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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday KISS - Sprouter

This Friday KISS would need an oversized stocking to qualify as a stocking stuffer, but it will let you graze on fresh, nutritious greens, grown in the comfort of your own kitchen, in the depths of dormant winter!

We're novices at sprouting, having only experimented once growing wheat grass. After learning how nutritious fresh sprouts are, buying broccoli sprouts at the Billings food co-op, and viewing various blogs, articles and YouTube videos on sprouting techniques, we bought the Easy Sprout Sprouter from The Sprout House. We started the process (which really is quite easy) on Thanksgiving Day, and munched from our first crop of broccoli sprouts on the following Tuesday...

Don't those fresh greens look good against that snowy backdrop?

We've been enjoying them in tossed salads and in tempeh and "tun-not" salad sandwiches.

We bought our organic broccoli sprouting seeds from Mountain Rose Herbs. (No surprise!) So smitten am I with this company and its products that I am now an affiliate. So now if you click on my ads or text links to Mountain Rose Herbs and make a purchase, I'll get a wee commission. Yay! So head on over and do a little shoppin' (and maybe a little sproutin'), why dontcha! :-)

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Rift left a comment asking a couple of good questions about sprouting, so I've replied with some additional info and links to several more web sites that have very helpful information about the Easy Sprout Sprouter in particular and sprouting in general. So if you want to learn more, please visit the comments section!


  1. huh. I've thought about sprouts before, and this thing looks interesting and easy. Can you throw in a bag of dried beans to sprout? Can you really tell the difference between the different kinds of sprouts?

    Hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi, rift!

    Speaking as a novice, I have to say this sprouter is indeed easy. You still have to do a series of steps to get a good crop of sprouts, but the steps are fast and simple (an initial soak, rinse and spin and then a daily mini-soak/rinse and spin). After reading articles and reviews and watching videos on sprouting using mason jars vs. the Easy Sprout, we decided the Easy Sprout would be less work and frustration and better yield. So we'd most likely use it a lot more, which was the whole point of this endeavor! :-)

    We've only sprouted the Brassica (broccoli seeds) so far, but you can sprout all kinds of seeds, grains and legumes. (BW wants to try sprouting pennies into dollars, but I'm unconvinced). ;-) For beans, you'd use 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups in this. Lentils are supposed to be a great beginner crop because they sprout quickly and are very tasty raw.

    The only sprouts besides the broccoli (which have a mild broccoli-like flavor) that I've eaten are mung beans and alfalfa sprouts. Since they've always been in something else like a wrap or stir-fry, I can't really speak to how easy it is to tell the difference between the taste of sprouts. Yellow sprouts (kept out of indirect sunlight to inhibit chlorophyll action) are milder than green ones, and sprouts do differ in their nutrient amounts. Brassica are probably the highest in antioxidants, one reason we chose them for starters.

    Here are some web sites that anyone who is thinking of sprouting or a beginner at sprouting will find very helpful...

    Easy Sprout Sprouter info and reviews on (Ignore the one-star review, the person thought the sprouter was great, so who knows what brain-fart made them give it one star!)

    Sproutamo's web site (The manufacturer of the Easy Sprout Sprouter)

    Several indispensable YouTube sprouting videos produced by SproutPeople. (The YouTube link takes you to their video on how to sprout beans in the Easy Sprout, but it's just one of their many instructional sprouting vids. If your dialup won't allow you to watch videos, their web site and The Sprout House have all the info you need as well.)

    You can also purchase the Easy Sprout from all of the links I provided. Well, except YouTube, of course. ;-)

    Geez, my comment is longer than my post was! LOL! But I hope all this helps! Happy sprouting! (Bet Boo would love sprouts, too!)

  3. Hey, thanks for this informative post! I too have been thinking of growing sprouts but never knew how or where to start. I love alfalfa sprouts in sandwiches and I'm sure my wheekers would love them too (though I'm also sure I would never be able to grow enough for their appetite!). I'll check it out and if I order, I'll be sure to click through you. :-)

  4. I was about to purchase but saw they were out of the Broccoli Sprouting Seed. So I'll wait for now.

    What size do you usually order? What do you recommend?

  5. Hi, VW!

    I'm glad this post provided you with some info that's helping you join the sprouting world! :-) I've got my second batch going now, and it's growing like gangbusters. Should be eating some by Sunday! Yay! It really is fun and gratifying, I think you'll really enjoy it.

    Thank you so much for your support of my MRH affiliation! :-) Bummer that they're out of the broccoli seeds for now... did you sign up to be notified when they get them in? I had to call their customer service people when I ordered my broccoli seeds because I had no clue which size to get. She told me the seeds keep for a year if stored in a cool, dry place (emphasis on dry). Since the Easy Sprout Sprouter uses 1/4 to 1/2 cup of seeds for a batch of sprouts, we got the 8oz bag (which was somewhere between $9 and $10). I figured that would yield us several batches of broccoli sprouts. Since I want several batches of broccoli sprouts but also want to try other seeds, beans and grains in the months to come too, 4oz was too small and a pound was too much.

    Using 1/4 cup of seeds seems to make just the right amount of sprouts for us (2 people, no guinea pigs!) :-) I was able to share some with a friend, and the sprouts, stored in a regular baggie in the fridge, kept for nearly 2 weeks. The very last batch got a bit grody and tasted bitter, so it went into the compost bin, but there were only about 3 TBSP left by then. If you plan to buy some other sprouting seeds at the same time or want to try sprouting beans or grains so you can try different varieties, or if you'll want to use 1/2 cup to make a bigger batch of sprouts to share with Bert and Belle... those factors may make you want to buy the smaller or bigger size.

