Cottage looks amazing in the dawn light.
    Love the roses, and hope ours will be as good.

  2. What a contrast between bright roses and grey skies and snow!

    I like the little peppermint one the best.

    Dragonfly cottage looks so cozy! Love the pic of the trees and the park bench too. I love the drama of winter weather.

  3. Brrrr! I got chilly just looking at that snow, and the sky! My goodness, that was some nastiness heading your way! Although, I must admit that your cottage looks so cute surrounded by snow. :) We had a gorgeous almost 60 degree, sunny day yesterday only to have it drop down to a 20's wind chill today. Although, it's still sunny, so I'll take that.

    The roses are all so gorgeous, and looking at their pictures makes my imagination bring their scent to my mind. I really should plant a bush or two next year.

    Oh, and I keep thinking to myself that I need to get into these ABC Wednesdays. I just need to get some motivation first.....

  4. I'm relishing your resplendent rose review and report on the first snowfall of the season. I'm glad it wasn't the kind of record snowfall that leaves you reeling and raw. Your cottage looks so pretty with its red trim. Is the roomy porch heated?

  5. Those roses weren't really that perfect in November were they? I would be jealous, but then I see you have frost and snow already.

  6. au REVOIR, ROSES!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. A fine requiem, Laloofah, and a beautiful post for the R.
    Your clamless clam chowder from a previous post caught my eye and sounds great. I'm not a vegan,but love tofu, nori, kelp and soups period. Thanks for the recipe - will let you know!

  8. What beautiful roses! I think the last one was my favorite. I think I would like it where you live.

  9. Lovely roses. snow pics were nice too.

  10. very pretty roses but i so loved the shots of the snow!

    the shot of the house and the bridge are outstanding!

    My Third Eye

  11. What a sweet cottage you live in.
    And how interesting to have a river and such a wonderful bridge to look out over.
    I hope you didn't rush out in your pj's for these images :-)
    It looks cold.

  12. Ellie C ~ Yes, I heard it all the way over here, and recognized the sound immediately because that's the same sound I experience when I see photos of your garden, flowers, and birds!! :-) I have every confidence your roses will be at least as beautiful as these.

    Rose ~ It goes without saying that I thought of you the whole time I composed the first part of this post! :-) And yes, what a contrast between it and the second part. We're about to experience another big contrast, as today is predicted to be about 50º, while another front is coming in tonight and bringing "potential for significant snow accumulation" over the next 36 hours (with a high on Saturday of 14º!) Now there's some winter weather drama that will test the coziness factor of Dragonfly Cottage! (And I can't wait to get photos Sunday morning!)

    The peppermint rose was a sweetie, I loved it too. I just love little rosebuds.

    Molly ~ See my reply to Rose about the next front that's coming our way! If the forecast is accurate (big "if"), Dragonfly Cottage should be looking super cute by Monday morning! LOL I can relate to the big change in weather you experienced Tuesday. I hate those abrupt temperature drops, but at least we often get that nice day to enjoy (and run our "storm drill!") BW's on vacation this week and we'd planned to take advantage of the warm and sunny day we were supposed to get today ahead of the storm and ride our bikes, but now they're predicting gusty winds, which will make for an unpleasant bike ride. Bummer!

    Once again I found myself wishing I could do "scratch-and-sniff" photos, because the perfume of some of those roses was as beautiful as the flowers themselves! I've never grown roses, never even inherited a rosebush to care for in any house I lived in. Just wild roses, which took complete care of themselves without my having to lift a finger. I think it would be wonderful if you planted a rose bush or two, you've had such great results with your plantings!

    And I'd love it if you joined in the fun with ABC Wednesdays! Too bad you and Rowan missed this week's, but Sophie's day is coming up. ;-)

    Andrea ~ Remarkable Roundup of R words, AndRea! :-) I share your gladness that our first real snowfall was a gentle, humble one and not a monster blizzard. The skies looked like they could really dump a ton of snow on us.

    I love the cottage colors, but if we buy it I have plans to change the red trim from the duller brick-red that it currently is to Sherwin Williams' "Stolen Kiss," which is more of a cranberry red. I'd especially love that color on our front and back doors! (We have several plans for this place if we end up owning it, plans that probably greatly outdistance our budget!) :-) The porch (which is actually two porches - they put a wall with a transom window in it between them) IS heated, but it's usually hard to tell since those windows are the original single-panes, several of which are cracked, most of which refuse to open, and all of which let in the wind and rain (the porches are on the north side). Redoing the front porch is tops on our priority list if we buy. We'll keep the same divided-light look, but they'll be double or triple-pane, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient windows. With screens! Meanwhile, I have a feeling there will be a lot of nights this winter (probably starting this weekend) when the pups will have to give up sleeping in their Pooch Porch and join us in the adjoining bedroom. Not that they'll mind, but it will be crowded! :-)

  13. Lesley ~ Nope, they didn't quite make it to November but they were that perfect in late October, so they came really close! We had a couple of hard frosts during the first week of November, so the last time we checked on the roses (about a week ago), they were pretty much done for. We usually get our first snow in September, so we (and the roses) had quite a reprieve!

