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Sunday, July 1, 2012

House progress

I guess it's progress, though we've had a bit of "two steps forward, one step back" lately...

This photo shows the siding going up, but it also illustrates
some recent frustrations and delays, such as ~~
the damaged garage door, still installed wrong & missing window grids;
the area around the garage door was to be rocked, not sided;
the front door was warped and had to be returned for repair,
so unattractive plywood sheets took its place for a week.
But hey, other than that...

Meanwhile, the siding is nearly done, sheet rocking is all finished and textured and some interior trim has been installed upstairs...

We need to futz with the trim around the peekaboo window.
Don't like the lopsided look of the trim on the sides, 
and are debating whether the top trim should be made proportional
or if it's more important to line it up with the other windows.
(This nitnoid stuff is what can make you crazy!)

Meanwhile, lots of stuff has been delivered...

Interior doors, stashed in the study

Door frames and white oak flooring, stashed in the dining room
(The dark board leaning against the left side of the pile of oak 
has been stained in the custom color we've chosen).

Some of the kitchen cabinets and vanities, stashed in the garage.
(We've only checked one cabinet so far, the guest bath vanity, 
and one of the side panels was damaged and needs to be replaced.
What do you think ~ was it the side that will face the wall 
or the side that will face the bathroom and upstairs hallway? 
Oh go ahead. Guess).

The above-mentioned guest bath vanity, plumbing fixtures,
extra insulation and some of the kitchen cabinetry, 
(plus a guy installing rails so we can finally open the garage door),
stashed in the future dog kennel section of the garage.

The back side of the house, all sided
except for the shingles that will go in the gables.
(That's Jordan on the left, giving me a good-natured ribbing
about my excessive construction documentation). :-)

And here is how the front looked as of last evening...

At the end of the short work day Friday, they re-installed 
the repaired front door and put the garage door in correctly, 
though it still needs window grids and a replacement panel. 
The gable over the front porch will have board & batten siding
to match the look of the garage door.

Next week is an abbreviated one because of the 4th of July holiday, but I'm hoping my next round of photos will at least feature photos of some installed flooring and - dare I hope? - some cabinets. Fingers crossed!

Till then, Happy Canada Day o friendly neighbors to the north, and to my fellow Yanks I wish a safe and...


  1. Well it was worth waiting for after the teaser of the other day! Of course any damage to cabinets etc has got to be on the side viewable - the law of sod my dear... As for that little window... hmmm I'm going to be pondering about that trim now... I THINK I'd go for the top trim being proportional, can you not photo process some of it out to give us a better idea?!?

    I just love all the windows at the back of the house.. well I love them so long as I wouldn't have to clean them :O)

    Happy 4th July - said with a hurt look as it's all down to you lot wanting to distance yourself from us Brits... you really know how to wound a small friendly island ;-P

  2. Oh my, look at all that stuff! I'm excited to see it as it all makes it's way out of the boxes.

    A step ahead, a step'll get there...won't be long now!!

    What are window grids?

    Happy 4th to you and all the gang!!

  3. Barbara ~ Thanks, I'm glad you think so. :-) And ding-ding-ding! We have a winnah! Yes, of course it was the viewable side. But something good came of it - I learned the term "the law of sod!" And here I always thought that was a landscaping term. Glad I didn't use it with our landscaper: "And make sure you obey the law of sod when putting the grass, young man!" LOL

    Yesterday when we rode our bikes to the house to see what the boys were up to, they showed us the change they'd made to the peekaboo window trim. We'd been thinking the it wouldn't look good if the top trim on the room's three windows didn't line up, but changed our minds when we saw how it looked with proportional trim and think your instincts were correct! But you can judge for yourself (sorry, the lighting is terrible, and I really should have taken a photo that showed both windows on that wall like I did last time. But the fact the top trim doesn't line up doesn't matter at all, it looks much better this way!)

    Don't think I haven't thought of that downside to all those windows!! But I think it'll be worth the price we'll have to pay. I'm so tired of living in dark little houses, and, for the past 3+ months, having NO views. Our house in Big Horn spoiled us for all that natural light and views out every window.

