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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Karz Rod Run 2012, Part 1

Last weekend was the annual Karz Rod Run car show in downtown Sheridan. It's always fun (even if, like me, you're not really into cars) to see the restoration jobs and old classics. They close off Main Street for the day and play music mostly from the 50's and 60s, and the atmosphere is quite festive. Classic and muscle car owners come from as far away as Illinois, New York and Arizona to show their cars and compete for prizes. BW and I rode our bikes there and braved the 95ยบ temps and blazing sun along with the rest of the crowd to study (in BW's case) and photograph (in my case) the competitors, some owned by folks we know.

That's a 1951 Bentley on the right, owned by some local folks.
I photographed it last month for "B" week at ABC Wednesday,
so you'll be seeing it again when that rolls around soon.

I took a lot of photos (one man mistook my photographing frenzy for enthusiastic interest in all things automotive and started quizzing me about the vehicle I was photographing, so I broke it to him that I'm into the historic value and eye candy aspect, not how many cylinders or camshafts or chamber pots the damn things have!) :-) So despite culling a lot of them, this is still an outrageously photo intensive post. Please be patient if it takes a while to download, and as always click on any photo for a larger version. If you're a motorhead like my husband, who provided most of the details you'll read here, then enjoy the pistons out of this post. If you're like me, I hope you'll enjoy all the pretty colors and maybe the music and stuffed animals. ;-)

The first car we came upon (on the left in the above photo) grabbed BW's attention and possibly his heart right from the get-go. Or should I say right from the GTO! 1964 was the year Pontiac introduced the GTO, and this one was a convertible, no less...

1964 Pontiac GTO convertible
One of several GTOs (or "Goats") in the show, 
including one whose prop I wanted to make off with.

This T-bird was one of my favorites, and possibly would have been THE favorite, but I thought the shade of pink was too Calamine Lotion...

1957 Ford Thunderbird 
(sporting a pink panther on top of the windshield)

1957 Ford Sedan Delivery
"O Blue"

This next one was another favorite of mine, in no small part because of its beautiful, coppery metal flake paint (click for a closeup), and its stylin' rear end, which was part of its customization. Also customized (in period style) - the hood louvers, frenched antennas, fender skirts, lake pipes, and more...

Customized 1956 Mercury Monterey
Placed 2nd in the 1950-1983 Custom category
and won the "Best Ford" award from our local Ford dealer

A cute reminder to people like me, who just luuuuv to touch the shiny, sparkly stuff...

Okay, I won't pet you or the car,
as long as you agree not to sharpen your claws on the upholstery. 

Love how the guy's shorts to the left match the green car. 
(The blue truck belongs to my former boss's sister,
another friend's daughter works at the store in the background. 
Small town stuff). :-)

These muscle cars require a little fine-tuning now and then...

1969 Chevy Camaro and its mini mechanic

Another of my favorites, it's a replica that's too snazzy not to love. If it were a genuine Shelby Cobra, it would retail for nearly $1M, and probably wouldn't be found on Sheridan's Main Street, car show or no car show! :-)...

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Replica
Placed 1st in the Open Class

The show included the older and slower...

A late 1920s Ford Model A

as well as the newer and faster...

1982 Lamborghini Countach "S", V12 430 horsepower

This is an automotive rear end that clearly says, "Eat my dust!" 

A rare 1941 Willys in front of a Sheridan landmark
(Placed 1st in the pre-1950 category)

When I read the sign that identified this as a car from Colorado Springs, my first thought was, "I'll bet the owner is glad to have his classic car out of town right now!" My second thought was, "Oh no, it's got flames on it!" What a sadly ironic choice of detailing that turned out to be...

1934 Ford

Early 1950s Ford Fairlane Sunliner
(or as I liked to call it, "The Bumble Bee car!")

1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7
complete with matching hula girl on the hood scoop :-)
Won the "Ladies' Choice" award

Of all the cars with props, this one was the cleverest and most tricked out. Think "American Graffiti" or "Happy Days." It not only was made to look like it was parked at a drive-in restaurant (it merely lacked the carhop on roller skates who delivered the window tray)...

1950 Chevy Deluxe Styleline Sedan
(Click here for motorhead details)

... it even played its own 50's music from under the hood! Play this video to get more of the full experience (minus the searing heat!)...

If you didn't get enough of "Only You (And You Alone)" by The Platters, released in the summer of 1955, then here you go. Classic stuff!

On a personal note, my mother was good friends with Herb Reed, the bass singer on the left, for 20 years. He was the only member of the original Platters to be featured on every one of their nearly 400 recordings, and their sole surviving founding member until he died last month at age 83. RIP, Herb, and thanks for all the wonderful music!

