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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Karz Rod Run 2012, Part 2

And now for our (and the judges') favorite entries in the recent car show...

BW's favorite of the 126 entries in the show was this 1957 Corvette. It was a superb restoration job, and they even had mirrors on the ground beneath the car in a couple of places (you can see one under the front grille) to allow you to see how detailed and clean the underside of the car was too. I wish I could have gotten more and better photos of it, but whenever I was anywhere near it, it was always mobbed. The minute I'd get a clear shot, more people would step between it and my camera. So these were the best I could do...

1957 Chevy Corvette
First place winner in Corvette category 
(truth to tell, there were only 2 'vettes in the show, 
but this one probably would have won in a field of 50).

Look how clean that engine is! You could grill tofu on it! :-)

My favorite was this lavender '56 Chevy. I'm not sure exactly why, since there were other cars I really liked and usually I'm drawn to Mustang convertibles (which were also there), but I just kept coming back to this one and knew I had to cast my "Ladies Choice" vote for it...

1956 Chevy Bel Air Coupe

Maybe it was the flash wheels...

Or it might have been the snazzy custom interior...

Or the matching fuzzy dice!

Or possibly the teddy bear in her poodle skirt and the fun "envelope" upholstery design on the seats...

But most likely it's because the Chevy and I were color-coordinated....

Right down to my purple sunglasses! :-)

Purple is, after all, one of my favorite colors!

And here's the car that won "Best in Show" from the judges...

Custom 1955 Chevy Bel Air 2-door hard top
Won "Best in Show"
and the "Best Chevy" award from the local Chevy dealer
Owned by Kent and Avis Lundine of Casper, WY,
who also own the '57 Corvette that was BW's favorite.
(With a name like Avis, how could she not succeed in car shows?

Wow ~ "Five years and over 4000 hours to build"
Ha! Sounds like this blog! :-)
(I only just noticed that my blog turned five years old last month!)

Another engine that's clean enough to eat off of!

Love that "Candy Nectarine Red" color, even if it's not purple!


  1. Has to be the colour coordination. I am colour coordainted by accident never design,so I celebrate every colour coordinated moment!
    Jane x

  2. So that's what a Corvette is... heard the song but had no idea what he was on about! Am loving that purple car, and your sunglasses come to think about it. But I also like that red car at the bottom... I'm obviously far too fickle to judge these things.

    Now why didn't you take a pic of the Mustangs? Or did you and I've missed them? I keep wondering what Charlie Parker's car is like (John Connolly's fictional detective)!

  3. Jane ~ I'll go along with that! (This was certainly an accidental coordination event!) :-)

    Barbara ~ Seriously? You've not seen a Corvette before? Well, they don't all look like this one. I love the look of this one, but not the later models (mostly 70's and 80's). They look like phallic symbols on wheels, you ask me (which is usually what they are, you also ask me! LOL) But the early models - ├╝ber cool!

    I know, it was really a hard decision. I had a good half dozen favorites, but just couldn't abandon that lavender one. The one that won the Ladies Choice award was so lame, I didn't even bother to photograph it (ditto the Men's Choice winner!) They were both boring muscle cars.

    I DID take a photo of a couple of the Mustangs, but I figured everyone's seen a Mustang before, so they didn't make the blog post cut. But for you, my dear... a special showing. :-)

    Here's a sporty red one, and here's the interior upholstery (not vegan, but creative) of the blue Mustang convertible that is featured near the bottom of this post from a year ago. (It belongs to Robyn's neighbors). And now for something completely different - here is a Plymouth Prowler that belongs to an acquaintance of ours named Scott. Ever seen the like of it before?

    I told you I took a lot of photos! :-) No way could I post them all.

    Btw, when I took the photo of the red Mustang, the oldies song that was playing over the event loudspeakers was "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat and Tears - specifically the line, "Ride a painted pony let the spinning wheel turn..." ! Now if I'd have been videotaping and could have caught that lyric in the background, it would have been on my post, believe me. (By the time I switched to video mode, the song was ending. Rats!)

  4. Well looky here - links just for moi! I did LOL at the 'phallic symbol' things... although not sure what Mr Freud would make of that Plymouth Prowler, what the hell is that?!?

