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Friday, October 12, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: A snowy sunrise

A lovely Saturday sunrise beautifully illuminated the results of last Friday's snowfall...

from our backyard

from our front yard 
(I love the pink hues the sunrise cast on the mountains!)

By the way, today is supposed to be sunny and 80ºF. What a difference a week makes!

Happy Friday and Happy SkyWatching!


  1. Lovely shot with pinks looks so beautiful - you have snow already?

  2. Ritva ~ Thank you, and yes - we had our first snowfall last Friday night. The day before it had been 84ºF and sunny, and today, one week later, it's supposed to hit 80º (I'd meant to mention that in my post, so thanks for the reminder!) That's Wyoming for you, especially as the seasons change.

  3. Wow!Glowing snow mountains and enjoying snow so early this year?

  4. Wow -- snow already! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Crazy weather we've had this year, isn't it? While Southern Wis has not yet seen snow, we have had temps 10-20 below normal. November temps in early Oct does not make one look forward to December! Love that first shot of the sun through the clouds, though the pink-tinged snow in the second is pretty cool, too. Thanks for visiting!

  6. With a view like that, I'd welcome the snow!

  7. Beautifully captured!!

    Sunrise Views, come and see.
    HAVE a great weekend!

  8. WOW! Snow so soon. Please don't send it my way yet. I am not ready for it. Thanks for looking at my blog. and the follow. Hipstamatic is a iphone camera that has many films and filters to use. I am pretty addicted to it, I must admit. Love that front view you have. Happy Skywatching. Lynne

  9. Looks like icing on a cake - gorgeous!

  10. Looks like icing on a cake - gorgeous!

  11. Snow? You've got to be kidding! First time in months months I changed this week from shorts to capri's, and from sleeveless to short sleeves!

  12. Holee molee, from snow to 80 that's mercurial weather!

    I love the pics; the mountains are truly beautiful. What a gorgeous sight to see from your home, how lucky!!

  13. Early snow, but it is quite beautiful.

  14. How beautiful. Our weather is all over the place as well. Last week I had to come inside because it was too warm to be out by about eleven. Yesterday and the day before we had high wind, dampness and snow within 60 miles of here. In late Spring!

  15. Beautiful photos you share. Happy sky watching.


  16. Beautiful photos, but I'm glad they are yours and not mine. :) Sunny and 80 sounds good to me!

  17. Just stunning, the pinkish hue AND all that wonderful snow. xoxo


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