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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm a little late posting these, having logged almost no internet time this week, but at least I managed to post them in 2009! (Yeah, barely!) :-)

As I mentioned in my previous post, we got a beautiful and abundant Christmas snow. It started falling on Christmas Eve, fell all Christmas Day and really came down during Christmas night. So by the morning of the 26th we had over a foot and a half of fresh, powdery, sparkly snow. We took the dogs for an early morning romp, while it was still quiet and the only tracks besides ours were made by wild critter friends. I managed to take a few photos, despite frozen fingers! :-)

BW (on snowshoes) encourages Willow (no snowshoes!)

This was the best picture I could get of Tess.
She loves racing through snow, so in almost every photo
she's either a blurry streak or a wee speck in the distance!

Just one look at Josie's expression and you know
that she is not sharing Tessa's attitude toward snow!
(Molly, I imagine your expression would be similar! lol)
This was at the start of our walk, so she wasn't cold,
and she'd been playing in the snow the night before!
(Much like a new toy, it was lots of fun on Christmas,
but by the next day it had lost its novelty, I guess!) :-)

Willow, who's ALL about fun, coaxed Josie into a wild rumpus.
(Though Josie's expression still looks a little cranky to me!) ;-)


  1. The pups are adorable! Such expressive faces. Josie does not look a bit entertained by the experience. What cutie pies!

    Snowshoes? Wow, that really sounds like fun. I remember growing up in the midwest and using my cross country skis to get around. The two feet of snow we got two weeks ago is now long gone.


  2. Fun! They are talking about a "historically significant" snowstorm for Maine this weekend. Poor Ellie loves to romp in the snow, but I know her paws hurt because she stops to lick them every ten seconds. We haven't had great luck with dog boots. Maybe baby socks? Hmm.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Aw, so cute! <3 You are right, too, that would be my (and Emma's, usually) exact expression. It does look like there was a lot of fun going on, though!

  4. Alicia - Thanks! Oh my yes, they have very expressive faces, and Josie in particular uses her eyes to great effect! Her nickname at the animal shelter was "Jean Harlow," because of how she manipulated everyone with her eyes! LOL
    Wow, all that snow, gone already! Using cross-country skis to get around sounds fun too! I've only x-country skied once, back in Maine. BW strapped his skies on a few years ago and went for a jaunt, but here on the side of the mountain the land is just too steep , and there wasn't enough area suited to that sort of skiing. Hence the snowshoes. :-)

    Mary - "Historically significant" sounds either ominous or exciting, depending on your taste in snow! I hope you can stay home, safe and snug, and enjoy it! Poor Ellie. Our dogs don't have trouble with their paws until our spring snows, when the snow is wet and sticky, unlike most of the winter when it's dry and powdery. Do Ellie's boots fall off or does she take them off? Maybe you'd have better luck with these...
    Or maybe you could knit her some gators! :-)

    Molly - LOL! Yeah, I'm sure Emma could relate to Josie's disgusted look too! :-) She did have more fun than she was letting on, though. Funny girl!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  5. Laurie,

    I can see where Jean Harlow came from. Someone at the shelter had a good eye.

    I grew up with NW Indiana on lake Michigan. Very flat, and very snowy. Perfect for cross country skiing.

    The first round of snow is gone but it did snow overnight again. We have had more snow in Dec than we normally get here in three years. The natives (Marylanders) are quite unnerved by it.

    We are going to DC tonight for a little dinner celebration. I am not looking forward to the drive in the snow. We will be back a couple of hours before midnight for that "chocolate smoothie toast".

    I hope you have a happy and healthy new year,

  6. Alicia ~ I'll bet you got to do lots of cross-country skiing with all that lake effect snow! :-)

    Have a wonderful dinner in DC, and - it goes without saying - drive safely!

    We're in the middle of a freezing fog, so we'll be hunkering down and staying put (just like we do every NY's Eve!) :-) We're going to watch movies and try a new recipe for dinner tonight - Tempeh and Wild Mushroom Stew, I believe it's called, from "The Veggie Queen: Vegetables get the Royal Treatment." (Gee, nothing like a pithy cookbook title! lol!)

