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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Dynamic Duos

For D Week, a Display of photo Duos...

 A Dignified Dove
(Or more Descriptively, a Eurasian Collared-Dove)

A Duplicate Depiction of the Dove above, 
this time Doctored in PhotoBucket :-)

Dragonfly windspinner
Decorating the Color Garden of A Week's "Accidental Garden"

Inspiration for the wind spinner Design
A Dragonfly Dancing on sage

Click here if you Desire to Discover how to Distinguish 
the Difference between a Dragonfly and a Damselfly,
and here to see more of my Dragonfly photos, 
including some Diversely and Dreamily Decorated versions.

Distant Deer
Detecting us During a hike and Determining if we're Dangerous
(Don't Despair! We are friends & Defenders, come in peace!

Dozing Deer
A less Diffident Deer enjoys a shady siesta near Kendrick Park.
Please Do not Disturb. :-)

And finally, a Dynamic Duo of Delirious Dogs!
Josie and Tessa, just returned from a long hike and car ride,
flopped Down in the shade before I could Doff Tessa's Doggles.
Our Doggedly indolent Dogs are no Dummies, 
they know what the Dog Days of summer are about!

And there you have it: photographic Duos of Doves, 
Dragonflies, Deer, and Dogs, Divided by Daisies. 
I'm Definitely Done. :-)

But you can Delight in more Dandy Ds at...


  1. Thanks for this delightful post! The name of your blog is unique! Thanks for explaining its name.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Wil, ABC Team.

  2. I am calling by as another ABC Wednesday participant. What a delightful post of duos's, this meme is proving to be fun and has such a great variety of entries.

  3. Fab photo of the dragonfly. Its wings look like lace.

  4. Great post for your D's. I have a beauitiful dragon fly that lands on me when I am in the lake, but of course I never have the camera! Blessings, Debbie

  5. super set of D' the delirious dogs! And the spinner is such a great color! Nice job....

  6. The sunglasses made me smile♫♪ The dragonfly/sage photo is pretty sharp too.

  7. I'm particularly fond of the distant deer photo. I think you should enlarge it and frame it for the new house. I think it would be especially dramatic in black and white. And of course, the dog duo is gorgeous as ever. I hope to meet the darling dogs some day!

  8. We are getting ready to leave for a trip to our daughters in Oregon. She had deer in her back yard... I can't wait.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  9. love the duplicate doves!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Dove is beautiful. Catching up With ABC.

    Daredevil Diva
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. Love those distant deer -great capture! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  12. Reader Wil ~ My pleasure! :-) Thank you for visiting! It always makes me smile when someone tells me they like my blog's name and the story behind it, and I can't help wonder what Mehitable Day herself would make of it all. :-) Enjoy your rest of the week too, and have a great weekend!

    LindyLouMac ~ Thanks! It is a fun meme.

    Shooting Parrots ~ Thank you, I love the wings of dragonflies. The do look like lace, and often iridescent lace at that.

    Deborah ~ Ah, that's sweet that a dragonfly has "adopted" you! I do hope one day you (or someone with you) will get a photo of your dragonfly friend perched upon you for a visit! :-)

    Joanne ~ I love that beautiful purple color of the spinner too, and it showed up so well against that weathered fence. As for my delirious dogs, they are a source of constant amusement! :-)

    Lmkazmierczak ~ They make a lot of people smile (and laugh, and point, and do double-takes, stare) when Tessa is hanging out of the car window with them on! :-)

    Andrea ~ I've only ever framed a couple of my photos (regular sized ones) to use as decor around the house, and probably wouldn't have done that except that I entered them in the county fair one year and they had to be matted or framed first! But I do intend to add this photo (and a lot of others I've taken this spring and summer) into my digital photo frame, a birthday gift from AdventureJo last year that's presently packed away. I love that thing, every photographer should have one to display their photos!

    Inspired by your comment, I made this B&W version of the Distant Deer. See what you think!

    Wanda ~ I always find it so inspiring and uplifting and exciting when wildlife come to visit, even if they sometimes munch my flowers. :-) You'd enjoy some of my deer posts from when we lived on the side of the mountain: here's a fun place to start. I hope lots of deer come to visit while you're at your daughter's and that you have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to visit Oregon's coast myself one day soon!

  13. Roger ~ I was hoping someone would mention the doves! :-)

    Chubskulit ~ How appropriate, you and Roger Did a Duo of Dove comments! :-) The doves are beautiful, I just love them - such gentle creatures with such a pretty sound.

    Emille ~ Thank you! It was fun to watch them watching us. (See my reply to Andrea if you want to see the black & white version of that photo). And you're welcome for my visit - still really love that sunset photo you took!

  14. Your dog is a hoot with its sunglasses. Your dogs are beautiful! Nice images of your walk. -- barbara

  15. Ooh, lovely! I envy you your collared doves - we used to have them visiting regularly and nesting in the garden but they've been noticeable by their absence for a couple of years now. I still see them around - just not in our garden:-/

  16. Barbara ~ Thank you, we think they're beautiful too (and sweet and smart and good and funny and charming...) :-)

    jabblog ~ I wonder why the collared doves no longer nest in your garden? Surely they felt safe there and realized what a beautiful home it made! At least they're still in your area, and hope they'll return to your lovely garden soon.

  17. Your many different "D's" are charming. And so is the "green man" in your sidebar!

    Not many people are named Mehitable these days...I also enjoyed your little explanation of your blog title. It's my first visit here, and I shall return again soon.

  18. Sara ~ Thank you! I love that Green Man image, and think he looks right at home on my blog, so I'm glad you found him charming as well.

    Nope, I think my jaw would drop if I was ever introduced to a Mehitable nowadays! I did a post two or three years ago on that very topic of the name Mehitable and how names fall in and out of favor. It's a funny thing!

    I'm glad you visited and look forward to seeing you around my little corner of the blogosphere again in the future!


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