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Friday, November 2, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: November's First Sunrise

Our sunrise yesterday was a doozy! Spanning the eastern horizon from north to south and far above our heads with amazing clouds and colors. What a way to begin the new day as well as the new month...

for amazing sky photos from around the world

Those of you who live in places in the US and Canada that observe Daylight Savings Time, don't forget it ends on Sunday, so set your clocks back an hour before going to bed Saturday night! (Yay, an extra hour of weekend!)


  1. Stunning orange skies! Happy sky watching.


  2. Wow wow wow - stunning shots and colours!

  3. it's a good thing you got up early enough to share those beauties with us ! ;-)

  4. wow.
    I know, I am a woman of profound sentiments.

  5. Wow, intoxicating red! Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow! Nice captures. The sunrise with various kind of clouds are stunning beautiful.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  7. Wow, Laloofah!
    Your Sky Watch wins all the marbles!

  8. Sky on fire. Truly beautiful. Thank you - your sunrises are often brighter than our sunsets. Sadly, we have put our clocks forward and they won't go back again until the last weekend in March. Humph.

  9. The sky is alive with the sound of music!!!!!! - barbara

  10. you're such an early riser, up for the sunrise all the time; I really have to start getting up earlier.

    Those skies are beautiful; what extraordinary color! Your blog matches it now too!

  11. Such stunning colors! There is nothing like nature...

  12. Oh wow, just amazing! It looks as if the clouds are on fire. Did you get bad weather that day? It's usually a sign...

  13. I'm running out of time but both yesterday an today, I have been in absolute awe of these photos. I know you so I trust that they are not retouched but if they had been posted by anyone else, I would not have believed that they were real!!! I've said it before that you have great skies but that's before I saw these. These are even greater!!!! Unbelievable. If the weather wasn't so unpredictable, I'd come visit in the Fall!

  14. P.S. The sky photo is a great part of the blog template (once it loads).

  15. Everyone ~ Thanks for your comments and all the "wows!" That's exactly what we said when we saw this sky! :-)

    Thanks for the marbles raf, I love marbles! :-)

    Ellie C ~ Sometimes our sunrises are brighter, sometimes our sunsets are. We've been having a lot of both latey! (Not today, though, it's cloudy/foggy and preparing to snow today). I didn't know you do daylight saving time in Aus!

    Rose ~ I've always been an early morning person, and with sunrises like these I'm very glad of it! And yes, these photos color coordinate with my new blog look, it's a shame this post has to drop down the page and vanish from it eventually. Did you notice I used one of these photos for my new header, though? :-)

    Barbara (UK) ~ It was overcast all day, so we were lucky the sun was able to shine through enough at dawn to illuminate the clouds so beautifully! I think it may have spat a bit of rain now and then, but mostly I just remember it being very overcast.

    Jo ~ Well, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them so much! And I can assure you, they're straight out of the camera! Our weather can't be THAT different than Michigan's in the Fall - it's usually a really pretty time of year, including but not limited to the sunrises and sunsets. And if we were to get a cozy day during your visit, we could just make it our "Decadent Day" and watch movies and eat cookies in our jammies! :-)

    Sounds like it's taking a while for my new header to load for you. Wonder if anyone else is having that trouble. I have noticed that the leafy background appears first before the middle blog section does... it's really pretty, isn't it? I love these colors.


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