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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ABC Wednesday: Snow on Sculptures

I didn't want to wait to post the photos I took during my Snowy Saunter after our big Storm last week, but it didn't escape my attention that I was Squandering a perfect opportunity to have Something to Share for this week's ABC Wednesday "S" post! So I Saved a few additional photos for it. They're not just pictures of Snow, they're pictures of Snow on Sculptures! Bonus points! :-)

While not exactly a Sculpture, I love this hitching post pony,
one of a Set of four, wearing a Snowy hat.

"Cool Water" by Mike Thomas
In Spring and Summer, water Streams from his hat
onto Some river rocks Spread beneath it.
This Statue Stands at the entrance of Whitney Commons,
across from the library, and has its own web cam.
(See the "SMILE, you're on camera" Sign?) :-)

"Mr. Whitney" by Felix Velez
Edward Whitney, for whom Whitney Commons is named,
Shares his Snowy bench with Some book-loving youngsters.
(You can See this Sculpture Sans Snow
by clicking on the link above).

A Staunch & Steadfast reader tries to read through Snow!

This last one, another Staunch and Steadfast Snow-covered book lover, is Situated in front of the Sheridan library and is for you, Rose! I Said a year ago I'd get you a photo of this Stunning Sculpture all covered in Snow and finally got the chance! :-)

"Circle of Friends" by K. E. Crain

For Seasonal contrast, you can See both "Cool Water" and "Circle of Friends" in the Summer Sunshine on my Street Art, Part II post from a year ago. (A year ago already? Seriously?! That's Shocking!)

For more Specimens of S, from Silly to Sublime, visit...

Sending warmest wishes to my American friends
for a Safe, happy & gentle Thanksgiving!


  1. Your town has some absolutely stunning sculptures!
    Jane x

  2. So much snow, so soon!
    The fourth photo is perfect - it looks as if she is wearing a big white hat and a big pouffy white coat!

    Thanks for your visits to mine and for following!
    I think we all find somewhere else to be more photogenic than where we are (at times).

  3. sensational! opportunity not SQUANDERED!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Awesome shots! I like the 4th shot it looks like a man is frozen sitting on the bench. ^_^


  5. Jane ~ Yes it does! Several! :-) And they change some of them out from time to time, which is fun.

    VioletSky ~ LOL - Bet he's sure wishing he were! :-) I'm surprised some wag didn't come along and put an actual hat and scarf on him. (Dang, why didn't I think of that?!)

    My pleasure! I love getting to see such a variety of landscapes and places, and you're right - sometimes I get that "grass is always greener" feeling. (Especially in places whose grass really IS greener, while ours is still buried in snow!) :-)

    ROG ~ Thank you! I'm glad I Saved these for today's S them!

    Kim ~ Thanks! I really like that one too. It reminds me of myself (and a couple of avid reader friends) who can get so engrossed in a good book that we fail to notice everything going on around us. And I do mean everything! Like, it could turn freezing and dump a bunch of snow on us and our book, and we'd probably just keep reading. Although unlike the sculpture, we'd brush the snow from the pages from time to time! ;-)

  6. Coming from a part of the US (Minnesota) where these things happen too regularly and too early, I am pleased to sit back and see it happen somewhere else for a change. Though I have to admit, the sculptures look fabulous.

  7. Always love Snow on Sculptures and your S post images win big-time bonus points, Laloofah. Splendiferous!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours!

  8. Love that Mr Whitney sculpture. The transforming power of snow is amazing.

  9. The sculptures on every corner are one of the things I enjoy when we visit Sheridan.

    Perhaps I should go around taking pictures of sculptures covered in rain, since that's all we've got here.

  10. Great shots. I love the way snow can adorn sculpture and also make sculpture from objects that weren't sculpture until it snowed.

  11. Bonus points indeed.
    What a gift from the weather gods, icing on the cake = snow on the sculptures.
    Have a lovely get-together day tomorrow.
    We don't partake over here.Not as a nation anyway.

  12. These are Superb, Scintillating, Serendipitious Shots. And if only you had added two more we would have had Seven Shots to Salivate over.
    Sincerely yours, Sighing about her Snowless State.

  13. Loved this post. Snow is so exciting.

  14. So much Snow! And I love those Sculptures! I want them for my garden!

    I've managed, at last, to reply to your absolutely wonderful comment on my last blog post. So Sorry it's taken So long... (Sob)

  15. Hey TW! Loved the snow shots....still jealous!! Those wonderful sculptures are "frozen in time" two times over now ;-. Have a joyous and healthy Thanksgiving!

