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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Flaky Friday

Friday was indeed flaky in a lot of ways, including meteorologically. It was cold and cloudy all morning and I had a wretched migraine, so I was pretty out of it. But when I went to the door to let BW in around 4pm (he'd stopped by during his afternoon break to change into dry socks and long johns), I saw this out our front door...

And this out our back door...

And I thought, well at least it's not sticking. Much. Then after it got dark I started hearing loud booms, which turned out to be cannons they fire when Sheridan High School's football team scores a touchdown. It sounded like we were under a heavy artillery barrage, so I watched a little of the game online and that's when I saw how hard and fast the snow was coming down and how much it was accumulating. In what's been dubbed "The Snow Bowl," Sheridan won their Homecoming game 49-6 (that was a lot of cannon fire!) And this is what we woke up to this morning...

A snow-covered spruce. Can Christmas be far away?
Our poor little Spirea appears to have fainted!

Our new house and appalled plants

One of our delightful neighbors on his morning walk

Our view of the sunrise-tinted, snow-clad mountains


  1. How enchanting. Your new home, your new visitor, your views and the snow. The only part of this post which didn't fill me with joy (tinged with a little envy) was your migraine. I so hope that it completely gone now (I seem to have a day or so after a migraine where I feel a bit hung-overish). Healthy wishes your way...

  2. Oh My! I wonder what Mehibitable would have thought of this! It's very pretty but it sure looks cold!

  3. All I can say is I'm glad the snow happened to you not me!
    (some blog friend, eh?)
    Jane x

  4. can share your snow with us anytime ;-). Your shot out the front window is much like ours, especially when a UPS truck shows up. Your driveway's in a lot better shape than ours though. Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting the first junco sighting...CG, not so much. Your new place looks so nice, even better with a little snow cover. Nice fodder for a Christmas card ;-). xoxo

  5. Oh my! It seems extremely early for snow, but it sounds like several areas have gotten it. It's pretty, but hopefully it melts for you soon!

  6. How gorgeous! Is it normal to have snow in October for you? Your house looks lovely against that sky and those mountains are breathtaking. What did the dogs think of it?

  7. Oh wow, look at your new home, all landscaped!

    It seems early for snow, but I guess in the mountains it comes a little earlier than here at sea-level. Very pretty.

  8. Ellie C ~ Thank you! My headache did hang on through part of the next morning, but even after departing it had left me as you describe, feeling a bit hung-overish; wrung out and noodle and not worth much. So I treated myself to a lazy day. And then the weather turned cold and nasty again, and I am having a hard time finding my ambition again! I just want to hibernate! :-) It's supposed to get warm and sunny again later in the week, so I'll probably rally then.

    Kathie ~ She probably would have thought, "Ayuh, looks like wintah out theyah." :-) And it WAS cold! Pretty rude after that extended summer weather that spoiled us and made us soft!

    Jane ~ You're rubbish. LOL But you'll be gettin' yours one of these days soon, and then I'll gleefully gloat and cruelly cackle in your comments! Neener-neener.

    Spud ~ Stick a UPS truck in it and it all looks the same. ;-) So your elementary school is low and sprawling too, eh? I remember seeing it in one of your photos some time ago. Never thought I'd have a similar view!! I would HOPE our driveway is in better shape, it being only 3 months old (and already had a chunk knocked off the edge of it during the topsoil spreading, which will probably never be repaired by the responsible party. Hmph.) You've made me wonder if we'll get any Juncos here! This summer we had what I swear were little Sandpipers running all around! They're gone now, but they sure made things feel just beachy! :-) I have a feeling a house photo will have to wait for next year's Christmas card. I think it will take that long to get our window treatments, missing garage window mullions and remaining corbels!! But thank you for saying it looks nice.

  9. Molly ~ It IS early for snow (in my opinion), though I saw how widespread that storm was, and we usually get our first snow in late September (it just doesn't usually STICK or get that cold so early!) It was all melted by the next day, at least where the sun hit it. And it did give our new landscaping some good moisture and finally put out the range fires in the area! (We were still smelling smoke and seeing the haze just a couple of days earlier!)

    Barbara ~ Yes, it is, but as I said in my comment to Molly, it doesn't usually get quite that cold or start sticking till later in the month. Most years we've lived in WY we've had a bad snowstorm around Halloween, but last year it just rained, so who knows anymore? Thank you, I liked how our house was looking in the sunrise with the snow around it, and weren't those mountains pretty in pink? The dogs were sanguine about the snow, but they did find it odd that the sprinklers were on while snow was falling! :-)

    Rose ~ I know, the landscaping came together quite quickly once they got started, and it really transformed the look of the place! I think the snow was pretty early for Sheridan, though not for our old address. We usually got snow a couple of weeks earlier than town did, though this year I think we all got our first snow simultaneously.

  10. I know how you feel about migraine I have it almost everyday which is not fun at all. Wow, you have snow already?

    I just want to ask about the downy that you mentioned at my blog. Do I have to mix it with water and pray it on the wall? I am currently removing the wallpaper at my bathroom and it's a pain to removed them really. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Chubskulit ~ I'm fortunate, I get migraines pretty rarely. Can't imagine having one nearly every day!

    Yes, you need to mix the fabric softener with water, though there are various recipes for it (some call for 1 part water to 1 part fabric softener, some dilute is as much as 1:9. I can't remember the ratio I used, maybe 3:1?) Anyway, you can do a web search for stripping wallpaper with fabric softener and find the recipes and instructions, but here are a few to get you started:

    eHow: How to Remove Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

    Do It Yourself: Stripping Wallpaper with Fabric Softener Wallpaper Removal Home Recipe

    Good Housekeeping: Removing Wallpaper

    Good luck!

  12. Ah, my first snow of the year! Welcome winter...thank you for the photos. :-)

  13. Sorry you got this early snowfall. Hope the plants all survive. You have a great blog!

  14. I thought it was amazing to see a few flakes when I was up in Boyne Highlands but apparently you got a lot more than that!! Wow.

    I love the house photo (with the "apalled" plants - LOL). That's a great perspective of the house I hadn't seen before. I'm sure the plants were apalled!!

    What a cute photo of your "dear" neighbor!! Have you got many and are you able to recognize them one from another. Are you going to try to feed them like you did in Big Horn?

    I can see your spruce all decked out with Christmas lights. Jim does that every year to our three in the backyard and it's one of my favorite decorations. I'll have to send you a photo this year. It sure DOES look like Christmas in that photo even without the lights.

    No time for the lamp post today but it's fun to know it's next!!!!


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