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Friday, November 11, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Big Sky Sunrise

I took this photo of a stunning sunrise over Saddle Butte from my mom's front yard in north central Montana ("Big Sky Country") on Nov 3...

(This SOOC photo is completely unedited)

For more skies, big and otherwise, visit...

Happy Veteran's Day to my fellow vets!
And may everyone enjoy a peaceful and auspicious 11-11-11!


  1. Sunrises are always special, but that is one of the best I have seen. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. This is a sunrise as in a movie, nver seen such a red one.

  3. one word "beautiful" nice capture and good composition.

  4. Woow, what a red sky. Wonderful :0)

  5. Ellie C ~ I think sunrises are special too, and was glad to have grabbed some photos of this one. The main windows in Mom's house face north and south, and the sky colors to the south that morning were very pretty so I'd grabbed my camera and gone outside to get some pictures of it, little knowing that the sky to the east was so stunning!

    biebkriebls ~ You're welcome, and thanks for the reciprocal visit! :-) You're right, that sky looks like something from the special effects department of a movie!

    ranu ~ I'm glad you like it! I was glad I got some of the bare tree branches in the foreground.

    J Bar ~ Thank you!

    Wenche ~ Montana (and my state of Wyoming) often get really colorful skies, but this sunrise was a winner.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to visit. Love that big sky country (we visited this past September) and your photo!

  7. I love that shot! The colours are just so vibrant, and the hills give such an interesting skyline!!
    When I saw the name of your blog, I thought of the Archie and Mehitabel poems. I have not read those in years!!

  8. Powerful stuff, sunrises. And your is no exception,so bright, where are my sunglasses :-).
    Nice to have both a dense and a lacy silhouette in this image.

  9. veganelder ~ Thanks! By the way, did you feel the earthquakes a few days ago? My in-laws felt them in Owasso.

    Diana ~ You (and your visits) are most welcome! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed my photo and your visits to both my blog and to Big Sky Country! September is a really lovely month in these parts.

    Judy ~ Thank you! I was really pleased to get such a good photo of Saddle Butte with that sunrise, as I've been enchanted with that particular bump in Havre's landscape since I was a little kid. My late grandmother used to frequently climb it with friends when she was a young adult (she moved to Havre from Minnesota in about 1925, when she was 16). I always thought it looked a bit like a basking crocodile! :-)

    You're the third visitor to my blog in the years since I started it who has mentioned the Archie and Mehitable stories! I really need to read them. Never have!

    Hannah ~ Yep, this one was both very bright and mighty potent! It started the day off with good mojo. :-) ...both a dense and a lacy silhouette in this image"... I like that description!

  10. Wonderful capture and composition of that splendid sky, Laloofah!

    Yes, don't miss reading the adventures of archy and mehitabel.
    Don Marquis will not disappoint. I have a blog written in lowercase because of archy. :)

  11. What a stupendous shot! The colours are just heart-stopping.

  12. That looks like a gorgeous painting! Seeing it in person must have put you in pure awe. So beautiful!!

  13. Sunrise? What's that?

    Just kidding, just kidding, sort of. Such a beautiful photo. I suppose photos will have to do for me until next summer. :D

  14. Kim ~ It really was! One of those times you're darned glad to have a camera!

    raf ~ Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! And thank you for your encouragement to read Archy and Mehitable, you have piqued my curiosity! My library doesn't have any of the A&M books, so I'll have to see what I can do. I have a moratorium on buying any more books, since we moved to a much smaller house recently and had to put a lot of books in storage. So I'm strictly a Borrower now. :-)

    EG Wow ~ Me too! (And it fulfilled the promise of "red sky at morning, sailor take warning," because despite a forecast of bright sunshine and temps near 60, it was very overcast and never made it out of the low 40s all that day!)

    jabblog ~ Thanks! I know, they hardly even look real.

    Molly ~ I think so too, but if it were a painting, I'd think it was garish and fake looking! Mother Nature can get away with it, though. :-) And yes, seeing it in person was definitely awe-inspiring. As my friend Barbara in England would say, "I gaped like a gaping thing." LOL

    Andrea ~ Sunrise is what happens if a Sunbreak corresponds with dawn, a very rare occurrence in your neck of the swamp, I understand. ;-) Worry not, you can just feast your eyes on all the spectacularly sunny skies on SkyWatch each Friday, and that should see you through till summer!

