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Friday, November 18, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Here comes winter!

As promised in the snowy photos section of my last post, here are more photos of our skies as a front moved in late Monday afternoon, changing our weather from sunny temps in the mid-60ºs to 10ºF and snow. While the weather was still nice (though breezy) that afternoon, I took our dog Willow and climbed a neighboring hill whose summit offers dramatic views of the skies and the Big Horn Mountains...

Climbing the hill past the Trail End historic site

Stormy skies above the Kendrick Park elk & bison pasture

A crow makes a dash for it ahead of the storm
coming over the Big Horn Mountains
(I can see our old house on the mountainside from here!)

The setting sun peeks out from a hole in the clouds,
saying "see you in a couple of days!"

The view from here of the front looming over the mountains
was dramatic, exciting and eerie.

As the winds pick up, the temps drop, and the sun sets,
Willow pleads, "Mom, can we pleeeeeze go home now?"

You don't have to leave home at all! Just visit...

to gawk at more dramatic skies from your comfy chair!

By the way, we're currently in the midst of another winter storm, this one predicted to dump 8-12 inches of snow on us by tomorrow night! While we celebrate living in a cozy cottage in town with no ginormous deck to shovel or long driveway to plow, I'll also be out taking snowy landscape photos to post soon. :-) 

Meanwhile, here's a little video I took from our front door at 4:30 this morning, when the only sound was of the creek...


  1. Too bad about the wintery weather, but the scenery is nice to see! We have relatives driving from Montana for Thanksgiving...hope they make it ok!

  2. I have just arrived home after almost one month in the UK...the overnight snow was a shock!
    Jane x

  3. That's a lot of snow you already got! The sky looks wicked and so cool. I love the look on Willow's face. lol

  4. Dramatic photos of the storm rolling in! So beautiful. I love storms.

    I guess it's not too early for snow...but hopefully we won't get any here. :)

    The video of the snow falling the the creek in the background is very peaceful.

    Stay cozy!

  5. Your captures of the mountains are stunning!

  6. I loved your video. And could hear some early birds as well. We are starting summer waaaay too early here (with temperatures already in the 30s) so I envy you your snow.

  7. Once again, Willow staggers me with her charm and beauty.

  8. Lovely video. Maybe it'll hold off long enough for us to make it home tomorrow so I don't have to drive in it. - Margy

  9. Great pictures. I have to say, I loved the video of it snowing. I actually like snow. I think it's beautiful while it's coming down and everything is white and pristine. I've lived in a 4-season area all of my life. I would really miss the seasons if I moved somewhere with only warm weather. That is a perfect scene for Christmas morning. Thanks for a glimpse of winter. :)

  10. Jeannelle ~ I don't mind the wintery weather, and a lot of that is because I enjoy the scenery of a wintery snowscape. I don't know where in MT your relatives are coming from, but I talked to my mom in Havre today and they only got a dusting of snow, and our day was sunny with a week of sunshine and warm temps (mostly 40s) forecast for the rest of the week, so I'm sure your relatives should make it fine. Enjoy their visit!

    Jane ~ I guess it's just Canada's way of punishing you for being gone for so long! :-) I'm sure you'll readjust quickly, but know how rude it feels to return from somewhere warm and green to somewhere wintery.

    Molly ~ It was saving it up all this time! I still can't believe we made it through September, October, and half of November without any! It's supposed to turn very nice this week, so I'm hoping you get a good dose of the sunshine and mild temps too. Isn't Willow funny? She has the most expressive face, and I love how she bends her long collie nose to sniff the breezes. :-)

    Rose ~ Me too, as long as they're not destructive (like they just had in the south, yikes!)

    What is it about the sound of water rushing over rocks that is so soothing? It's really a treat to live by that sound.

    We're definitely staying cozy today! Just ventured out for a short walk with the girls after lunch, too cold to do anything outside. I baked a punkin pie and BW is pulling a homemade pizza out of the oven and calling me to dinner and a movie! Can't get much cozier than that. :-) Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    Emille ~ Thank you! They're photogenic mountains, it's hard to get any photos of them that aren't stunning! :-)

  11. Did I see that you live in Wyoming...right? We have visited Yellowstone the past 2 years, and oh my the winters they get. What a cute pup-cub~

  12. Ellie C ~ Are you sure those birds you heard weren't outside your own window? :-) I'll have to listen to my video again, because I don't recall hearing any birds! In fact, except for crows and ducks and one lone chickadee, I don't recall hearing any birds at all lately. :-(

    I hate that it's already gotten so hot there, and hope my snowy photos help make you feel cooler.

    lina ~ They sure were, and so often are!

    veganelder ~ She's quite something, isn't she? You would absolutely adore her in person too. She's got a great sense of humor in addition to all her other sterling qualities! :-)

    Margy ~ I can't remember where you live, and don't know where you'll be driving home from, but I hope you make it there safe and sound without any bad weather to deal with!

