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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Reveling in R's

is for...

Sunset's Righteous Riot of Rainbow hues 

Before November's Ravaging winds Reduced the trees to bare branches,
we enjoyed these Reflections in a pond by our house

Who could Resist Rejoicing at this Radiant Burning Bush 
and the Regal frog Resting beneath it?
(waiting for a kiss from a Ravishing maiden, no doubt!)

 Rustic Red barn on Beaver Creek Road
I got Ridiculous with Rays in my SkyWatch Friday post last week,
so click here if you want to see more!


Tomorrow (Nov 15) is America Recycles Day in the US!

I Revere the earth, and as a Result I Relish Recycling! :-)

Really! :-)
(click for Recycling tips!)

Rejoice at the Rousing Roundup of Rs at...


  1. A terrific medley of photos; there is something pretty special about the RED barn. Kate, ABC Team

  2. Ravishing Rs here - love that reflection, it looks like a mirror it's so still, and I must get me a Burning Bush, it would go very nicely with the Acers. Love the way you've framed that barn too, the red contrasts so well with the green surrounds, beautiful rays of sunlight too, but of course my favourite has to be the recycling shot - you know, that photo is so short I can even make our that you're wearing Union Flag earrings!!! Wow!!!

  3. Great collection of Rs for this week.

  4. wonderful collection of Rs
    and your photography is excellent - including the way you lined up the edge of the school crossing sign to the roofline of the house gable.

  5. For pete's sake, my comment should have read 'that shot is so sharp'!!! I'm rubbish not worthy of recycling...

  6. Oh my, what a wonderful collection of R words and photos.,
    The red barn and it's composition is one of my favorites and another is the rays and your regal frog. In fact they are all my favorites...(:0)

  7. your photos are amazing! the radiant bush is my favorite--i'd love to have this plant in the garden. autumn is breathtaking!

    R is for...

  8. I love reflection photos...yours are very good, especially the pond; very pretty. And those rays, all I can say is WOW!

  9. Howdy....finally! Wonderful sky shots, but my favorite was the red barn and all the grasses. And.....running a very close second was little Tatertot with her recycle tub doing her part. So's not that hard! ;-).

  10. Upon reflection, I think the red barn is my favorite photo. And I'm suitably impressed to see another photo of yourself posted here! Seattle is very good at recycling — the city collects everything, including compostables, at the curb. You can't even buy take-out food here in a container that's not recyclable.

  11. A great series. The reds in the top shot, and the reflection. But I should point out this recycling link.

  12. Such pretty reflection photos. I especially love the trees!

    That's so awesome that you added recycling in this post. We try to recycle as much as possible, including taking some plastics that we can't recycle here to Milwaukee.

  13. You Routinely brighten my day. I loved that you turned what some would call Rubbish into Recyling and the hopes of a bRighter future.

  14. Interesting photos --the sky photo was my favorite -- barbara

  15. Some lovely R's for the ABC Wednesday meme, which I actually got round to joining myself again this week.

  16. Oh, I did not know about the recycling day today, thanks for sharing. Love the first shot.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  17. Rich rendering of revealing and refreshing Rs, Laloofah, but hard to beat the R in your radiant and ravishing red sky post a few weeks ago! A perfect masthead for your always lively and inviting blog.

  18. R you thinking you covered 6 years worth or R's here!!! ;-) But of course if you R going to Revel, you need to cover more than one topic.!

    You do get more than your fair share of skies because they even bleen into your ABC Wednesdays and you Rarely miss a Skywatch Friday. The Rainbow hues sky is Ravishing!

    The pond by your house should be called Mirror Pond - at least on a day like that. Amazing Reflection.

    My favorite of your photos is the Rustic Red Barn. The composition is amazing and it's a really pretty barn too. But it's the way you framed it that made it really great. That's a keeper!

  19. That's supposed to be "bleed" not "bleen".

  20. Everyone ~ Thank you for all your grrrrreat comments! I'm a bit behind, but look forward to Reciprocating some blog visits soon.

    I love that the red barn shot was such a crowd pleasure, as I found it languishing in my photos and didn't think I'd ever posted it before. I found, entirely by chance, that I had - on an one I sent you didn't help your vision just a teeny, tiny bit? ;-) "Rubbish not worth recycling" - *snork!*

    VioletSky ~ You are generous in your praise! I was trying to keep that crossing sign out of the photo entirely, and couldn't do it without lopping off key parts of the sun rays, and while I do remember spending some time trying to compose the shot well, I don't remember noticing whether the sign lined up with that house gable or not, and am pretty sure I didn't! Good eye for catching that detail, though!

    photowannabe ~ LOL, thanks! That happens to me a lot when I'm trying to choose a favorite photo in someone's collection! :-)

    Luna ~ I've loved Burning Bushes too, since the first time I saw one, and had two of them planted when we landscaped our new house in September. They're still little, though, but colorful come Fall!

    Spud ~ Ah, that's sweet of you! :-)

    Andrea ~ I thought about you when I posted it, and figured you'd Remark on it. ;-) Hey, now and then I put my photo up, but think that nearly everything on the other side of my camera lens is far more interesting and photogenic to look at!

    I'm not surprised that Seattle is so good at recycling. I wish they'd do pick ups here, but am grateful they have a recycling program at all!

    Roger ~ Ha, great minds, etc etc! :-)

    Molly ~ Atta girl! I love that even our dogs are "recycled!" :-)

    Ellie C ~ Thank you, I'm glad to hear that, and appreciate your good words about recycling!

    Chubskulit ~ Happy to! (I think every day should be "recycling day," but am glad for a day like this that's set aside to inform and inspire!)

    raf ~ You're too kind! I agree with you about those sunrise photos, those are going to be hard to top! We'll see if Mother Nature can outdo herself. And great job coming up with all those R words in your comment! Thank you for your visit and your generous words of praise and encouragement, raf! :-)

    Jo ~ Nah, there were a lot more where those came from! :-) And true, Real Reveling calls for multiple topics of Revelation. LOL

    And you're right, the skies here supply so many great photos, I need more than one venue in which to share them! :-)

    Thank you for all your compliments, especially on the red barn photo! I took a lot of photos of it that day, but this one was my favorite - because of the composition, as you observed.

  21. I'm really late to the party this round. Been on a trip in RURAL Kansas. I needed your beautiful picture of the barn.


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