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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Peeping Peanut

Yesterday's temperature never got above -8ºF and today it hovered between -15º and -20º (not counting windchills). When it's this cold, my deer friends hang around my doors and windows making mooney faces at me because they know it'll get them alfalfa "cookies" and other treats (mushrooms are a special favorite!) For the past two days my sweet buddy Peanut (aka Mr. Peebers, aka Mr. P, whom I've known since he was about 3 weeks old), has been peering in at me through my kitchen window while I do dishes, or through the basement patio door while I'm on the computer. I look up from my typing and I see this adorableness...

Now I ask you, could you deny this face a cookie
when it's -20º? (Or any other time, for that matter?) ;-)

Peanut and Willow in a staring contest
(pardon the look of our den, it's in the midst of remodeling!)

I took this one from the kitchen window yesterday morning and it was such a pretty picture of Peanut that I decided to make it even prettier with the photo editor...

But then I couldn't stop! LOL

It's nice to have fun friends stop by to warm the frigid days! :-)


  1. LOL! I love your Photoshop work of art! That's one "cool" deer!

    You really must live in a winter wonderland to have wild turkeys pass by your driveway and now deers coming up to your windows?!

    All I got are spiders and the occasional bird outside my house, lol! Thanks for sharing photos of your magical neighborhood!

  2. That's so awesome! <3 We haven't gotten below 20 degrees here yet, but we just got dumped on for the first time this season- about a foot of snow & (now frozen) rain. Yuck! I saw a fox on my way to work yesterday morning, but we're not lucky enough to have critters coming up to our windows. :)

  3. Adorable! I would never get any work done if I had all those animals to hang out with.

    Thank you for the tax information regarding pellet stoves. I am married to a tax attorney, so believe me, we take advantage of every incentive we can! Between the first time homebuyers' credit and the government chipping in for green appliances and insulation, we've been able to do a lot of much needed work on our home for cheap!

    Enjoy your deer friends. I'll bet they get hungry in the winter.

  4. VW, it makes me very happy to share our beautiful wildlife friends with you (both naked and dressed up in PhotoShop attire, lol), and am so glad you're able to enjoy them "virtually," even if it might make your spiders and birds jealous. ;-) Do you ever get to visit the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill? (I love that film!)

    Molly, you may not have wild critters pressing their wet noses to your windowpanes, but how exciting to see a fox on your way to work! The fox is my totem, so I'm always thrilled to see one and it always brings me good booga-booga. :-) We used to see more of them, but there are too many people around now, even here. We don't see coyotes or moose nearly as often anymore, either, and used to see them all the time, especially in winter. :-(

    Mary, who says I get any work done? LOL! The critters both indoors and out are very much a fun distraction! As for the pellet stove tax credit info, I'm wondering who is laughing harder at that one, you or me! For I, who never got beyond the EZ1040 form, to unwittingly give tax advice to the wife of a tax attorney is just too funny! :-D You were very gracious about it! I'm glad you're able to take good advantage of all those energy tax breaks to make so many great improvements more inexpensively and quickly than you might have otherwise. BW and I have practically rebuilt this house since we bought it 18 years ago, and so much of what we've done would have qualified for these recent energy tax credits: new roof, siding, windows, insulation, pellet stove... ask Rodney if those tax credits can be used retroactively, wouldya? :-)

    Thanks for your fun comments, everyone, I'll pass them along to Peanut, along with some treats from each of you! (The deer are indeed hungry in the winter... and they'll do their best to convince you that they're equally hungry in the spring, summer and autumn!) ;-) There are more deer posts in my archives, especially in the spring and summer months of '07, and there'll be plenty more to come!

  5. I just saw this photo in the "you may also like" section of your most recent post and had to check it out. You are so lucky! I wish I had a backyard full of deer! : ) At first I wrote "dear" and I think it's quite fitting that way, too!

  6. Eva ~ I'm glad you found this post, I have taken a lot of photos of the "dear deer" :-) over the years, and have posted quite a few of them. I don't know if you'll have a chance to come back to this post to check for a reply from me, but in case you do you might enjoy this fairly recent post I did before we found one another's blogs.


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