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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ABC Wednesday: The Lovely Letter L

I Love this Luscious time of year, so Lush with Lively colors! The Leaves turning and flowers Lingering - Let's Linger ourselves and Luxuriate in them for L week, shall we?

We'd been enjoying Late September's Lenient, Languid weather here in the Rockies, but that was predicted to abruptly change Last night, with the day's highs dropping 42º between yesterday and today (from 84ºF to 42ºF), nighttime Lows well below freezing (snow and a Low of 17º is predicted for Friday), and strong winds gusting over 40mph. Knowing this would Likely mean an end to most of the flowers and changing Leaves, we Left our Long to-do Lists behind for a spell and went on some photo safari walks with our dogs Monday and Tuesday, photographing some of summer's Last hurrah. (Click on any photo to see a Larger version).

The Lavish Autumn colors of scarlet, orange and yellow are Lovely, but I also Like the various hues of purple in the Landscape. These splashes of Lavender add a Light touch to the color-rich scenery...

Little Lavender Mums with Lemon centers

These flowers were in the same flowerbed as the mums, and we are at a Loss to identify them! They have no Leaves and are quite Large (about 3-4 inches across), and stand about 6-8" tall. Want to try your Luck at a guess?...

Mystery flowers

I Love the Look of the Light on these Lacy Leaves of a Locust tree...

And Look at this Luminous beauty! There were Lots of them blooming in various colors in a front yard, some of them taller than I am (and I'm 5'8"!)...

Like Looking up at the Light of two suns!

We also headed out to our Local greenhouse and Landscape nursery, Landon's. Over the front entrance is a Large stained glass rose, crafted by a talented Local artisan and acquaintance, Nancie Furnish...

Lovely grounds set against the Big Horn Mountains backdrop...

The Autumn arrangement is festively fun, but it's the Lightearted sherbet-colored Adirondack chairs that call to me...

And speaking of Landscaping, Loads of that was going on at Chez Laloofah since Last Monday, with particular hustle this week in an attempt to beat the bad weather. Here is our Landscaping crew hard at it on the south side of the house, digging, planting, Laying stepping stones and hooking up the automatic sprinkler system (Look closely at the background and you'll see the sod delivery truck and several pallets of Tall Fescue sod for the back yard)...

Here's the backyard before, with a Leftover fencepost marking our desired Location for our Blue Spruce...

And here it is in its 8' tall reality! Complete with the fescue sod, a gravel path around the entire perimeter of our stained (at Long Last!) fence, an idea Learned from dog-friendly Landscaping articles Like this one... 

These are pallets of Kentucky Blue grass mix sod for the front yard, along with our Russian Hawthorn tree, the Last of his kind at Landon's this year, now named "Dimitri (get it? DimiTREE?) Nathaniel Hawthorne." :-) ...

The Russian boy's name Dimitri means "Earth Lover,"
and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, among other things, 
"The House of the Seven Gables" (which I've visited),
and our house is a house of six gables. 
So I thought this name was quite fitting!

And here's a "before" photo of part of our front yard, with the front flowerbed (which will be planted Later, next spring), the island, and area for rock mulch outlined in stones, and the placement of an Amur Maple and Compact Burning Bush on the island and a Miniature Snowflake Mockorange by the porch post beside the goose, marked with wood blocks and a rock cairn...

And the "after" photo of the same scene (the goose is gone from this photo because we FINALLY got the capstone for our stone porch bench installed the night before!) The Little Mockorange is barely visible with a few Little Leaves Lurking behind the capstone, but you can see the Amur Maple on the Left and the wee Burning Bush on the right in the island. The base for our birdbath is between them by a barely visible Spiked Speedwell (you can see it all better by clicking on the photo)...

It's been snowing and blowing hard while I've worked on this post, and though I  took photos of it out the window, I prefer to leave you with these images from the Lovelier days of not-so-Long ago (Like, yesterday! Sheesh!), as I'm off to eat a Late Lunch of Lentil soup! :-) 

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  1. We are due snow/rain on Sunday...I'm blaming you.
    Jane x
    PS The garden looks great, imagine it all mature ......