    ROG ~ Good one! (Ridiculous that I didn't think of it!) ;-)

    Raf ~ Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them - those were some Radiant Roses, weren't they?

    You're most welcome for the recipe (hey, you even stuck with the R theme, lol!), I hope you'll enjoy it! And you'll probably want to out my friend Rose's Recent Recipe post for her Vegan "Clam" Chowder. It's quite different from mine, so you might enjoy trying them both!

    LeAnn ~ That last one was my favorite too! And if for no other reason, I think you'd like it where I live for the photo ops alone. :-)

    Suzy ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed both batches - they were sure different!

    Rohit ~ Thanks so much! I wish I could take beautiful nighttime photos like you do, but am glad you enjoyed these daytime shots. If you loved the snow photos, then you're in for some real treats in the coming days (and months) so stay tuned! LOL

    hannah ~ It is a sweet little cottage, it just needs some help (it's almost 92 years old, after all!), and we're in the process of finding out just how much money buying and fixing/improving it might entail. If we can afford it, we'll probably buy it sometime early next year. We love living next to the creek, and having that pretty green footbridge right outside our door is a lot of fun (we can see a second footbridge, in the opposite direction, from the cottage as well, and making the loop that takes us across both of them is a favorite short walk with the dogs!) LOL - you know me so well already! I did go out in my jammies (they were sweat pants, actually, so not real jammies ~ and it WAS cold!), but at least I put on my tennis shoes! (I like to walk out onto the bridge at night in my jammies and slippers and listen to the sounds of the creek sometimes). :-)

  14. What a shame that these beautiful colors beautiful leaves that die in winter cold so beautifully you captured with your camera.

  15. TW! It's not fair! You move down from the mountains and you STILL get snow first. I'm jealous!! Not a flake here as yet, but a little up by Lake Erie. And your cottage looks even nicer with a light snow cover....very cool ;-). xoxo

  16. Leovi ~ I know, but at least we can enjoy photos of them until they return again in the spring! Everything needs time to rest, and that's what winter's for. :-)

    Spud ~ Neener, neener! We win! LOL I can't believe that even as late as our first snow was, we STILL got ours before you? Bet you'll be making up for lost time before too long. I shudder to think how much snow they're getting out of this storm up on Red Grade. (Oh wait, did I say shudder? I meant gloat! LOL) I went on a lovely (though very cold) photo safari through Whitney Commons this morning, then BW and I took the dogs on a walk through Whitney and Kendrick Park. So pretty, and so quiet! I think the cottage looks nice in the snow too, very snug and cozy. :-) xoxo and happy Friday, Spudly!

  17. Beautiful... I could spit with jealousy that you have snow!

  18. Barbara ~ I wish I could have shared some! (It's melting and re-freezing now, so it's a slick and sloppy mess, not photogenic at all anymore!) If the past couple of winters are any indicator, I'm sure you'll get some of your own soon. :-)

  19. Roses and your first Real snow in one post is a prettybig Range!! But knowing your Wyoming weather - totally not a stretch!!

    My favorite photo was the Restful scene of that beautiful big evergreen with the tiny park bench. I'm very impressed that you got the whole thing in one photo. It's just so peaceful looking.

    My favorite rose was also the one with my favorite caption. I got a chuckle about where you added the accents on the Piece de Resistance. You put them not so much where they belong in French but might be just where they would belong in Italian! Were you going for the Italian???

    Anyway, that was a gorgeous perfect bud open just at the amount I love roses the most! Great job.

  20. Jo ~ LOL~ No, I was going for French, and had actually looked it up because I knew it had accents, but had no clue where they went! Either I was misinformed, or I got my e's scrambled somewhere between my search results and my blog editor. Guess I just invented my own language. Laloofahese. :-)

    I fixed it now ~ at least I think I did! (After all, I thought I'd gotten it right the first time!) :-) Thanks for pointing it out!

  21. ROTFLOL. I didn't intend to come off like your french grammar teacher! I think you have it right now though I thought the original version was very fun too - veryé Italianné you knowé!!

  22. Jo ~ No, you didn't come off that way! I'm glad you pointed it out, I want it to be right. Besides, we're all here to learn. :-)


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