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Friday, November 25, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: thankful for this sunrise!

As so often happens, I had entirely different sky photos ready for this week's SkyWatch Friday when at almost the last minute, along came an even better sky to eclipse them (no pun intended!) ;-) This was our sunrise yesterday...

I love bare tree branches silhouetted against beautiful sunrises and sunsets, so at least Thanksgiving Day (my least favorite holiday) dawned with a happy dose of gratitude for this scene.

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  1. Wow! Dramatic...great photos...thank you for posting them.

  2. Wow - such spectacular colours!

  3. holy moly, that is one spectacular sunrise!!

  4. What a beautiful sky.
    You may be the first person I have heard doesn't like Thanksgiving. Maybe you should come to ours in October - much, much quieter (and with pretty fall colours!)

  5. Beautiful sky with pinkish tones such beautiful with the tree is a very poetic picture. Happy weekend.

  6. that color is unreal, beautiful! Bet it was great to see live! :)

  7. One of my favorite colours captured so brilliantly in this SkyWatch share...glorious~

  8. Wow!!! What a beautiful morning!!! Absolutely stunning colors...and I also love the trees silhouetted against the bright sky!

  9. Superb sky. I can see why you changed your mind and used these photos!

  10. Oh that's stunning, that pink sky is gorgeous. Did you get bad weather later? Confession: the only idea I have about Thanksgiving is from The West Wing - I like the part where the turkeys get pardoned!

  11. veganelder ~ My pleasure! I thought it was a dramatic sky too.

    Jane ~ I know, even in this land of stunning sunrises, this one was a standout.

    ladyfi ~ Weren't they? I especially loved the purple!

    Tanya ~ It was a beautiful doozy, alright! The kind that makes me glad I'm an early riser. :-)

    Jeannelle ~ Thank you, and a belated happy SWF to you, too! I hope you enjoy a week of wonderful skies to watch.

    Antonina ~ They really were, and they filled the wide window above my computer desk, which is what made me run for my camera and head out into the cold! :-)

    Lesley ~ I know, a real "breathtaker!"
    I actually know a few others who truly dislike Thanksgiving ~ not the concept, but the actual way it's observed. The appalling carnage (over 46 million turkeys suffer brief, miserable lives that end in cruel slaughter for Thanksgiving alone), hunting season, the out-of-control consumerism (that seems to grow worse), our treatment of Native Americans (historically and currently), and traumatic memories of dysfunctional family gatherings all combine to make me dread the day. I do my best to make the best of it, but am glad when it's over. If it were actually a day set aside to cultivate and celebrate gratitude, kindness and fellowship, instead of butchery and gluttony, I'd enjoy it a lot more (and so would most others, I bet! Especially combined with your Canadian quiet and pretty fall colours!) :-)

    Leovi ~ Your comment is very poetic as well! Happy weekend to you, too. :-)

    Jill ~ It sure was! I'm hoping your spending this holiday weekend surrounded by (and photographing) natural beauty and wild critter friends ~ I need to pay a visit to your blog soon to see!

    Kim ~ It was, and I sure was glad to get to see and share it!

  12. Mary ~ The orangey-purply-pink? (I'm sure there's a proper name for that hue, but I cant' think of what it is! I should get out my Sherwin-Williams paint swatch wheel and see if I can find it!) :-) I'm glad you enjoyed our sunrise too.

    Ellie C ~ As always, you are most welcome! (I must say, your country is always well represented in the Gorgeous Skies category at SkyWatchFriday!)

    TexWisGirl ~ Thank you for stopping by, and I'm glad you liked these photos!

    TheChieftess ~ It was a spectacular start to the day, that's for sure! What is it about tree silhouettes against a color-filled sky? It's one of my very favorite scenes.

    Spare Parts ~ I know, I was happy with my original post but when this sunrise came along, ditching it for this one was a no-brainer! :-)

    Barbara ~ You know, you'd think we would have ~ and the way my sinuses had been screaming for three days I thought for sure we would ~ but we just had some cloudy skies during chunks of the day. Yesterday is when we had our bad weather - bright, sunny morning and then kerWHAM! We were trying to sneak in a walk through the park with the dogs when the front hit with plummeting temps, horrible 50 mph wind gusts, a really weird sleet/snow (looked like pencil eraser-sized styrofoam pellets, like fake snow in a low-budget TV commercial!), and most amazing of all, a HUGE clap of thunder!! We've only experienced Thundersnow twice, and the other time was during a late spring snowstorm at our old house. Weird! We scuttled home as fast as the icy conditions and fierce headwinds would allow! (It quieted down - somewhat - later, and we walked over to Sheridan's Christmas Stroll on Main Street, which is fodder for a future post)! :-)

    I remember that episode with the two turkeys in CJ's office! I especially remember Troy, for some reason. :-) (Now if only the pardon would extend to the other 46+ million, and then to the other billions of land and sea animals enslaved and slaughtered each year!) One of my favorite posts I've ever done was How I Like My Turkey, which has some links you might enjoy.

  13. What a beautiful sky and fabulous colors.

  14. The sky looks absolutely beautiful. I love looking at your sky pictures. Wonderful! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)

  15. Serline ~ It was a dazzling one, thanks for stopping by to admire it!

    Lori ~ I'm so glad you enjoy looking at my sky pictures, because I sure enjoy taking them! Our skies are so incredibly photogenic, getting good photos of them is like taking candy from a baby. (Some of them even look like candy!) :-) We had a pretty good Thanksgiving, though I had a bad sinus headache much of the day. But it was gone by evening when we went back up the mountain to our old neighborhood to share a lovely vegan feast with friends. It was a little odd being back there and seeing the twinkling lights of town far down below, knowing that now we're one of those twinkles! :-) I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving too, Lori - will have to stop by your blog soon and see what you were up to!

