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Friday, October 19, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Sneaks & Beaks

Since August, I've noticed a strange spate of sneakers hanging from power lines around town. All of them Nikes. Is it some enigmatic ritual? Bizarre hiding place for a sneaker theft ring? Early Halloween prank?

Maybe it's part of a new ad campaign for the rare Nike Air Jordan "Sky High" sneakers! :-)

Here is a sampling of some of the hightops on high...

Fun as that was, if I'm going to photograph power lines, I'd much rather they be decorated with beautiful birds, like these sweet Eurasian Collared-Doves...

See what else is decorating the world's skies at...

There's more skywatching on this week's ABC Wednesday post,
in case you missed it and want to see some dramatic skies!


  1. Makes me smile :)

  2. looks like someone just hung up his running shoes.

  3. Very funny, beautiful creations of couples, beautiful pictures.

  4. They do that all over the place around here...spoiled kids!

    Anyway, the birds are cute!

  5. Nice blue skies behind those hightops - nice shots!

    To answer your question, I took that aspen shot squatting near the ground with an ultrawide lens (10mm on a Nikon D40X), trying to get both trees leading in to the photo from the lower two corners.

  6. Wherever there are shoes and power lines, there are scenes like in your photos. Silly, right? Birds look so much better on the lines than shoes!

  7. I have heard some very unsalubrious tales about the reasons for shoes draped over power lines. Think drug houses nearby, gang territory, the location where someone lost their virginity, the location of a gang-bang. I hope that they are all urban myths - but much prefer your plovers.

  8. how strange! I have just caught up with the lovely photos and words in your recent posts. We are enjoying some beautiful autumnal weather at the moment and the garden is loving it.

  9. How freakish! The doves are much prettier than the shoes anyway and probably smell better :O) When we lived in Buckinghamshire there was a tree we used to pass and it was COVERED in pairs of shoes... never did find out why.

  10. Always wonder how many tries someone took before the shoes perched on the wire. The birds only try once, I guess.

  11. I only had time for one more post and as I scrolled through the few I've missed, the sneakers on this one got my curiosity up. How odd. Interesting idea for an Ad campaign but I'm thinking most people don't get it. (and I'm so unobservant, I probably wouldn't notice them!! :-)

    So I'm glad that you photographed them and shared this post. It was odd but really interesting!


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