    Awww, it's not about wanting to distance ourselves from you and your lovely compatriots! It's about wanting to watch football instead of soccer, drive on the correct side of the road, have a national anthem that's much more challenging to sing, drink our beer cold (watered down and flavorless though it may have been till recent years) and our tea iced, rid ourselves of that useless "u" in words like "flavourless," and distance ourselves from the madness and tyranny of your King George III (we had our own crazy George we were going to want to take for a spin a couple centuries later). So don't take it personally, we still love you! (Really!!) :-)

  4. Rose ~ I know, it's a crazy lotta stuff! And you should see all the stuff we that's crammed into our spare bedroom in this rental, too! I'm anxious for them to unpack those cartons. I was able to peek inside one of the kitchen cabinet boxes and saw a bad ding in that cabinet too. :-( But I think it'll be well hidden by the cabinets on either side of it. At least I hope so! I know they can fix/replace anything that's damaged, it's the delays I'm concerned about.

    I've had a lot of people tell me that once they get going on all the finishes, it goes at Mach 4. The latest person to tell us that was our future neighbor on the north side, whom we just met on Sunday (along with her visiting friend from Riverton and Ambrosia, the boxer/shepherd mix he and his wife had rescued from a very abusive situation). All three of them seemed like lovely people. (Ambrosia especially! She was a real sweetie!) Now we've met at least one neighbor from each of the other 5 houses except for the one furthest away). When we were out there yesterday, the guys said they were going to finish installing the rest of the interior trim and hang the interior doors. Can't wait till the flooring goes in!

    Window grids are the same as window grilles or mullions - the dividers on "divided light" windows. I had to use the term "grid" because it was the one that fit on my centered photo caption without a line break! LOL

    Happy 4th to you and your gang as well, Rose! (Fireworks have been banned out here due to the dry conditions, except for the two professional displays in our area and one of them was cancelled. Glad we won't have to put up with firecrackers and crap like that - at least, i hope we won't!)

  5. Your house, despite the setbacks, is really coming along! I really love the siding and my favorite view of the house right now is the back. It is such a pretty back of a house with all those big windows and the three different roof lines. I love it. The front of course is pretty too but it's supposed to be. A pretty back is not as expected.

    I'm not really able to see well enough to understand your wall finish. You mentioned that it's textured. Can you tell me more about that. I'm not sure it's something I've seen before and I'm intrigued. Especially with my husband who doesn't want smooth drywall because he's so fussy about it being perfect. (You can answer in a phone call.)

    Figures the one cabinet you opened was damaged and of course I'm going to guess it's the exposed side!!! You were bound to get one - hopefully it's the only one. I haven't even opened one box yet. I haven't been home alot and am going back to work on the house this coming weekend!

    Hope they did get some work done over the abbreviated week. Can't wait to see flooring and cabinets.

  6. Jo ~ It's getting there! It's nearly all trimmed out inside now, and the tile starts getting installed tomorrow, hardwood next week, so by the end of next week we should have flooring in and be opening and inspecting cupboards (and hopefully watching them get installed!)

    Thanks for saying nice things about how the house looks! I think the back is really pretty too. The south side will be pretty one day when we've landscaped it - only the north side will be blah, with one window and no landscaping to speak of. But that was by design.

    The walls and ceilings are hand-textured, so they look more vintage. Not like plaster, exactly - you know, a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just email you some. :-)

    Yep, we have another winner, that's the side that was damaged! The replacement panel arrived last last week, but I don't think anyone's opened it to inspect it yet. Speaking of which, I know you're here there and everywhere lately, but don't forget (if Lowe's is like Home Depot), you only have 90 days to inspect those cabinets and report any damages. And 90 days can fly by when you're not looking! Hopefully all the rest of our cabinets will be fine....

    This is another abbreviated week, since everything shuts down for the stupid rodeo on Friday. But I think they'll have the downstairs all tiled (it's just the kitchen area and entry way, so there's not that much), and then work can resume in earnest next week! Should be lots to report in the next month. There'd better be, we're supposed to close on Aug 15!

  7. Thanks for sending the photos showing the texturing. I'll definitely show them to Jim.

    Can't believe you get fewer comments on the house posts. They're my favorites!!

  8. Jo ~ You're welcome! I hope he likes the look. I'll take more when our walls are painted so you can get a better idea of the macro-look. We really like it, it looks a lot like the genuine, original plaster walls in the old homes we looked at back when we were house-hunting. It's a subtle, "organic" look that also looks great with stone and wood, so I would think it would look great in Cranberry Lodge! (Easier to touch up with spackle if need be, too!)

    The reason I get a lot more comments on some of my other posts (namely my ABC Wednesday and SkyWatch Friday posts) is because those are being shared in a large group meme so they get a lot more exposure, and a lot of the point of those memes is to visit the other participants' blogs and leave comments. I rely on my loyal but small rag-tag group of followers for comments on all my other posts, like these house update ones! :-)


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