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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ABC Wednesday: A Collection of C's

C is for...

Cute and Colorful
A bit of garden Charm (or Clutter, depending on your tastes!)

Calico Cat
A Cuddly Comrade Come upon in an alley while Cycling
(Grateful Credit to Barbara for her Clever background editing!)

Check out the Compassionate Crusaders of Alley Cat Allies
a Charity devoted to Changing Community policies and practices,
and Championing the Caring treatment of Cats from Coast to Coast!

Climbing Clematis
In the same alley as the Calico Cat!

In Sheridan's Bellevue Cemetery

A Cracked and Chipped Column in Closeup

Cloud-Covered Carnival 
(I felt Compelled to repeat this one from an earlier post)

Cheerful, Comfortable Chairs, just Crying out for Company!
"Chairs are always good to have so friends can sit beside you."

And that Completes my Collaborative Contribution! :-)
Check out more Cs at...

And enjoy a Carefree August!


  1. What a cracking and creative collection of Cs! I find those columns intriguing - why are they there? What are they used for? Did someone steal the roof? Never seen anything like them in a cemetery before... That porch looks so lovely and welcoming - I bet they decorate it with pumpkins in the autumn too - sigh (I had a dream about pumpkins last night so am obsessing about them now!).
    Many thanks for the photo editing credit! Such a pretty cat... (although obviously not as pretty as Pepper) :O))

  2. Barbara ~ Thank you! And I am so glad you asked about the columns, because I was (and am) intrigued with them as well and they inspired plans for a future post (someday, when I have a life again!) The cemetery, which is adjacent to the Municipal Cemetery where I've taken all my other photos, only dates from the 1930s, but the columns look much older than that. I took a lot of photos of the columns and hope to have some fun with them in photo editing, which I'll include with whatever info I can gather on Bellevue Cemetery.

    I'll have to remember to return to the cute porch when October rolls around, and if it is indeed festooned with pumpkins, I'll get a photo of it, specially for you!

    It goes without saying that when it comes to beauty, Pepper is peerless. :-)

  3. Charming post. Love all your photos! The carnival one made me think of Vancouver with the PNE located below the mountains.

    abcw team

  4. What an eCleCtiC group of photos.

    My favorite was the Columns in the Cemetery. Mostly because they afforded the most Curiosity. What was the purpose of the columns and were they originally part of something else? Just because they evoke so many questions, I found that photo fascinating to look at.

    I also enjoyed the chairs quote and am so excited to someday have two rocking chairs on my front porch just so friends can sit beside me - how fun that would be!

  5. a cool collection. I wouldn't mess with that cat!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Leslie ~ Thank you! I had to look up Vancouver's PNE, but I found it! :-) I'd love to visit Vancouver (and ride their Ferris wheel!)

    Jo ~ Clever way to work a bunch of Cs into your comment without even using a word that starts with that letter! :-)

    I'm as intrigued with those mysterious columns as you are, and have had no luck finding out anything about them. But I may have found a source of information - and I intend to do my best to ferret it out! (Just might take awhile. Maybe look for these columns again - with more info about them - around Halloween!) ;-)

    Rocking chairs on a pretty front porch - does it get any better than that? I get dibbles on one of them!! LOL

    Roger ~ That cat may look Cantankerous, but s/he was actually quite sweet, especially after being rousted from an afternoon nap in the middle of the alley by our inconsiderate bike-riding shortcut!

    lotusleaf ~ "Cache" - bonus points for that one! :-)

  7. Love all your choices for C, especially the cascading flowers and the cozy chairs.

  8. Colorful indeed! Catching up with ABC.

    C is for...
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

    PS.. COMMENTS makes me happy!

  9. What a delightful collection of C's. I was trying to pick a favorite, but it's too hard. The ones that stood out to me, were the flowers on the white pickett fence, the Calico Cat, and the clouded carival. All great!

  10. A cool - way cool - collection, Laloofah!
    Especially like the turtle biker - colorful clutter and all.

  11. As is usual your take on the alaphabet soup Challenge is Charming, and add Cheer to my day.

  12. photowannabe ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them and appreciate your sharing which ones were your favorites!

    chubskulit ~ Good, I always like to Capture the Colorful. :-)

    Wanda ~ I always love hearing which photo in a collection like this was someone's favorite, and am especially tickled when they find it hard to choose one! :-) You'd have enjoyed our shortcut through the alley, since that was the scene of both the clematis and the cat, mere yards apart.

    raf ~ Thanks, raf! I must say, every time I drive past that turtle biker it makes me smile. Yesterday was very breezy, and his wheels were spinning like crazy. Bet he thought he was Bradley Wiggins! LOL

  13. Ellie C ~ Thank you, I'm glad it Carried some Cheer all the way to Aus! :-)

    Lmkazmierczak ~ Thanks!

    I always find myself wanting to sing your comments (those musical notes are too cute!)

  14. I enjoyed reading your comment on my blog, and responded to why I use my teacups...You might check it out as you might fine it interesting...

    Sending hugs, Wanda

  15. That kitty is a cutie! She posed so nicely for you, too.

    I love clematis and would love to plant some, but I have to research if it's safe for dogs. I'd rather have it in our back yard so I could enjoy it more. :)

    I know I said it before when you posted it, but that carnival shot is just gorgeous.

  16. Wanda ~ Thank you for replying to my comment on your blog, and for alerting me to it! You've inspired me to use my grandmother's teacups.

    Molly ~ She sure did, and she was posing even more nicely until another bicyclist came barreling through the alley and made her bolt into the nearby driveway where I got this photo. To his credit, the bicyclist stopped and said he hadn't realized she was a critter, and he felt really badly about scaring her (and ruining my photo!)

    Yep, as you probably already discovered, Clematis is a no-no for dogs and cats. We'd love to plant some too, so I'll have to find out if it would do okay on the south or west side of the house (the dogs get the east side!)

    Thank you for giving such nice props to a rerun photo! I'm particularly fond of that one myself. :-)

  17. Well, at least I still have the front yard. I'd love to have it around to enjoy! :)


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