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Friday, August 24, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Elementary, my dear!

The sun sets behind the interesting roofline on the front entrance of Highland Park Elementary School, across the street from our brand new house (which we close on today and move into on Monday)...

And it's about to also set on summer vacation as a new school year starts Monday. Like any kid, I hated to see summer vacation end, but at the same time I loved school and so was always excited to begin a new school year. Because my dad was in the military we moved frequently, so in addition to new teachers, books, school clothes and supplies, a new school year often meant a new house, new school, new adventures and new friends. Exciting stuff! And though I'm well past school age, it's an interesting coincidence that the start of this school year coincides with another move into a new house, where I plan to continue to learn new things, have new adventures and make new friends. And so the exciting stuff of a new school year continues. :-)

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  1. That is a lovely roofline, and it livens up the sunset!! Good luck on the new house, and all the adventures!

  2. A beautiful welcome to a new place.

  3. Move in om party Tuesday..what time?
    Jane x

  4. That is a fab colour in that sky... and hurrah, you've done it, you finally get to live in your beautiful new house. Am sure all the problems and all the hassle will quickly be forgotten when you're in there and finally unpacked.

  5. Congrats on your new home. I guess you'll be glad to have finished the move before school strts - just! :-)

  6. Moving in on the first day of cool! It will be a day you will never forget, and even though "everything" won't be done....close enough for now ;-).
    Oddly enough, my first day of school in 1954 was on my birthday....small world, not to mention we also live across from an elementary school!...gads!

  7. Finally, you can settle and nest and enjoy. I loved the colour in those clouds and am looking forward to your posts after the insanity of moving (AGAIN) is over.

  8. That is a beautiful sky shot. Best wishes for a joyful time in your new house!

  9. Loved the golden hue with lovely roofline.

  10. The light and sky are truly beautiful! Nice capture!

    It'll be fun to hear the kids play at recess. I always hated idea of going back to school, but once it all got underway, it wasn't so bad. Sept/Oct always make me nostalgic for that "back to school" feeling, and looking forward to Halloween.

  11. I wish you many adventures in your new home as well as new friends (which you are already making) and finally, when you learn new things - do share because isn't that what makes life interesting!

    I can't wait to go visit you at the new house and see it for myself!

    Here's hoping for lovely children doing interesting things across the street rather than the other variety!!

    The sky photo gave me the impression of something Asian so that was pretty cool. When you need an adventure, just picture yourself somewhere in Asia and you won't even need to leave the yard!


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