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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decked Halls & Decked-Out Critters

Well, the halls being decked, and inspired by Molly at It's a Vegan Dog's Life who graciously invited us in to sit by the fire and enjoy her pretty decorations and fun critter-kids, I'm putting out the welcome mat as well. We're having a winter storm, snowing and 1ºF with gusty winds, so come on in, take off your boots and snow-covered coats and toast your frozen buns in front of the pellet stove. :-) I've made some tea (it's an especially good day for a peppermint-spearmint-chamomile blend, don't you think?) and some pumpkin-cranberry bread, so relax, warm up, and enjoy our little nod to this festive season...

Though the birdhouse collection is in our living room bay window all year, come December several snowmen and a gingerbread man or two populate Birdhouse Village, along with a lighted Christmas tree (the only one in the house!) in the "village square." (If you want a better view of some of the snowmen, click on the photo or view the close-up of a few of them gazing longingly at my bowl of oatmeal in my spurtle post). The Santa fence below the window guards a basket of VegNews magazines. ;-)

The mantle over our pellet stove.

My great-grandmother's quilt hanging in the garland-festooned hallway. The kitchen is to the left (you can see a bit of the cupboards) if you're needing a refill on your tea. Go heppasef, as I used to say as a wee tot. :-)

My talented quilter friend Joanne made me this sweet Santa quilt one year, which greets visitors in the front hall.

Peanut always seems fascinated with the bay window's holiday decorations, and stops by to peer in every year. This time he seems to be noting with some contempt that the star on top of the Christmas tree is slightly askew! ;-)

This is Punky, born this past spring. She's named for her spiky punk hairstyle, which in this photo is covered in thick frost and snow, as is the rest of her! (I took this photo just this morning while dispensing treats to my cold little feathered and frosted friends!) Punky is adorable with flocking, but I wish I could bring her in by the fire with us! Is she not the cutest? (Seriously, click on the photo for a larger view of that precious face!) Don't you just want to scratch her behind her ears and tousle her punky hair? :-)

Tess loves to wear hats and the Santa hat seems to be her favorite. She'll wear it happily till it eventually slides off. Her expression doesn't seem to go with the hat much though, unless she's compiling her list of naughty children and calculating how many coal lumps to order! I sure hope I'm not on that list...

But uh-oh. Looks like Josie is! "I've been keeping a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice, you know," says Santa Paws. "And it's not looking good for you, kid!" Josie receives this news with an alarmed roll of her eye! ;-)

Dear, sweet, patient Willow is less fond of wearing hats, especially when they're so big they slide down over her eyes, but she's a good sport (for a few seconds, anyway!) as she doesn't want to be on that list with Josie! ;-)

Poor Tessa. "All this decorating, all this list-making, all this photographing, all this being irresistibly adorable all day...
the holidays are just so exhausting!"

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. We seem to be psychic twins. We both subjected our poor dogs to oversized hats, and then thought it was funny to photograph them.

    Merry Christmas to you, the dogs, and the deer!

  2. What a lovely post! I loved the glimpse into your house and all of the critters are too cute for words! <3

  3. Mary - I know! Spooky, aren't we? Imagine what Ellie and Willow would text message each other about us if they had typing ability. And iPhones. Best we just keep them distracted with enormous hats. ;-)
    A very Merry Christmas to you and Rodney, Ellie (hat model & vandal extraordinaire) and Graeme as well... first Christmas in your new (old) house, that's got to be exciting! Especially with all the beautiful improvements you've made! Rest your knitting-blistered fingers and enjoy! :-)

    Molly - thank you! Props to you, my dear, for the inspiration! And yup, the critters keep taking cuteness to a new level. :-) How I ever manage to blog, never mind clean, do laundry, cook, run errands, sleep, bathe... with all those cute, furry faces around, begging for attention, is a mystery! :)
    Merry Christmas to you guys and Emma, Rowan, Crystal and Sophie! Now put your feet up, girl and remember... WWED? ;-)

  4. What cute animal pictures! I wish my felines would "allow" holiday photos, but they aren't very cooperative unless something is their idea. Thanks for sharing your cute animal friends.

    Great Santa quilt, BTW. Your friend is very creative.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Like I said, amaze. The energy that you have & the wonderful dedication to all things lovely in the world is inspirational. Got room for one more wayward critter that nibbles veggies?? Merry Christmas Laloo

  6. Alicia - thanks for stopping by! Your comment about your cats made me snicker. Josie has feline tendencies like that, but Willow and Tessa have much more forbearance. :-) And the deer, bless their beautiful hearts, are phenomenally cooperative (it does help to have cookies involved, I've noticed!) And yes, Joanne is incredibly talented. She wins awards for her quilts all the time and has some real stunners. I'm the lucky recipient of several of her works of art/labors of love. She also sews, cross-stitches, weaves...AND works full time as a civil engineer! Isn't she just putrid? LOL

    Izzy - thank you so much for stopping by and leaving one of your typically heartwarming messages! Do I have room for one more "wayward" veggie nibbler? For you, m'dear, there is always room! :-) Sending you big, warm hugs!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Great quilt and a nice glimpse into your festive home. Ya wore out the pups, though ;-).

  8. Aww, thanks for sharing your holiday decorations with us! It's so cozy. We weren't able to "deck the halls" this year but seeing yours was just as good!

    Love love the adorable Santa dogs! And Punky is so cute, if I didn't know better, I'd a thought he was a stuffed toy (that I would totally bring into bed and snuggle with)!

    Happy Holidays, Laloofah!

  9. Spuddles - Thanks! I don't quilt a stitch but I do love quilts! And as Jo could tell you, I love visiting quilt shops with her! All those fabrics, all those colors... such eye candy! And I'm very glad to have my great-grandmother's quilt and a perfect place to display it.
    And yeah, I wore the pups out, but a quick nap and they were rarin' to go again! Would that WE could do that, eh?

    VW - I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and our crazy critters! :-) We did have fun with that Santa hat! And I agree with you about Punky! SUCH a precious cuddle-muffin!!


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