  16. You got so much snow!! Great opportunity for the S's, too. It's really cool that they have those great sculptures around town, especially the girls reading the book. I know I've said it before, but I love that one. :)

  17. Excellent! You've a gift for capturing just the right scenes. Thank you.

  18. Kim ~ I have no doubt that you get snow in greater abundance and much earlier and lasting longer even than we do, so can't really blame you for indulging in a wee bit of weather-related Schadenfreude, even if that's not totally Minnesota Nice. LOL

    raf ~ Thank you, raf! (Your use of "Splendiferous" wins you some bonus points of your own!) :-)

    Barbara ~ Yes it is, and that's definitely the sculpture it transformed the most!

    Andrea ~ LOL - you could try it! All the people sculptures would probably appear to either be weeping, sweating or suffering from bad head colds! :-)

    The sculptures do add a lot to this little town, don't they? (Although there is one depicting a scene of wildlife carnage I wish they'd remove and melt down into something useful, like lug wrenches or doorstops! But the vast majority are beautiful and fun, thank goodness).

    Carver ~ Oh, nicely said! I hope to capture of some examples of the latter this winter.

    hannah ~ When I set out on my snowy photo safari that morning, I was eagerly anticipating snow on the lamppost wreaths. The statues hadn't even occurred to me till I saw the hitching posts and had a lightbulb moment. So snow on the sculptures was indeed icing on the cake! (You're so clever!) :-)

    Thank you, we enjoyed a fun evening with friends over a delicious vegan feast, as well as a wild romp with our friends' 8-month old wolf hybrid pup, Shakti. She is energetic and entertaining and revels in attention with robust enthusiasm (and I have the slobber on my jacket to prove it!) lol

  19. Ellie C~ Okay, you're the current reigning champion of S-Word Usage in a Comment! LOL And darn, I Should have added at least a Sixth, if not a Seventh, photo! You need to be Sitting beside me coaching me while work on these ABC posts. :-)

    Wish I could have packaged up Some of the Snow and Sent it to you (will Swap Snow for warm Sunshine come February!)

    Suzy ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I agree - snow is exciting, yet in a soft, gentle way (not counting blizzards!) And I love how it alters the landscape.

    Penny ~ Well, Some of the Sculptures are for Sale, so I'll See what I can do - though Shipping to Scotland might be Shocking! :-)

    I read your wonderful reply to my comment on your blog, but didn't have time to respond then So I'll Stop by again Soon! (No need to apologize, nor to Sob! lol)

    Spudly~ "Frozen in time" - you and Hannah should team up, you're both so clever a commentary collaboration would be something to see. :-) So is there seriously still no snow in your forecast?! We're supposed to get RAIN later today, followed by snow (sloppy!), and WIND! Then sun tomorrow. Talk about a little bit of everything! Tonight is Sheridan's "Christmas Stroll" when the shops stay open late, there are carolers and mulled cider, and the trolley runs. If the weather isn't too nasty, I want to wander over to Main Street and see the lights and crowds and maybe ride the trolley. And of course, get photos (if possible!) :-)

    Molly ~ Yes we did! I tried to find an official tally of snowfall, but couldn't. So I'll just have to guess that we got 6" or so, which was at the bottom range the storm warnings had called for. I was a bit disappointed at the time (wanted more, can you believe that?!), but now that it's all melting and making a slushy, muddy mess I'm glad we didn't get twice as much.

    "Circle of Friends" (the girl reading the book) is one of my very favorite sculptures too, and I wish you could see all the detail on it!

    veganelder ~ Thank you very much! I don't know if I have a gift for it, but I sure have fun doing it! (But is it wrong to see a photo op and immediately wonder if I can make it fit the current week's ABC letter theme?! LOL!)

  20. So many Ss! So outdid yourSelf.

    I totally give you bonus points for the "on Sculptures"! I think they are not only Snow on Sculpture but snow sculture on sculpture especially in circle of friends where nature added snow here and there in an artistic fashion but not everywhere.

    You must go out before the rest of the world because your photos are so prestine with narry a footprint or other sign of life.

    Weth or without snow, Circle of Friends is my all time favorite and the snow really makes it pretty. (Although makes me less inclined to want to make her leave and get in myself - brrrrr!)

    Talk to you very soon!

  21. Jo ~ Yesssss, it wasss another very sssssibilant posssst, wassssn't it? ;-) Thanks for the bonus points! The Snow Queen did seem to be using the bronze sculptures as templates for her own lovely works of art, didn't she?

    It was cold, it was snowing, it was a weekend and it was early. I definitely was walking through virgin snow and had the world almost entirely to myself for most of my walk, everyone else missing the best part of a gorgeous day, IMO! But I loved the solitude of it, especially in such a public and normally busy place.

    Circle of Friends is a fantastic sculpture, and one of my all-time favorites too. Maybe you could put on some of those good winter clothes you mentioned in your Christmas Stroll Trolley post comment and take that poor girl's place long enough for her to put on some warmer clothes and get herself a cup of hot chocolate or something! ;-)

    It was majorly fun talking to you last night!


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