  16. Are you absolutely, totally sure you didn't paint the sky before you photographed it? How can a sky look so gorgeously striped? I'm really glad you like to get up early!

  17. I checked out that post - how great to see those rescued turkeys. I'm glad we don't have Thanksgiving here, it's bad enough having Christmas and the massacre of animals for it (plus the rampant consumerism that seems to go on from September until January), and I also have a particular loathing for the forced jollity of New Year. Talking of forced jollity, I have just discovered it's been assumed that I'm going to the work's Christmas meal... something I try to avoid like the plague.

    Humans are very strange... someone I work with is always going on about how sweet animals are with their young, how they look after them so well etc etc etc, but doesn't seem to connect this with the lamb or anything else she has on her plate. When I queried her about it she said 'Oh I don't like to think about it'. What can you say?

    To lighten the gloom somewhat, I notice that the furry's fashion has gone all festive in your avatar, very nice. Must get Charlie decked out :O)

  18. You have made an amazing shot of a great sky! Superb colors. I like your composition :)

  19. Andrea ~ I'm really glad I get up early too! Of course, I have to - it's the only chance I have to get out there and paint the sky. How did you figure it out, I though I had everyone fooled! (LOL - nah, painting the sky is too big of a job. So I just paint the insides of our windows. Do you think our landlord will mind?) ;-)

    It was a spectacular sunrise, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Even if I could paint masterpieces, I couldn't come close to what Mother Nature does with her buckets of celestial paint.

    Barbara ~ I know, weren't the turkeys great? I especially love Boone. That boy was really enjoying his meal! :-) I never thought of New Year's as "forced jollity," but that's sure an apt description! I've always preferred to usher in the new year quietly, and just watch the inebriated fools on TV (if at all!) We did abandon our usual "NYMO" for Y2K (that looks like screen credits for Star Wars, lol), hosting our friends (who brought along their friends) from Potsdam, Germany for a few days, and attending a fireworks display at a neighbor's house. All of it was an unmitigated disaster (long story for another time), and we immediately returned to our low-key New Year's style! (And I suggest you stick to yours re: the workplace Christmas meal - don't you feel a terrible migraine coming on or something??)

    As for your animal-loving-yet-corpse-munching colleague, I have those sorts of crazy-making experiences with people too. Humans are indeed strange, and our ability to disconnect, desensitize, spend vast amounts of mental energy defending the indefensible, and our alarming capacity for cognitive dissonance just boggle the mind. I wish I knew a response that would make someone like your co-worker have the courage and honesty to face the horrors she is complicit in, without prompting defensiveness that entrenches someone further, but I have no clue what the magic formula is. All I know is that if someone were enslaving me, taking my children away and slaughtering them, or stealing my own life and I was powerless to stop it, I'd wish for whomever was supporting it to decide to "think about it!" But how do you effectively teach (or inspire) empathy, especially in the face of the cultural juggernaut that teaches and reinforces otherwise at every opportunity?

    That photo of Tess in her Santa hat is from a few years ago, but it's such a favorite that I recycle it for the holidays every year. That photo won a PetSmart Pet of the Month contest the year I took it, and my prize was a mug with that photo on it, which I gave to my mom. I used it when I was visiting her a few weeks ago, and it just cracks me up! :-) I was pleased to hear that Charlie was inspired by Tessa's festive attire to don a dashing green ribbon. What a rakishly handsome and stylish fellow. Bet it looks really fine next to his Amulet of Evil! LOL!

    Firas ~ Thank you! I was very happy to both experience and to capture it, and am glad you stopped by to enjoy it! I'm enjoying your wonderful photos as well!

    Spud ~ Yes indeedy! :-)

  20. That is stunning! What a wonderful way to start the holiday. Hope the day and the weekend followed suit in the same fashion.

  21. So, so gorgeous!! I wish I didn't have to start work so darn early. I'd love to see more sunrises. You're so lucky!

  22. Rohit ~ It certainly was! Funny how some sunrises (or sunsets, for that matter) can be so amazing, while others are just "meh." This one was one of the best I've seen here, and I've seen some doozies!

    Rose ~ The day didn't live up to the promise of that sunrise ~ but then how could anything short of a day in which I won the lottery and learned that everyone had decided to forego eating turkeys and go vegan for life instead ~ measure up to that sunrise? :-) Friday and the weekend were a combination of restful, fun and productive, though!

    Molly ~ Too bad you don't at least have east-facing windows in your office! Until you can gaze at your own sunrises to your heart's content, I'll keep photographing and sharing ours. :-)

  23. I'm so glad you had a sky watch Friday available shortly after you saw that so you could post those. Amazing! I didn't even think the sky could be that color of pink and purple! And I agree that the bare trees makes an awesome foreground.

    Not much of a lunchtime available today so I'm glad that there was a wee post I coud enjoy in my 5 mins!

    What an amazing number of comments you've had!

  24. I know, the timing was great! Unlike the awesome sunrise at Mom's, when I had to wait a whole week to post it.

    I'm glad this one fit into your tight lunch break schedule. We at Mehitable Days aim to please! :-)


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