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Friday, July 20, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Daybreak

Lift up your eyes upon
This day breaking for you.
Give birth again
To the dream.
~Maya Angelou~

Morning has broken like the first morning,

Blackbird is singing like the first bird...

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,

Praise for them springing fresh from the world...
~Cat Stevens/Yusuf

Enjoy this new day, your weekend, and more lovely skies at...

And for some absolutely amazing time-lapse sky photography, watch the full-screen video at the end of this article...

(photos by Brad Goldpaint)


  1. Wow, what a glorious, brand new morning!

  2. Beautiful rays to welcome another great day,by the way that's a nice oldies song.

  3. What an awesome way to start the day, wonderful photos. And thanks for the nice comments, we have finally had some rain in the last couple of weeks (although we could certainly use more).

  4. Nice capture on those rays!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon Canada.

  5. Arija ~ It was, wasn't it? One tends to expect great things from a day that beings like that. :-)

    Gattina ~ Thank you!

    thomas ~ It is a great oldies song ~ very catchy tune. I haven't gotten it out of my head since doing this post! I'd originally posted a great YouTube video of it, but things are so strange and ever-changing when it comes to online music that the vid disappeared just before I published the post and was replaced by a blank screen requiring a visit to YouTube to view it, so I ditched it. Figure those that wants to can find it easily enough.

    Al ~ It sure was an awesome start to the day - and I'd heard you'd finally gotten rain in your area and was delighted (we've gotten some too!) Let's hope we'll be getting more, and soon!

    Gary ~ Thanks! :-)

  6. Very beautiful. Just wish I was more of an early riser to see sunrises. - Margy

  7. I love Cat Stevens! Perfect lyrics to go with such gorgeous captures. Those light beams! So, so pretty.

  8. Just gorgeous - those rays of light are stupendous! (I remember singing that as a hymn when I was at primary school) :O)

  9. Powell River Books ~ Maybe you could set up a security-type video camera to photograph them for you! :-) Though that would be a poor substitute for the actual sunrise-viewing experience. I'm grateful I'm an early-morning person, even though it means I usually conk before the end of a movie. :-)

    Molly ~ I know, I wish I could have posted that video of this song! I didn't get that tune out of my head till last evening! LOL At least it's a tune I really like. I thought the lyrics were perfect for the photos too, so I decided to keep them there, even if I couldn't share the melody to accompany them. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Barbara ~ I love rays of sunlight through the clouds, but this was the best sky for that I think I've ever seen!

    Looks like this Cat Stevens song is bringing back memories for several of you! :-) There is nothing like a song (though a fragrance can come close) to taking you right back to a place and time, is there?

    Cafe au lait ~ It sure was (and still is, thanks to the marvels of photography!) :-)

  10. Being an early riser does have it's advantages, huh? Beautiful work, my dear and I enjoyed the time-lapse site's wonderful shows as well. Thanks to Maya & Cat for their words of inspiration ;-).

  11. Spud ~ It sure does! :-) Thanks for the compliment, Spudly, and for letting me know you checked out that amazing time-lapse photography video! I was starting to think no one was even noticing it! It really shouldn't be missed, IMO, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  12. My goodness, this is what I think going up to Heaven looks like!

    I remember singing that song in music class in middle school! But we didn't have day breaks like that.

    I definitely like the last photo the best. But it's the combination of the four that tells the story and your use of the Cat Stevens song did it so well. Well done!!!!

  13. I don't think this sky could get any better than it is! I think the last shot is my fav. Thanks for visiting my skies.'re new house is going to be a beauty!

  14. Jo ~ Well, see there? You didn't even have to wait. :-) I thought of that too ~ heavenly scenes are so often depicted as skies like this one! It was definitely magical!

    You sang that song in school too? Sheesh, all you guys who got to sing Cat Stevens songs went to cooler schools than I did, apparently!

    I'd thought about posting only the last photo, but although it's also my favorite, I thought the other three deserved to be here too, and that they enhanced the best one rather than detracting from it. I like how you put it better, though! :-)

    Linnea ~ Thank you! It was a magnificent sunrise, even though it lacked the bright eye-candy colors our sunrises usually have. The fourth photo is my favorite, too - and was the last one I took.

    Visiting your skies is my pleasure ~ and your Bubblegum Alley post today was a hoot! :-)

    Thank you for the compliment on our new house! I think we're really going to enjoy living there!


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