So which car would you most want to drag Main in? Do tell! I'll share our two favorites and the car that won Best in Show in Part 2


  1. Excellent post! Definitely kept my interest though I'm not really into old cars, either. Would love to once again drive the 1964 Olds Dynamic 88 I drove in high school!

  2. Jeannelle ~ Thank you! I'm glad to know you were able to find it interesting, despite sharing my lack of passion for old cars. So many people comment here about the neat old cars they had in high school. I didn't get my driver's license till I was 21, so in high school I rode my horse!

  3. TW! Thanks for the great car pics. I'm not a real motorhead either, but some of the old cars really had a lot of class, and you've captured that classiness very well. I'll send you a few pics I took over in my hometown of Mt. Victory of the Memorial Day car show that now seems to take up half of the town! I hope you'll think they have some artistic and historic value and BW will like them on a "motor" level ;-).
    Glad you're making some progress on the house, although it seems to be at the slow-going frustration stage right now. What's done looks very nice though. Later, tater....Lord it's hot ourside!! xoxo

  4. Great photos - and such wonderful colours, although it looks too hot to be walking around ANYWHERE.

    Well it's got to be the bright pink 1966 Shelby doo-dah car for me really, that colour is fab, I could have matching nail polish. Although I do now have a yearning for a bumble bee car too... How BIG those cars are - I don't think I'd be able to see over the bonnet if I were driving one - and I'm 5'9"!

    I get dragged around a lot of car shows too but the only cars I really like to look at are Citroen CVs and Bugatti Veyrons - and what the connection is between those two is anyone's guess.

    David and BW would obviously get on, he's a real petrol head, - loves classic cars and is a Grand Prix nut - it's the British GP this weekend so he'll refuse to move from the sofa on Sunday.

    That's a great claim to fame that your Mum had - how great were The Platters?

  5. And nothing to do with cars... but I keep meaning to ask you every time I see your reading list - have you read Pompeii by Robert Harris? I read it years ago and am re-reading it at the moment. Wonderful! You wouldn't believe how suspenseful a novel can be even when you know how it's going to end. (Which reminds me of a girl I used to work with who went to see the film 'Titanic' and said to me the next day - 'I won't tell you how it ends'. You couldn't make it up could you...)

  6. Spud ~ Thank you, I agree about the classiness factor on many of those old cars. They really knew how to style them.. Looking forward to seeing your Mt. Victory Mem'l Day car show pics! I'm sure we'll enjoy them on our various levels. :-)

    We visited the house yesterday and were pleased with the progress they'd made inside - most of the door and window trim is up and looks great, most of the interior doors are installed as well. With the exception of the door they seem to plan to install on the pantry but swings the wrong way and has the wrong color hardware (and so will no doubt need to be replaced - we left notes on it!), they should finish those two projects up today from the looks of it, and then we hope they'll get started on the flooring. We love our new house more every time we stop by there, and I'm glad you're happy with how it looks on the outside so far!

  7. Barbara ~ Thanks! It was pretty dadgum toasty out there for sure, but at least there was shade to duck into from time to time. And the heat from the sun beating down on them (more than the "guard tiger") probably kept people from putting their grubby hands all over those pretty metal car bodies! ;-)

    The "Shelby doo-dah" car (LOL!) is a great choice! I can easily imagine you zipping around in that with your matching fingernails. And the scale of it would be less overwhelming than those acres and acres of steel hoods stretching out in front of you (or in your lingo, those "hectares and hectares of steel bonnet!") :-) I'm 5'8" and would probably wish for a couple of volumes of the OED under my butt to make sure I could see over it.

    I have NO CLUE what a Bugatti Veyron is, so I'm about to go search the Interwebs to find out! No doubt David and BW would enjoy motorhead talk. You should have heard BW and our friend Iain when we visited him in England, nattering on about "the cut and thrust of the A-4!" when some little sports car or other went zipping by! LOL Did David's favorite GP car win? (Watching cars drive around and around is about as exciting as watching paint dry as far as I'm concerned!)

    The Platters were awesome! I love their music. It's timeless.

    As for books, no - I've not read "Pompeii" but it sounds like one I'd like! I just started "Mistress of Art of Death" the other day. My reading list is ridiculously long, but I'll check the library for "Pompeii." Thanks for telling me about it!

    LOL about the ditzoid you used to work with not wanting to tell you how the film "Titanic" ended! (Maybe she just meant the part about how it all turned out for Kate and Leonard?!)

  8. Pretty damn fantastic is it not? I've seen a few in 'real life' at car events and just stood there gawping, probably with some drool on my chin.

  9. Forgot... here's a wee video of the Veyron in action (it's a test drive by Jeremy Clarkson, who is a bit of a t****r but still...). Be interested to see what BW thinks of it!

