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Friday, October 5, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Autumn Skies

You can't save a cloud 
like you can save a leaf or a flower or a rock...
clouds are now
~Terri Guillemets

Maybe not, but you can take photos of them, and in that way share the now that was then in the new now! (Huh?) :-)

Autumn has brought us some amazing skies, as the clear summer skies are replaced with Autumn storms. Here are a few of my favorite sky photos taken during the past week; I'll share the rest in next week's SkyWatch Friday post. (Click on them to see more detail)...

I took this photo from our back yard. 
This storm didn't bring us any rain, 
but it brought rain to someone somewhere!
(See the bird?)

A closeup of the same storm cloud.
I think it looks like a person's face above their clenched fists,
or the front of an airplane in flight, 
with the landing gear deployed below the nose of the plane
 and the engines below the wings on either side. 
What do you see?

Wednesday's storm that brought our first snow of the season,
moving to the south by that evening

During a beautiful sunset walk last week, 
some Canada Geese flew overhead on their way to a nearby pond 
for a night's well-earned rest.

I took this photo on the same evening walk, 
and just happened to be snapping a photo 
of the beautiful golden sunset over the mountains,
when three birds suddenly launched themselves from the prairie grass
and made my photo a million times better!
It pays to be a SkyWatcher!


  1. wow! This storm cloud looks like an approaching tsunami wave.

  2. Oh my, those sunset shots with the geese are absolutely gorgeous! I love the clouds too, very dramatic!

  3. Simply divine photographs! Yes, clouds are in the now moment.
    Joyce M

  4. The last shot is my favourite. The cloud "wave" is also an interesting capture. - Margy

  5. Very interesting skies with those dense clouds. Have a good weekend!

  6. The oncoming wave and both bird photos are my favourites. It was very difficult to narrow it down though. These are lovely photos. Thank you.

  7. I totally saw the face & clenched fists in that cloud! Those are quite the storm clouds, too. They're eating up the sky!

    Love the last shot & how lucky that the birds took off in that moment.

  8. Everyone ~ Thank you for your visits and your comments! I love that so many of you saw a wave in that first cloud, because I didn't see that till you all pointed it out! :-) I'm also glad the bird photos, especially the last one, was a favorite of several of you, because they're mine too - also especially the last one.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Very nice cloud shots. We had our first snow this morning, probably from the same cold front that brought you yours!

  10. Ominous, but lovely skies. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Am loving those shots with the birds, stunning! Your skies are so dramatic...

  12. Isn't it fun to describe what you see in a cloud? I never get anyone to see what I see. I do see the fists but to me the face is between the two fists at the same level as the fists. My face has two huge mutton chops on either side of his very large nose!

    I loved the photo of the Canada Geese best. I just love watching geese fly especially when the change positions. It's so graceful and well choreographed - it's just fascinating.

    Those were some scary looking storm clouds that almost look like they're coming out of the ground - nothing like ours!!!


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