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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My favorite holiday CDs

Tired of listening to the same holiday music every year? Had enough of Frosty the Snowman and Joy to the World? Given that stores start playing the same relatively few Christmas tunes beginning around Labor Day (seriously, do I exaggerate?), no one could blame you if, by now, hearing Jingle Bells one more time made you projectile vomit green and red tinsel.
If you're in the mood for something different ~ holiday songs from centuries long past, new songs, or even the old tried & true played a bit differently than you're used to ~ then Hark, Harried Angels, to some of my favorite holiday CDs. ;-)

Click on the album covers to listen to track samples and to purchase...

A Feast of Songs is my all-time favorite. I never tire of listening to it, and hate to put it away at season's end. (How many holiday CDs can you say that about come January 2?)

Some other favorites, in no particular order...

The discontinued Winterlude CDs are tough to find. I got mine (Winterlude, Guitar Winterlude, & Sax Winterlude) years ago, but you can sometimes find them used on Amazon. There are a few Guitar Winterlude CDs for sale there now.

Deuter's Celebration of Light is new this year.

George Winston's December is now a 20th Anniversary Edition.
Of my 3 Loreena McKennitt holiday CDs, this one's my favorite.
Happy caroling! ;-)


  1. Lovely CD's, TW. Good to curl up to on a cold Winter's night ;-)

  2. I grew up with Nat King Cole's Christmas songs so I never tire of those. :-)

  3. Thanks, Spud! They are indeed! :-)

    I grew up with NKC's Christmas songs too, VW! My Mom played his music a lot. He had such a great voice. Being Italian, my favorite Christmas song of his was always "Buon Natale." I still remember the lyrics and often catch myself singing that song! :-D

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  5. Lalo,

    I haven't heard any of these! Thanks for sharing them. Don't we all get tired of the Christmas "standards"? I love the latest Christmas CD by Sting. Definitely something that you can listen to year round.

    talk to you later,

  6. Hey, Ali!

    You're welcome! I'll wager you would especially enjoy "December" (as a Winston fan, that's a safe bet!) and "Sax Winterlude" if you can find it (it's got a soft, smooth jazz sound).

    Is your Sting Christmas CD the same one we were talking about, the concert I watched on PBS?

    Seems funny talking about Christmas music in March... are we tardy, or hideously early??! LOL!


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