  15. Absolutely beautiful...what colors and they're all woven together. Must have been a truly marvelous thing to witness.

    Peace to you too Laurie! :)

  16. SOOC and excellent! Very successful shot!

  17. Beautiful magical sunrise shot! I can never wake up early to enjoy such beauty.

  18. Margy ~ Do you mean "Mehitable" or "Laloofah?" :-)

    Rose ~ You and Molly are both spot on - the sky looks like both a painting and a weaving. A photo of a painting of a weaving? :-) It really was a remarkable sky, and so fleeting! Glad I could capture a moment of it for posterity.

    You have fun this weekend! I hope you end up skipping the adoption shindig and just keep Molly-Cat for yourself, and that you have a blast at the vegan meetup! I'm anticipating a fun post about it. :-)

    Müge ~ Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, because yours sure was impressive!

    Spare ~ It sure was - as were your sunset shots in San Diego! Wow!

    Serline ~ Thank you! I can never NOT wake up in time to see them. I have an internal alarm that goes off at 5:30 (or earlier) every morning! :-)

    Esther ~ Thanks - it just needed some pretty bats to fly across it to complete the picture! :-)

  19. Just stunning! Brilliant capture. We have Remembrance Day on 11th Nov to commemorate the end of WWI and remember those that have died in all wars since. David was in the RAF as was most of his family so always makes a point of watching the cenotaph ceremony. As well as buying a red poppy this year I also managed to buy a purple one to remember the animals who have been the innocent victims of wars.

  20. this one's a stunner...almost artistic n its amazing tat it isnt edited!

    My Third Eye

  21. Barbara ~ Thank you! I was sure pleased with how it turned out (so often my sky photos can be a disappointment compared to seeing the real thing!), and am glad you like it!

    I knew about Remembrance Day, but had forgotten that David was in the RAF, and totally learned a new word from you - "cenotaph!" I can't believe I don't recall ever seeing or hearing that word before!

    I love that you were able to buy a purple poppy to commemorate the non-human animal victims of wars. (I shudder to think how many there have been, never mind the billions we slaughter every year in "peacetime!")

    Rohit ~ Thank you! I think it looks artistic too, like an oil painting. And it is amazing that I didn't do a thing to it! I thought I'd better mention that since it almost looks Photoshopped, those colors are so vivid.

  22. I appear to be the only Boob who doesn't know what SOOC means so had to google it. :-) I thought it should mean Soo Cool and to that I would say ditto. But I guess Straight of of camera works too.

    That is an amazing shot and I'm picturing you seeing that, getting the shot and being so anxious for the next sky-watch Friday to come so you could share it with us. That one is a keeper and it would make a great background for my computer. I still have the mom and baby swan you had sent me a link for on my computer at work and I get a lot of comments about that!

    I can't wait to hear about your trip to Havre. I hope it went well!

  23. Jo ~ I'm slipping behind in my comment replies!

    You're not a boob for not knowing what SOOC means, and I applaud your initiative in googling it instead of just lazily, apathetically shrugging and moving on, while going through life tormented by the ignorance of not knowing what the hell it meant. LOL The only reason I didn't bother to link to an explanation of it is that I've referred to SOOC photos in a couple of earlier posts and linked to it then, so just assumed that most of my readers probably knew what it was by now... or didn't give a flying hootenanny. ;-)

    ANYway, you're spot on - the minute I saw this photo on my camera I silently lamented that I wouldn't be home to post it the next day, which was a (SkyWatch) Friday. So I had to wait a WHOLE WEEK! Talk about being tormented! lol I hope you're enjoying it as a background for your computer, and am pleased to hear your swans are getting lots of comments at work! Do you tell your colleagues about your Swan Medicine? :-)

    I'll fill you in on my trip when I talk to you next time - not much to tell, and overall it did go well. Exhausting, though!

  24. My goodness... that photo makes me want to whip out some paint brushes and start painting!

  25. Eva ~ Hi, Eva! Are you in England now?! I'm glad you stopped by, and glad this sunrise inspires your inner Van Gogh! :-)

  26. Obviously I needed you to use SOOC at least three times before I even noticed it!! And thank you - I was proud of my initiative - and would like to give you the credit since you inspire me to grow a little each day!

  27. Jo ~ Well that's a very sweet thing for you to say! And don't forget, that inspiration flows in both directions. :-)


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