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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Outrageous, Opulent Autumn!

Okay, it's my Opinion that while the Other seasons have their Obvious beauty, Autumn is the most Overtly, Outrageously Opulent (and it's my favorite!) 
Since I'm Obviously Obsessed with Ogling its Ostentatious colors, I feel Obliged to Offer some photos I took in Our new neighborhood last week before Obnoxious 50mph winds Overwhelmed and Obliterated much Of the foliage! Feel free to exercise the Option of Openly Oooohing (and ahhhing) Over the Ones you Observe to be Outstanding, because Obviously these trees and bushes have Outdone themselves this year and I'm Optimistic that you'll agree. :-)

A crimson Maple (and a Barberry beside the mailbox)

No idea what this scarlet beauty is!

A dash of orange offers some oomph

Another gorgeous Maple variety

A Barberry (L) and two Burning Bushes (R)
(If only we hadn't had a hard freeze a week earlier,
the Russian Sage in the foreground 
would have been a lovely shade of purple.
On the other hand, that freeze is responsible
for this Fall's outrageous colors, so I'm okay with it!)

This golden poplar tree is an obvious showstopper 

I've saved my favorites for last...

The most beautiful Barberry I've ever seen,
even on the overcast day that I photographed it
it glowed from within like an oven (only prettier!)
I took an outrageous number of closeups of it,
and couldn't narrow them down further than these...

Oh man, look at all those colors in one little shrub!

Is that color over the top or what?!

More O's await your Obliging Observation at...


  1. We're in the same frame of mind this week, I have some beautiful orange too. I LOVE all the awesome pictures you took--the beauty of this month is definately outstanding.

  2. Orange sure seems to be the color of choice. Wonder why :P..

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  3. ohh! some real nice fall colors coming out to play! Good stuff!

  4. Autumn is my favorite season too. The colors in your photos jump right off the screen! Lovely!

  5. this is an optimally optimistic post
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. We had gorgeous colour here, too, until we had a couple of wind storms. Now the trees are almost bare when normally we'd have had all that colour until November! Love Love Love your photos!

    abcw team

  7. Your Optimism serves you well! I'm sure I join many when I agree your foliage have Outdone themselves!

  8. Me thinks you are the prize winner for posting O words and stunning photos to go with them.
    Beautiful choices for today.

  9. Just absolutely fantastic and colorful photos ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  10. I Only wish that I wasn't Overwhelmed with jealOusy fOr yOur Ortumn (yes a bit Of a cheat I knOw). It is far and away my favOurite seasOn, and just nOw lOOks a lOng way away.
    Ooooh, aaaah and a heartfelt wOw.

  11. Some beautiful colors, TW, especially the barberry. Never seen one that big! Colors here were great as well, but past peak for the most part now.

  12. The sparks fly off these trees -such beautiful and fiery colors! Seems like many bloggers are getting into Fall mode now:)

  13. I have a barberry and I lov it too! Love your photos!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  14. Hi, everybody! ~ Thank you all for your visits and lovely comments (and compliments!) I'm glad you enjoyed this sampling of our local Fall colors, and see from many of your comments and your own posts that I have many fellow Autumn and colorful foliage fans among you!

    Leslie, that's a bummer that your wind storms also took your colorful leaves away before their time. Though some of the trees and bushes gamely hung on to most (or even all) of their leaves after our fierce winds, some were looking pretty raggedy-assed if not totally denuded, so I'm glad I got my photos when I did.

    Photowannabe ~ Thank you very much for both your generous praise and the hypothetical prize! :-)

    Ellie C ~ "Ortumn" - LOL! I'm going to let you get away with that Big Cheat because it's just so cute. :-) I figured with all your phenomenal flower gardening (and green thumb), Spring would be your favorite season! (But you're probably worn out by "Ortumn" and welcome the break!)

    Spud ~ There are tons of Barberries around here (they thrive and the deer don't eat them, so they're really popular), but this was not only the most beautiful I've seen, it was one of the biggest (at least 4' tall and at least as wide). There are two bigger ones just a block over, though - I think they may be taller than I am! And bright red. They grow on either side of a big spruce tree - very pretty. So did you get some photos of your great Fall colors while they lasted? If so, you know what to do! ;-)

    Chubskulit Rose ~ I was never much of a Barberry fan till this Fall, when so many of them burst into such beautiful color! (And I adore their bright red little berries!) :-) Now I want to plant one in our yard next year - am going for the Rosy Glow variety, which is what I think the beautiful one in my post is.

  15. OOOOU! That was beautiful.

    We've also had some better than usual colors but none to top those.

    I have barberry shrubs in my yard but I don't walk by them to get in the house and I haven't paid attention to them. I shall when I go home tonight - motivated by your pictures.

    My favorite was the one with the two burning bushes. That color of reddish rose is just so pretty. I want to bottle it up.

    my favorite barberry photo was the next to the last one. I love how you captured the inside of the plant and all those colors!

  16. you can add me to the long list of Fall Colours lover!
    (I have not visited here in a long time, so am playing catch-up this morning)

  17. Love, love, love it! My favourite colours at my favourite time of year. That golden poplar tree is breathtaking. Looks like you're getting plenty of practice in for Batsford :O) Apologies for taking so long to get around to commenting on your blog... my mind has been on his Posky-ness etc etc etc

  18. Jo ~ What did you find when you visited your neglected Barberry shrubs? Were they colorful? I agree with you on the Burning Bushes, and am glad we planted two of them (one out front and one on the south side), but next year I'd like to add one of the really vibrantly-colored Barberries.

    Lesley ~ It's nice to see you hear again! :-)

    Barbara ~ I know you've had a lot on your plate and on your mind lately, but I thought you'd enjoy this so I'm glad you caught it before it dropped into the Archives Bin! And yes, I'm warming up for Batsford. :-)


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