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Friday, August 10, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Our Weekend skies

After so much unrelenting heat and plenty of smoky skies this summer, we had some really wonderful weather last weekend. So we enjoyed some fun activities beneath our beautiful summer skies.

Beneath the construction crane...

and behind the flagpole at the Wyoming National Guard armory....

we visited the 7th annual Big West Arts Festival at Sheridan College last Saturday...

where I found this pretty treasure, which I plan to hang in our bathroom window at the new house to catch the eastern light...

On Sunday morning we took the dogs on a favorite hike in the countryside (the setting of a 2011 SkyWatch post) under a typical western summer sky. It was cool enough to need jackets when we started out, but we were down to our tank tops by hike's end! Here are a few of my photos from our lovely trek...

Sunflowers turn their backs on the moon (see it?)

A sunflower's eye-view of the Big Goose valley

A Wyoming skyline

Where the deer and the antelope play!
(Look closely, deer #2 is running down the hill to us!) 

Big Goose Valley

As we head into a new weekend, enjoy more beautiful skies
from around the world at

Happy SkyWatching! :-)


  1. beautiful wyoming-love the sunflowers this time of year, I live in Southern Utah...

  2. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Lovely photos, the ones of the sunflowers I find particularly appealing. Thanks for your recent visit and lovely comments on my photography blog, I hope you will continue to share/follow my little piece of Italy to help you plan your own travels here one day.

  4. beautiful scenery,
    love the fence shot.

  5. Such a blue, blue sky - and the deer are wonderful:-)

  6. Lin ~ Me too, aren't they cheerful? You're not so very far away - I dream of visiting Best Friends in Kanab one day.

    Gary ~ Thank you, as are yours!

    Jeannelle ~ Thanks, and happy SWF to you too!

    LindyLou ~ Thank you! You would probably enjoy my archived post I linked to, it's pretty much nothing BUT wild sunflower photos!

    I'll enjoy experiencing Italy vicariously through your blog until I can enjoy spending some time under the Tuscan Sun. :-)

    Thomas ~ Thanks, I'm pretty partial to that fence shot myself! :-)

    jabblog ~ I do so love our blue western skies, out here "where the skies are not cloudy all day" (though that line from Home on the Range is a tad hyperbolic. LOL) And I agree with you that the deer are wonderful! :-) I took two photos of them before they vanished from sight, and used the other one (where they're both on top of the hill) on ABC Wednesday's post.

  7. Love your art - it will look great catching the light! And the pic with the fence somehow reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting!

  8. You have such beautiful scenery! I love the bright yellow sunflowers.

  9. Beautiful, and reminds me of a trip I took to this area a couple years ago... brought a smile to my face, thanks!

  10. Wonderful!
    I especially like the sunflowers.
    Have a great week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  11. That really is a crisp, clear day. Love the sunflowers. - Margy

  12. Emille ~ Thanks, I think so too, and its colors (which didn't come out exactly right in the photo, at least not on my monitor) go well with our bathroom's "beachy" colors.

    You're right about that fence photo being reminiscent of a Wyeth painting! In fact, you inspired me to create this version, which will probably show up on a future ABC Wednesday post!

    Meghan ~ We sure do, and I never grow tired of it. I love the sunflowers too, they add such a colorful bit of cheer to that hike!

    SP&P ~ Oh good, I love to hear that my photos or posts have inspired a smile! :-)

    Lea ~ Thank you! Sunflowers are always a hit, how could anyone not love them? :-)

    Powell River Books ~ It sure was ~ we couldn't believe we needed jackets starting out! We've been needing them again today, it's actually Fallish out! (Cloudy, windy, cool and showery! And most welcome!)

  13. Gorgeous pics and cool find from the art fest.

  14. What beautiful landscape and sky photos. Almost like being there ;-).

  15. I don't think the sky can get any bluer that in your photos — so pretty. I have to say, though, that when I first saw your art fair purchase I thought it was a slab of bacon. :)

    I saw that there are extreme fire warning in Wyo. today. Stay safe!

  16. Jenny ~ Thanks! I was entertained for hours (or so my husband would probably tell it), sifting through all the beautiful and interesting polished stones at that booth!

    Spud ~ Thank you! I wish you had been! :-)

    Andrea ~ I know, I always feel like I should assure everyone that I don't tint my photos to get the skies to look that blue! If only they could have been that pretty when you were here. *sigh*

    I wondered if someone would make that observation! Rest assured, I wouldn't care to hang anything resembling a slice of pig muscle in my window. ;-) For some reason, the stone looks much more reddish-brown and cream-colored in the photo than it does in real life, where it's much more grey, black and white with a tan color along the edges reminiscent of wet sand. Hence its appropriateness for our new "beachy" bathroom. :-)

  17. Apologies, I did read your posts and thought I must comment on that later... and then I forgot that I hadn't. Doh! Breathtaking skies... and I love that crystal... I'd want to wear it as a necklace! Now is that true about sunflowers and the moon or are you making it up? I'm sure they look different to the sunflowers I'm used to... the centres on yours are smaller and the petals bigger than ours...

    Love the lead in line of that fence...

  18. Barbara ~ So I'm not alone in doing that?! Oh, thank gawd. LOL
    I thought of you as I was pawing through all the different polished stones, much like a pig roots for truffles! :-) I could picture you wearing several of them as pendants, since I know you like big pieces like that and pull off wearing them well. I wish I could have waddles away with several bags of them, they were all so pretty!

    I'm not making it up, not in this instance, since because the phase of the moon at the time meant it was in the daytime sky, opposite the sun, and sunflowers always face and follow the sun, it just worked out that their backs were turned on the moon. I'm sure it wasn't an intentional snub or anything. :-) These wild sunflowers look a lot different than the cultivated ones in fields and people's gardens - they have the huge centers that almost look like dinner plates.

    I had a little Andrew Wyeth-inspired editing fun with that fence photo, did you see the link to it on my reply to Emille? You've got me playing in my photo editor as often as I'm able lately, something I never did before. Certain photos just cry out for being creatively fiddled with! :-)

  19. So beautiful blue skies!!!
    I love the sunflower photo with the moon and the one with deers too! I wouldn't have noticed the other one if you hadn't say it. ;)

  20. Aiketa ~ Sunflowers are always a hit! I didn't notice the second deer against the hillside in my photo until I'd loaded it onto my computer - he shows up better in another photo I took of them both standing on top of the hill moments earlier, silhouetted against that beautiful blue sky you were admiring. :-) That photo appears on my ABC Wednesday post, published just prior to this one.

  21. Is that Punky running down the hill to you for a joyous reunion? I love those skies! Especially the sunflower shots.

    That rock looks familiar...:D ...very pretty. I can imagine it would catch the light well.

    Wyoming looks like a beautiful place to hike around in the summer.

    I'm catching up slowly but surely...lots of posts to read...give me time, I'll get there.

  22. Rose ~ Ha, I love that thought - but no, Punky lives several miles away, up an even higher and steeper hill! (I think about her all the time, and was really missing her badly the other day as we're seeing lots of does and their fawns around the neighborhood lately)

    Yes, slightly familiar! :-)

    Wyoming is indeed a beautiful place to hike in the summer. And I look forward to a summer that affords us far more time to do just that! The last few summers have been all about post-fire cleanup, getting the house ready to put on the market, showing it, house-hunting, moving, moving again, and building a house - and moving again! ARGH!!!

    Good luck and have fun catching up, it's so great to see you back in Blogland! :-)


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