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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Nimbostratus

I was stumped for a post for N week and had nearly given up, when I looked up and found the answer written in the skies. :-) As our weather has become increasingly volatile ~ normal for Autumn in Wyoming ~ we've had some incredibly photogenic skies as various fronts move through. I was curious to learn the name of these particular clouds, and as luck would have it they're Nimbostratus! So, I learned something new and my ABC Wednesday dilemma was neatly solved. Nifty. :-)

I took these photos on walks and bike rides Monday and yesterday around our neighborhood...

This one really illustrates our recent weather diversity

Our house is the 2-story green one in the middle.
Heading home on my bike from photographing fall colors,
I nervously made it just before fierce wind, rain and hail hit!

Do you ever notice images in the clouds? Did you know that the word for seeking and finding familiar objects within the shapes of clouds is nephelococcygiaI think this cloud looks like a spaceship coming in for a landing...

I'm a bit of a nephelococcygia nut, apparently ~ check out my hang glider cloud and my unicorn cloud! And naturally, never neglect to navigate....


  1. wow!So many recognizable shaped cloud caught here,
    i have some too.

  2. Sorry, my first comment had some mistakes! What I wanted to say is: it is always great to come home before the rain and storm start. I also like cycling around and take photos, but only when there is no strong wind blowing.
    Good N words!
    Wil, ABC Team

  3. Lovely post and fantastic cloud photography ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Beautiful and very interesting !

  5. Thanks for the new word I learnt- nephelococcygia. Beautiful shots too!

  6. New words and gorgeous photos.
    I love the volatile skies (from afar)

  7. You do have dramatically interesting skies in Wyoming. Ours are mostly uniform grey and dull. We almost never get any sort of weather drama — even lightening is rare, and an electrical storm might have one flash and clap of thunder which you might miss if you're not hyper-attentive! I'm not sure I miss the scary storms we had in Wisconsin — or the tornado sirens.

  8. Well, it's also NATURE. But your word is better!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I am not good at recognizing objects in clouds, but I do love a good stormy day. And pray that I will be safely inside once the storm hits.

  10. I used to know all the types of clouds when I was a kid, but now, I don't remember it anymore lol.

    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

  11. That 2nd and 4th shot are awesome! In my condo I miss to be able to see the horizon and big beautiful skies!

  12. Nice take on Norrible N words with your Nifty New kNowledge. And your New abode looks simply delightful.

  13. Very dramatic and beautiful! I love clouds!

    I can see a raccoon in the second photo...he looks like he's just about to nibble on two little puffy clouds.

  14. Love the drama of those clouds, you should send them to the Cloud Appreciation Society. They are sublime (in the 'Romantic poet' sense of the work). I had no idea there was a word for finding objects in clouds! That bottom shot could be straight out of a Sci-Fi film :O)

  15. Such great contrasts in your weather, and it makes for some very dramatic views. Thanks so much for sharing, TW ;-).

  16. Those are stunning cloud formations! Very dramatic looking. Out here in the SF Bay Area we never see anything quite as moving as this! Enjoy the week.


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