    So that's what a mustang is! I do like that blue one although I still think it's too big for me to park :O)

    I just asked David whether he knew that record by Blood, Sweat and Tears and he said, 'Yes, you hate it'! I still can't think of it so will do a google :O)

    Thanks for those links!

  5. BarbaraYep, customized cars call for customized links. :-)

    Yeah, I think those d*cks-on-wheels (no, not ducks!) are definitely laughable. IMO, they ruined the Corvette when they restyled them to look like that. Look at BW's favorite Corvette model, the 1963 split window coupe, and mine - the 1961 coupe, and you'll see what I mean!

    No kidding about Freud and the Prowler! Isn't that something? Scott isn't some macho guy, either. Usually he drives around in an old pickup truck or a Jeep.

    Funny, I don't think of the Mustangs as big cars at all. But then, I live in the land of vehicles like this ;-) and often forget how small most of the cars in Britain are. Though we do have a fair share of Mini Coopers and even a couple of Smart Cars in town. :-)

    So was David right or has your musical taste changed over time? :-) I'm not fond of the song myself - give me The Platters any day!

  6. Dear god... that truck... (struck dumb...). Do like your choice of car though.

    And yes, David was definitely right about that song, in fact about that group in general!

  7. Barbara ~ Well, that bit of red metal insanity was a custom Suburban for a truck show and nothing you're ever likely to see on the road, but I thought it would be both amusing and illustrative of the huge vehicles Americans tend to drive! We live in the land of Suburbans and Hummers and Expeditions (I won't bother linking to photos any, suffice to say that they're monstrously huge gas guzzlers that seat something like 12 people each!) Makes the vintage Mustang quite reasonably sized by comparison.

    I can't remember what else they sang besides that song. I'll have to go refresh my own memory one of these days.

  8. TW! More cars...too cool. I know I'm a little partial to excellent color co-ordination, so the lavender Chevy gets my vote ;-). xoxoxo

  9. Oh my, I love that '55 Chevy (such a gorgeous red!) but the '56 definitely has my heart. It's so cool! You don't see many purple cars & like you, I adore purple. The wheels are pretty wicked and I love that you match it! ha! Such a great shirt you're wearing, too. :)

  10. Spud ~ Hey, Spudly, I was wondering where you were - didn't want you to miss the grand finale! :-) I appreciate your vote for both color coordination and the lavender Chevy. Very tasteful. :-)

    Molly ~ Knowing how much you enjoy the cool vintage cars, I didn't want you to miss out on this post either! (Don't miss Part 1, lots more fun cars on it!) You sound just like me, that red color is brilliant and nearly won me over, but I also just love that shade of lavender. And you're right, you don't see many purple cars, especially that shade. Thanks, I love that shirt - it was a birthday present this year from Robyn and came from the Crazy Woman Trading Company - you can't see it in the photo, but beneath the peace sign it says, "Crazy About Life." :-)

  11. I'm sure glad that you let me know that first photo was of a Corvette. How different it looked in 1957. It really is pretty and that's such a unique color.

    Of course your favorite car was lavender! I think it was mostly because of the color. It was fun to see so many views of it. I love the back seat the best. And it was fun to see a picture of you in your post. Doesn't happen often.

    Thanks for also including the best in show. There is just something stunning about candy apple red.

    A great part 2!

  12. Jo ~ I know, I love the Corvettes of the '50s and '60s and wish they'd bring it back. Retro is in, don't they know that? :-)

    I admit it, the lavender color is mostly what won me over on that Chevy! I love that unique upholstery style too (and the colors, of course!) And you're right, I am so much more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it, you'll probably only see me if I happen to be dressed to match my photo subject. LOL

    Isn't that color amazing? I was calling it Candy Apple Red too (because to me, it is) until I noticed their sign identified it as "Candy Nectarine Red," which I've never heard of. Either way, it's gorgeous!

  13. I hadn't caught the candy "nectarine" red on the sign. Interesting choice of a color name. My nectarines aren't that red!!

  14. Jo ~ Ha, you're such a silly goose. I didn't expect you to see it on the sign, but how did you miss it on my final photo caption?! :-)

    I agree, I've never seen a nectarine quite that red or vibrantly colored, and if I did I'd figure it was genetically modified!


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