  2. Jane ~ Wait, why is it my fault?! This happy crappy came from the north, where YOU live! ;-)~

    Oh, I do imagine it all mature! Though I must say, it doesn't look nearly as immature as I'd thought it would at the beginning.

  3. I know that white stuff is coming to the mountains, I'm OK with Indian Summer her in Kansas. Beautiful flowers.

  4. Thanks for this lovely "L"post. Your garden is absolutely stunning.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  5. I love this time of year. Looks like an extensive landscaping projects. I love the lovely flowers. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  6. Lovely shots of the leaves and the orange flower is a beauty!

  7. looks like a LOT of work, but to LOVELY results
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Yikes, snow already?! Wisconsin weather can change so suddenly like that, too. I hope our autumn lasts a bit longer!

    The flowers are all so pretty but I especially love the luminous one. Gorgeousness!

    The landscaping turned out great (and so fast!). I'm going to check out that dog friendly landscaping link, too. Always on the lookout for things like that. :)

    Is there a school across from your house? It looks like a nice, open neighborhood.

    I adore the adirondack chairs. We want to get two of them for our back deck to replace the (very old) patio set with eventually. Those colors are great!

  9. Good grief, snow?!?! The leaves have barely started turning here...

    I love the colour of those mystery flowers (no use asking me what they are of course...), and that orange flower is gorgeous. It looks like you used fill in flash to take it it's so bright.

    What a difference the grass makes to your garden (love the name of the Fat Albert tree), and DimiTREE - 'Ah humour', as Mork would say.

    We used to have a mock orange at our last house (what gorgeous scent they have), but I had to donate it to Cath as it seemed to be on its last legs. Of course it immediately started to flourish for someone else.

    Actually, thinking of snow, that would at least be picturesque - I'm supposed to be taking Fiona's photos tomorrow in an 18th C style dress (her not me :O)), and it's forecast rain. Oh the glamour of photography...

  10. This is a deLightfuL post. I think that your mystery flower might (just might) be from the dahLia famiLy. And yes I know I am cheating on the L issue, but I am hungry and the onLy L word I can think of is LickabLe.
    I Love your Landscaping. It is starting to Look wonderfuL and I hope starting to feeL Like home.

  11. I love seeing the updates so I really enjoyed this post.

    I love the before and after in the back yard - what a transformation. THat is a gorgeous blue spruce and it's actually blue. We got three of them side by side in the back yard but one refused to be blue! I love the texture of the Tall Fescue grass.

    I love Dimitri! Clearly he's had a bit of a stuggle on one of his sides where it looks like he's got fewer leaves but it seems to have made up for it by having more berries. I LOVE his name and I didn't know about the name meaning "Earth Lover".

    The front yard is a also an amazing transformation although the shapes looked like they changed a bit. The grass looks great and of course the plants look a bit small now but I know they have to! We planted way too much in our first yard and years 1-5 looked great but by year 10 it was jungle-looking and not in a good way!!

    My favorite of your flower photos was the mystery flower. That is an amazingly beautiful flower. And no leaves - how odd. But gorgeous!

  12. Poor unLucky Loofah. The beautifuL fescue get Laid down just in time for snow. It Looks so Lucious and green that I know you wanted to just Lay in it's softness and Look at the cLear bLue sky or any cLouds that may have drifted in. ;-). SNOW?? Gad! Anyway, the front and back yards Look great and I Love the Hawthorne. ReLax if you can and enjoy the resuLts of your Labor. Gotta go....I'm tired of hitting the caps key ;-))). xoxoxo

  13. Oh I love your L photos!

    Catching up with ABC. Got busy the past couple of days and just now have the time to visit entries.

    Leaping Chipmunk
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  14. The weather is still strangely beautiful here, though I wouldn't mind if it would rain at night so things wouldn't be so dry. Your instant landscape is pretty impressive. Do you have to water it every day?

  15. We were picking up Rex from
    school today and saw your
    lovely front yard in person.
    Looking good, it took us
    several years to get a
    lawn that looks that good.


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