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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Josie & The Paparazzi

Josie was being so cute the other day, snuggling with her favorite toy ("Purple Hippo Baby" ~ yeah, we put a lot of thought into the naming of our dog toys!), that I got out the camera and started taking a few pictures.

First I got a couple of her snoozing with PHB...

Then a couple of her nuzzling PHB...

At which point she was fully awake and clearly deciding whether to continue to cooperate with the photographer...

Decision made, she demands, "Ditch the camera and RUB MAH BELLEH!"

When I ignore her demand and keep taking photos, she says, "That does it! No more pictures! #@% paparazzi!"

Honestly, it's challenging to work with a diva! ;-)


  1. Aw, that belly!! <3 What a gorgeous, beautiful girl. Love her!

  2. She is a special girl, with quite the fluffy, rub-able belly! :-) She had a very rough early life, but she's got it pretty posh now! (One of these days I'll get my rear in gear and send you her story, honest!)

  3. Looks like Josie's feeling better ;-)

  4. She's doing great, Spud! Rarin' to go for the past month, and back to normal activity now except for walks (she goes on them, but usually on a leash and only out to the main road and back). Just 11 more days and she can do everything again, no restrictions. I tell ya, she's a whole new woman now! :-)

  5. I'll rub that belly! lol, what a cutie! And my friend has that exact same purple hippo. :-D

  6. Josie will happily take you up on that offer, VW! :-) That girl does love her bellyrubs!
    Does your friend also snuggle with her purple hippo and then try to chew its leg off? :-D

  7. Aww! You got some good shots. Graeme loves to pose for the camera, but every time I get the camera out Ellie stops being cute and starts barking. :/

  8. LOL! Your Ellie just cracks me up! What a character. Maybe it's a collie thing, because very often when I get the camera out to photograph Willow doing something cute, she gets up and comes running over to me for a cuddle. So I have taken a lot of photos of a black, white and tan ultra-closeup blur. (But I wouldn't trade any of those cuddles!) :-)

  9. Josie is beautiful! I recognized the "Golden feathering" immediately. Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog today. I love meeting new people....especially ones that love dogs!


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