  10. Great pictures of great cars!! I know nothing at all about cars, but ever since I was knee high to a Junebug I've loved looking at old ones. On my first vacation, my family drove up to the Ozarks to go camping, and I begged incessantly to go to a local auto museum. (I was 6, and my dad, being the wonderful person he is, relented even though he thought I would hate it. But I didn't!) Ever since, I'm a sucker for a roadside attraction that includes old cars. From your selection, I think the pink Thunderbird is my favorite, with the pink panther displayed on the visor as the gravy (Pink Panther movies being another big facet of my youth!).

  11. Barbara ~ Okay, thanks to your email I now understand why Jeremy Clarkson is a t*sser (as well as an idiot) and that it's basically the same as being a d*ckhead. It has also become clear to me that replacing just one letter in a vulgarity with an asterisk makes it much easier to guess what the word is while not losing my blog's PG rating and still throwing off any censors that might be lurking about. But I continue to stumble about in ignorant darkness when it comes to where the wee "Veyron in action" video might be found! Please do tell!

    Vegan Georgia ~ Thanks! I love your story about visiting the car museum during your camping trip! Your dad was a good sport to take you despite his reservations, and I'll bet he was tickled that it paid off and you enjoyed it so much.

    Sounds like the pink Thunderbird should have "Vegan Georgia" vanity tags on it. That baby should be yours - especially in LA! :-)

  12. Well in the words of the esteemed Mr Clarkson I was ambitious, but rubbish! Here is the wee video...

  13. Barbara ~ LOL! I thought you said it's a "wee" video! That sucker's nearly 10 minutes long! You think I want to hear Jeremy Clarkson nattering on for 9 and a half minutes of my precious life? ;-)

  14. Well David said I posted the wrong one anyway! It should have been this one, which is James May (who I like much better than JC) giving it some welly!

  15. Well I'm no car person but I'm remembering the day you and BW and I went to this show years ago and with the excitement of the crowd and the festive atmosphere, even a quilter can get into cars!

    Your post had so much fun eye candy and the details were fun. It's always good to see these things with someone who really knows their stuff.

    I'm not sure how to pick my favorite. I do love those Camaros so thanks for including the 1969 version. Jim's still thinking he'd like to someday own an 1976 version again.

    To just drive around and be cool in, I think I'd pick the Ford Fairlane Sunliner (the bumble bee car. I think I like it because it's not over the top showy and I love that V-line detail - that is so sharp!!!

    I sure was impressed with the props for the Chevy Styleline and sure appreciated the video. That was really cool.

    The '86 Lamborghini was a pretty impressive car - what's that worth??? I'm surprised to see that on Main street in Sheridan.

    Thanks for making it fun and bringing back good memories!!

  16. Jo ~ I know, that was a fun day, wasn't it? Time your next visit to coincide with next year's Rod Rally and we'll do it again! :-)

    I agree, it's nice to go to one of these events with someone who can tell you the "inside baseball" stuff. Makes it easier to write the post, too. :-)

    Does Jim still have that red Camero that was parked in your garage? What year model is/was it?

    I'm getting a huge kick out of the fact that you (at what, 4'11"? 5'?) picked the Bumble Bee car to drive around in, while 5'9" Barbara thought she wouldn't be able to see over the hood of that one, and chose the smaller Shelby replica (which I can easily picture you driving!) :-) By the way, here's a photo of the dash of the Bumble Bee so you can get a little better idea of what it would be like to drive it.

    Glad you enjoyed the Chevy Styleline video ~ I had to catch a snippet of that song playing.

    It's an '82 Lamborghini and it has Pennsylvania tags, yet the car that one the "Travelled Furthest" award was an MG convertible from Illinois. So either the judges don't know their geography or there's something fishy going on! (The black Corvette that was BW's favorite - you'll see it in Part 2 - had Hawaii tags, but is owned by people from Casper, so there's some license plate hijinks going on, methinks!) Anyway, we've never seen that Lamborghini around town before, and to answer your question about what it's worth, according to, that model in that condition is worth about $97,000.

  17. Thanks for the additional information. The view from the dash definitely looks like a little too much car for me. I better stick witht he Camero! On the other hand, if it's dreaming in color that I'm doing, I'll go ahead and stick with the Bumble Bee but I'll sit in the back and have a driver. It can be "driving miss Jo"!

    Thanks for the price on the Lamborghini - that's hefty but it is a cool looking car.

  18. Jo ~ You're welcome! I think if you sat on a couple of thick volumes of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, you'd be able to handle the Bumble Bee car. :-) Or you could have the Camero painted in Bumble Bee colors! I love your idea of having a "Driving Miss Jo" driver, though! (We just watched that film last month, for the first time in years and years!)

    I think the Lamborghini looks a bit like the car in "Back to the Future." I prefer Ferraris, myself. :-)


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