    Meet you at midnight for that chocolate-banana-peppermint (?) smoothie toast! :-)

  7. We did get a ton of lake effect snow when I was growing up. In some ways I miss the eternally white winter of my youth (until it happens here that is). ;)

    We are going to have a wonderful evening. It is a long story but my hubby happened to get very sought after seats at one of the DC hot spots (where we used to go all the time - pre healthy vegan). I hope my tummy can handle the "less than healthy food".

    Normally we stay close to home on NYE ("amateur night" as my hubby calls it). This is the most driving we will have done on NYE that I can remember.

    I don't have that cookbook. But the stew sounds good. I love anything with mushroom.

    When I saw your comment about the smoothie it made me think orange extract would be good since it goes with both banana and chocolate.

    See you later tonight,

  8. Orange extract, you say? I'll see your orange extract and raise you a dash of Grand Marnier! (It's New Year's Eve, after all!) :-)

    Actually, I DO have one of those little airline-sized bottles of Grand Marnier, as well as a couple of organic oranges I just bought yesterday... hmmm...

  9. Grand Marnier. Nice touch! I don't have that in our inventory or I would join you.

    Gotta run. I am a little behind getting ready for dinner tonight. At this age there is much buffing and polishing to be done to look presentable.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year and I will talk to you again very soon,

  10. Alicia - how was your night on the town? Hope you had fun! (And hey, watch it with those "at this age" comments... I'm older than you, remember!!) ;-)~

    We ended up eating too much tempeh mushroom stew (which was really good, but needs more seasoning than just a tsp of rosemary so we'll be adding some next time) and watching movies, and were too full and lazy to make our smoothies! So that's on today's schedule. (Still counts as good mojo, though!) ;-)

  11. Our night on the town was fabulous. We went to a molecular gastronomy dinner. So many fascinating dishes with sodium alginate. The best meal I have ever had. It was a celebration dinner for us.

    If you don't need a lot of time to "make yourself presentable" you definitely are better preserved than I am.

    Do you make your own tempeh or buy it? Making tempeh is on my list of things to do, but I haven't gotten the starter yet, so I haven't been able to do it.

    Sounds like a nice evening at home. Dan and I love our evenings alone together at home.

    I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year,

  12. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, Alicia! "Sodium alginate"... um, a plant-based gelling agent/emulsifier sort of thing. Right?

    LOL, I'm sure my time requirement for making myself presentable is due more to lack of motivation than of better preservation! :-) I have very few reasons to get gussied up, especially in these parts!

    No, I don't make my own tempeh, but maybe someday! I'll be curious to read of your adventures in tempeh-making! :-)

  13. You are good. Yes sodium alginate is a gelling solution. One of the "bites" last night was a tablespoon of mojito dropped into a sodium alginate solution so it formed a mojito sphere (with a thin skin) that popped in your mouth like a big caviar egg. Simply amazing. Can you tell this was right up my alley? I was in heaven.

    Most of the time I am in yoga pants, a t-shirt, no make-up with my hair in a pony tail. I must scare the UPS man everytime he delivers something else from Amazon. So .... I know the feeling on not getting made up too often. I think that is why it takes me so long.

    As soon as I get some tempeh starter it is on my list. I want to eat more tempeh, but really prefer to make my own.

    talk to you soon,

  14. Mercy, TW! Tons of snow and frolicking pups. What could be better? Except for some Jasmeson infused soy nog mayhaps...;-).

  15. Alicia - sounds just like my daily fashion statement (except for the ponytail)! But I manage to frighten the UPS man at least twice a day, every day! LOL

    Spud - it was indeed great fun... but we didn't do the nog thing this year. Been more into smoothies and herbal teas! ;-) (Thank you again, dear Spudly, for this delightful book! It was such a wonderful Christmas present, and we did enjoy a pot of soothing tea after our romp in the snow!) :-)


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