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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ABC Wednesday: A Bonanza of B's

B is for:

A Bentley (or more specifically, a Bentley's hood ornament and badging), parked outside a local bistro...

I like how the branches are reflected on the bonnet
(It's a British car, so I reckon I'd best use the British word for hood!)

This is also a Bentley...

A Bentley who barks
(but barely, because Bentley's a good boy!)

Speaking of barks...

I like how the bands of sun & shade crisscross the bands of bark

A whimsical birdhouse spied on a walk...

I wonder if, when they get home, the buckaroo birds who live here 
belt out Gene Autry's song, "Back in the Saddle Again." :-)

And speaking of birds and houses, here's a Red-winged Blackbird on the cattails behind our new house that's being built (we hope to move in before the end of August)...

I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds 
than of cherries, 
and very frankly give them fruit for their songs. 
~Joseph Addison, essayist and poet (1672-1719) 

Be sure to visit ABC Wednesday for more bevies of Bs!
(especially behold the brilliantly bewitching Breathing Bridge!)


  1. Liked your first photo, and I like how you progressed with your word associations♫♪

  2. amazing finds! the bark is gorgeous, and the birdhouse, too.:p

    My B

  3. Fun post and very creative ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  4. First, thank you for the comments on Greensboro Daily Photo. Sometimes one wonders if all the effort is worthwhile. The "daily photo" effort is tremendous. I try to provide this service for my community and sometimes wonder if anyone is reading (while the data reveal that my blog is popular, not many post comments). To know that you clicked through to before and after photos and actually read the text makes the effort all worthwhile.

    Second, because you visited me, I found your blog. You put as much of yourself into your posts. I loved the walking tour of "B's" as well as learning as about Mehitable Day!

  5. totally agree about the flow of the names of the items. fascinating bark, BTW; I'm talking tree, not dog, which hardly barks at all, I'm sure..

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Bentley the dog is just toooooo cute. I also love the birdhouse--very creative.

  7. Lmkazmierczak ~ Thanks! That wasn't by design, but I noticed the pattern emerge as I was posting the photos. :-)

    Luna Miranda ~ Thank you! I go for lots of walks and bike rides, and that's when I notice things. I've learned to take my camera with me and seldom regret lugging it along! I think Russian Olives have really pretty bark. It's a shame they're such a maligned tree.

    ArtMuseDog and Carol ~ I like who gets top billing, there. ;-) I'm glad you enjoyed my post, thanks for stopping by!

    Greensboro Daily Photo ~ You're more than welcome, and I can sure empathize! Blogging is a lot of fun and a great creative outlet, but posts like yours (and a lot of mine) are a lot of time-consuming work, too, and it's nice to know when our efforts are enjoyed and appreciated. I've had some unknown visitors spend close to an hour on my blog, visiting multiple posts, clicking on various photos and links, sometimes making return visits ~ but never leaving a comment! And I think, "Really? It was worth all that time you spent but not the two seconds it would take to say, "Enjoyed your blog!"??? What's up with that? I've heard this lament from many fellow bloggers.

    Anyhoo, I enjoyed your post and your efforts, and it was my pleasure to visit and read it and see the decrepit "before" photo along with the rejuvenated "after!" :-) And I'm glad you found my blog and really appreciate your thoughtful comment!

    Roger ~ Thanks, I'd love to say I'd planned it that way but if I did it was all subconscious. As for Bentley, he's ALMOST as quiet as the tree bark! He lives a couple miles up the street and is kind of shy, but very sweet. That particular Russian Olive lives further away and I'm not as well acquainted with it. ;-)

    Ann ~ He really is, and doesn't his name suit him? He just looks like a Bentley to me! :-) I thought the birdhouse was really fun too. It was set back from the road and pretty far from the house or driveway or anything else, really, and so wasn't easy to spot. I've walked past it before without noticing it, but was fortunate that this time when I did, I had my trusty camera along!

  8. YOU are so creative ;-). Keep 'em coming, TW! xoxo

  9. Nice one for the letter B. I'll take the cute doggie Bentley any day! Love your house! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I love the photo of the tree bark!

    Set of B's
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. Spud ~ You're too sweet! But with encouragement like that, you bet I'll do my best to keep 'em coming! :-) xoxo back atcha, Spudly Do-Right!

    Linnea ~ Thanks, and I think Bow-Wow Bentley is the Best of the Bs, too. :-) I'm so glad you love our house! It's coming along!

    chubskulit ~ It's always fun, especially with an eclectic photo collection like this one, to find out which ones are people's favorites! Thanks for your visit and your comment!

  12. Excellent post! I like your clever photos!

  13. I enjoyed you comment from Greensboro and as you stated - I knew you would empethize - and am happy that your comment made that blogger so happy. So when I went to see the breathing bridge (and I don't normally go see the other meme contributors), I enjoyed the photo and was going to tell you how much I loved it but instead went back in and told Lotusleaf how I loved it as well as the information. Thanks for being a good example!!

    I agree with the first commenter that your word associations were quite clever and fun. I'm glad you said something about the reflection in the bonnet or I would have gone away thinking that was part of the design!

    Does a Russian Olive leave behind fruit that looks just like millions of marbles? If so, you've helped me identify a tree I saw in New Zealand.

    My favorite is the birdhouse - too cute!!

  14. That was the most grammatically awful response of my life - so disjointed. If you don't understand it, I'll translate tonight!

  15. Both Bentleys are beautiful and so glad you're learning the lingo :o) Talk about a plethora of letter Bs! So impressive... Am especially loving the bird house... Bravissimo! (Any spelling mistakes or strange and unusual words are down to me using the phone of perverseness!).

  16. Jeannelle ~ Thank you! :-)

    Jo ~ I'm really happy that you visited the Breathing Bridge post and and left Lotusleaf a comment letting her know how much you enjoyed it! I hope the Greensboro Daily Photo blogger sees your comment here so they'll know they helped inspired you to do that! Bloggers everywhere thank you for being such a considerate visitor. :-) And thanks for your nice compliments!

    I have no idea if what you saw in NZ was a Russian Olive tree ("This is a blog post, not a botany lesson!" LOL You have to be a Monty Python fan to get that reference!) I know they grow olives there, and it's quite possible that Russian Olives have spread there. My mom has some Russian Olives along the property line in her back yard and she complains that they're "messy" because they drop their fruit and their leaves are skinny and hard to rake (but I think their wonderful fragrance helps compensate for that!)

    I thought your favorite would be the blackbird, since you love the back of our house so much! :-) But since the depth of field in that photo has the house out of focus, I guess I'll accept that the bird house beat out our own for #1 status in this post. ;-)

    By the way, as you know from our phone conversation, I didn't have any trouble following along. LOL

    Barbara ~ Yes, I'm working on being bilingual in English! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I thought that bird house was really fun too. Also, I detect no errors nor perversity in your comment. LOL!

  17. LOL! By now I guess I'm expecting you to read my mind. What I meant to say is "did the tree you saw have a million marble shaped fruit under it?". I'll take that as a no.

    And BTW, your posts are usually so informative I've come to expect botany and history and vocabulary lessons so it's you're own doing! However, I promise never to expect a math lesson!!!

  18. Jo ~ LOL - "no" is the correct answer. BUT, maybe it's just not "lose our marbles" season for our local Russian Olives. Or maybe my weak math skills prevented me from performing an accurate accounting of a million marble-shaped fruit beneath it! ;-)

    You're quite right, I'll stick with botany, history and vocabulary and leave math (and navigation) to the professionals! LOL


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