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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Foals

On a recent Sunday morning we drove out to the ranch where our horse Mocha has been boarded since we moved to town last year, to visit him and take our dogs on a hike. Our plan to visit Mocha was Foiled when we Found he'd been moved to a new pasture but no one was around who knew where to Find him. But our trip there wasn't a total Failure - it was a Fabulous day, we enjoyed a Fantastic hike, and I had great Fun photographing these Friendly, Funny, Fetching Foals...

A Fun Face-off with the Fotographer ;-)

"Feeding time is my Favorite!"

All the poor Foal on the left Felt like doing was Finishing his Forty winks in the sun, but his Feisty little Friends Fussed with him relentlessly...

After several Futile attempts to Fend them off, he Finally Forfeited his nap and got to his Feet. But not before giving me a Frustrated look that seemed to say...

"Do you see what Foalishness I have to put up with?" :-)

(very Funny!)

Don't be Foolish, go Frolic among the Fs at this week's


  1. fine set of equines
    (and a terrible pun, which is also fine by me...)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Oh my goodness, that last shot made me grin from ear to ear! I love capturing foals in the springtime here. Love the last shot of the one laying in the grass. So lovely.

  3. these guys are so shiny and healthy....and loved the last laugh!

  4. Love the narrative:-) I hope you found Mocha (what a lovely name!)

  5. Same here - hope you found Mocha!

  6. What a fab place to be a foal! Nice pics!

  7. Oh, what beauties those little babies are! Glad you got to enjoy them, but I hope you found your Mocha.

  8. I am severely tired and read the title of this post as Fools. I was Flabberghasted, and pleased as well, to discover that I was the only Fool to be Found.
    That looked like a truly Fine day even without your Friend Mocha. Fankyou.

  9. Last pic makes me laugh... I love it !

  10. Everyone ~ I fear I have no time once again for individual replies - we close on the new house tomorrow and things are beyond hectic. BUT, I wanted to thank you all for your visit and fun comments, and reassure you that we were able to learn where Mocha was the following day. Though I haven't had time to return to the ranch since then to see him, BW has visited him a couple of times (the ranch is on his UPS route). I am, however, familiar with the pasture, since it's the one Mocha and his buddies started out in when he first went to live there. It's big and beautiful, with lots of wonderful grass, shade trees and a creek. And both Perk (the ranch owner who takes care of the horses) and BW report that Mocha, who is 24, looks better than he ever has - all filled out and shiny and full of energy. :-)

    I also wanted to clarify that the last photo, of the "laughing" horse, isn't one I took but is something I found on the internet back in my WebTV days a hundred years ago. :-) It was too perfect not to put at the end of this post!

  11. Calling by from ABC Wednesday some lovely photos, especially the fourth one. I am your newest follower. :)

  12. Oh, what darlings! I love the look on the foals really does look like he's saying "see what I have to put up with?"...perfect. Did you take that last shot too of the laughing horse? Hilarious!

    Looks like a beautiful place and day for a hike.

  13. Beautiful foals, looks like the ideal place for a horse to grow up.
    Joy - ABC Team

  14. Horses can be so communal sometimes, and peaceful. Lovely photos ;-).

  15. LindyLou ~ I noticed you'd become my newest follower, and I'm flattered! Thank you!

    Rose ~ I know, I love his expression. And can empathize with it! (I think I shot that look at our contractors several times yesterday!) I didn't take the laughing horse photo ~ see the last paragraph of my comment above LindyLou's. :-)

    Joy ~ I agree. Wouldn't have minded growing up in a place that beautiful myself!

    Spud and JM ~ Thanks, and they sure are! :-)

  16. That last guy sure does have a silly grin on his face!!

  17. Very Funny! I especially liked the commentary and my favorite was also on my favorite Foto. It was the Foalishness and that gorgeous Foal looking back at you.

    A close second was the "very Funny" one at the end.

    I found it Fascinating that a Foal is still nursing at what looks like a the age of a "teenager" but of course, I know nothing about Foals so maybe they're born pretty big to begin with.

  18. Look who's got a photo next to their name! I kept fussing with it last night and didn't realize I'd succeeded!


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