    Hope that helps! Have fun! :-)

  6. Would you believe it, they're still out of broccoli sprouts! I've sent them emails and they've never responded. Guess winter time is not the best time to start, lol!

    Any chance you know if the seeds are also non-GMO? The website doesn't seem to say. Or does organic imply it's non-GMO?

    So much to learn...

  7. Hi, VW! Yes, I can believe they still don't have any broccoli sprouting seeds (in part because I signed up to get an email when they're available again and haven't heard, and in part because the Sprout People site claims the global demand has outstripped supply! Also, you're probably right about winter not being a good time!)

    Genetically modified foods cannot be certified organic, so as long as they're organic, they're not GM. I checked a couple of my other listed sources for you, and Sprouthouse has their organic broccoli sprouting seeds on sale, so I'd snap some up if I were you! (I do hate to miss out on a MRH commission, but I'd rather you get a chance to start sprouting... you've waited patiently long enough!) :-)

    Sproutpeople have only been able to get non-organic broccoli seed (and it's more than twice the price per pound as MRH or Sprouthouse!) You can read what they have to say about the non-organic seeds/sprouts and the shortage here, just scroll down the page a bit to Broccoli.

    I'm very surprised and disappointed that MRH has not replied to your emails! That's not like them, they usually have excellent customer service. I may email them myself! Meanwhile, you could call their toll-free number and see what they say about availability. If I were in your shoes, that's what I'd do, and then I'd hurry and order some of the Sprouthouse's broccoli seed while it's on sale! :-) Or, given where you live, maybe you can find a source locally.

    I did a dumb thing and ruined my last batch of broccoli sprouts, just a day or two before they were ready to eat! I went to do my 15-minute mini-soak one evening before bed, and completely forgot about it! So they soaked all night. I drained, rinsed and drained them again really well in the morning, but by that afternoon they stank to high heaven and I had to compost them, wash my sprouter with vinegar and start over. I was sick enough about it, but now that I know how rare and valuable the seeds are, I'm really sick about it! From now on, I'm ALWAYS setting a timer for my soaks!

    Btw, what kind of sprouter did you get?

  8. Thanks for the tip!

    I ordered the Easy Sprout Sprouter from Amazon that you linked to. It will arrive sometime next week.

    I'll check if my local store sells organic sprouts too. Hubby and I are looking into starting a veganic garden this spring so I'm reading up on what that entails.

    Sprouts seem like an easy veg to start with (and it can be done indoors!) while the weather is still cold. Can't wait to start!

  9. Oh, cool! I think you'll really like your Easy-Sprout sprouter! It truly IS easy (as long as you don't forget to drain your mini-soak water after 15 minutes, lol!) Holler if you have any questions, their instruction manual is a tad confusing.

    If you're planning to start a veganic garden, you might want to check out the blog Grow Peace and Dance in the Garden. She lives in Joisey, but she's a veganic gardener with lots of cool links. Her blog is a bit dormant right now, of course, but I think it would be a good one to stash away!

    Let me know if you have any luck finding organic broccoli seeds. We got some organic lentils to try next time!

  10. Wow, thanks for the link to Grow Peace! I was looking for something like that over the weekend. This will be a great resource.

    By the way, is there a search button on your site somewhere? Wanted to know if you ever tried a bread maker and didn't want to bother you in case you already talked about it! :-)

  11. Hi, VW! You're welcome for the link to Grow Peace! I only just found her blog myself a few weeks ago, so I'm happy to have the chance to share it. I'm glad you mentioned your veganic garden plans! :-)

    My blog does have a little search window in the upper left-hand corner of the Blogger tool bar at the very top of the page (but it seems only capable of finding words that appear in post titles, so it's not very helpful). But you won't find a post about our bread machine, except in passing here (a post which may make you wish you hadn't asked me about using a bread machine, lol!) and here. We've had our bread machine at least 10 years and use it a lot, one of these days soon the poor thing is going to crater! Anyway, if you have any questions, ask away... rift uses her bread machine every week, so she'd be a good person to ask too. (Btw, If you want to email me, there's a little dragon email graphic on the left side of my page, right above the blog archives list. No one has used it yet, so I'm hoping it works!)

  12. Duh me! Somehow I thought that search box at the top left searches ALL blogs on blogspot.

    Always learning new things here, thanks! :-D

    Do you or rift have a bread machine to recommend? Checking out a few on Amazon but I'm clueless, lol!

  13. Hey, VW!
    I thought the same thing about that search bar till I started experimenting with it! They sure don't make it obvious, do they?

    I read once that if you're paying attention during the course of your day, you'll learn at least three new things. So if you're always learning new things here, then I'm glad to be doing my small part and fulfilling my civic duty. LOL

    Our bread machine is a Regal Kitchen Pro, but like I said, it's at least 10 years old. Makes a good loaf of bread and certainly has staying power, but of course our model was probably 8 models ago! The one they have now on Amazon looks completely different. I don't know what kind (or how old) nifty rifty's bread machine is, but she seems to love it, so give her a shout. Meanwhile, maybe ConsumerSearch's bread machine pages will help you with your decision! (Don't miss the "What to Look For" tab, it may help you choose features and narrow your search).

  14. Lalo,

    Thanks for the info on the sprouter. It does sound as though it is easier than the old fashioned method. I will keep it in mind.



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