    Lori ~ Good to "see" you again! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the video. I like snow too, so you and I live in pretty good places! :-) Except for 3 years in Norfolk, VA and a couple in Abilene, TX, where snow was minimal and such a rarity that just a smidge of it threw everything into chaos, I too have always lived in 4-season places, and I too would really miss the changing seasons if I had to live somewhere without them.

    I thought the same thing you did - that would have been a perfect Christmas snow! Too bad it landed on my pumpkins instead of on my Christmas wreath and lights (which won't go up for another week or two), I'd have gotten a great holiday card photo!

  13. Mary ~ Yes, we live in Sheridan, WY, which you probably passed through on your way to Yellowstone. I'll bet you enjoyed your visits to Yellowstone, especially since I see you're a nature photographer! And you're spot on - they get incredible winters there, with far more snow and far colder temperatures than we do. Have you been there in winter? I was there as a little kid one winter when we spent Christmas with my grandparents in MT, and Yellowstone had experienced a record snowfall. They'd gotten something like 3' of fresh snow on top of something ridiculous like a 20' base. (I can't remember the actual numbers now, but it was such an eye-popping amount of snow that not even the big snowmobiles - that looked like tanks, carried several passengers and were used to ferry supplies to the scientists at Old Faithful - could make it through all that snow. And we had the coldest temps I've ever been in, at 60ºF below zero.

    Willow says thank you, and especially appreciates your calling her a pup, since she's 11 now. :-)

  14. Such dramatic sky shots - wonderful. I love that video, snow brings such a complete silence all of its own. And Charlie says Willow is a big wuss ;O)

  15. Barbara ~ Thanks, and I totally agree about the snow ~ pretty way to word it, too!

    Tell Charlie Willow is not a wuss, but rather a delicate flower, and her Collie-ness makes her very sensitive. :-)

  16. Wow! Is that quite early for you to have snow? We were horrified when it started at the end of November here, last year! (And stayed for the next three months...)

    I loved the video, especially when it came round to the lamp-posts and you could see the snow falling. We have a lamp-post just outside our bedroom window and that's where we look on winter mornings to see if the snow's still falling.

    You live in such a beautiful cottage!

  17. Penny ~ Actually, this was a bit early for this much snow (and we don't usually get temps that cold till January) but quite late for our first real snow! (And our very first snow, which was very minor, only occurred a week or two earlier - also very late! We usually get our first snow in September!)

    I'm so glad you mentioned the video panning to the streetlamps, where the falling snow really showed up, because I was hoping anyone watching the video would stick with it long enough to see that! It is handy to be able to see if it's raining or snowing by glancing out any window at the streetlamps, instead of having to flip on the one exterior flood light at our old house.

    I'm glad you like the cottage we're in! :-)

  18. I'm still amazed when you tell me about a drop of 50 degrees in one day. That is huge!

    It's actually kind of nice to be able to watch a storm brew up but have it still be nice weather. Usually, by the time ours start blowing up, it's no time to be outside.

    My favorite photo was the stormy skies above Kendrick Park elk and bison pasture. I liked how it looked like the clouds were actually rising from behind the hill almost like that's where the cloud making machine was hiding!

    Willow is such a good girl and I think you have captured exactly what she was thinking in that photo!!

  19. Jo ~ I know, I'm still amazed by the temperature swings we get here, even after all this time (and experiencing them up in Havre as a kiddo or through my grandparents' - one time, while we lived back east and my mom was on the phone with Ging, a chinook wind blew through Havre and raised the temperature 60º while they were on the phone! Granted, those two were probably on the phone for at least 2 hours, but still!) :-)

    How funny you would say that about a cloud-making machine over the hill from the elk pasture, because that is just what I said to BW at the time!

    Willow really is a good girl - she is such a joy to take on walks!


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