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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Some Special Esses :-)

A selection of S's for your satisfaction...

Slow Sculpture...
Sweet, too!
"Turtle for Tots" by Mary Zimmerman ~ Paonia, CO
By the playground in Kendrick Park

Speedy Sportscar...

Serene Scenery...
Taken this summer on the ranch where we board our horse Mocha

Simple Stone...
A lone grave marker in Sheridan's Municipal Cemetery. I could find no other markers 
in the vicinity of this grave with the rest of this person's name or vital statistics, 
nor evidence of missing stones. Maybe George was secretive and wanted it that way! 

Stunning Sunrise...
Hot off the press, this morning's spectacular sunrise from our back yard

Scrumptious Skillet Supper...
I had to break a cardinal rule of food photography and photograph this
 under icky artificial light (on the sad little stove in our last rental). Sorry!

The original name of this dish is Skillet Black Beans with Potatoes and Tortillas, but we simply call it "that yummy skillet supper." :-) With potatoes, corn tortillas, beans and spices, this satisfying dish has become one of our new comfort foods. It makes a lot (use a large skillet!), and makes great leftovers.

Click here for this delicious recipe by Nava Atlas. The only changes we make to this recipe is that we sauté in water instead of oil, and add a poblano pepper and about 1/4 cup of frozen organic corn. (We like ours with 3 cloves of garlic and 2 chipotle peppers, but adjust these amounts according to your own heat preferences).

Here it is all served up garnished with fresh cilantro, avocado, homemade vegan sour cream, and a splash of Sriracha hot sauce, since we like our sustenance on the spicy side!...

See what other S'ssss are in store at...


  1. such a succulent range of savory shots!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That turtle would make a great cat-perch. Pepper would love it. And David would love the Austin Healey (as do I actually - I can just see myself driving along with a headscarf on my bonce a la Grace Kelly, probably looking more like Gene but what the hell, one can dream). What a strange lone grave marker.. or is it a grave marker? Could it be one of George Cloony's stalkers who just like to leave mention of his name wherever they go...? And no, I'm not saying it was me :O))

    Beautiful sunrise, you do get some corkers where you live.. and as for that food... oh my. I want that Yummy Skillet Supper, and I am now off to find out how to make that vegan sour cream.

  3. Yummy looking dish even with the artificial light. Haven't had breakfast yet so you set my tummy to growling...(:0)
    Love the slow sculpture too.

  4. Lots of nice Ss but the best is the skillet supper. As soon as I saw it my stomach started rumbling.

  5. Great blog! Stumbled upon it through veganelder's blog.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. I adore that turtle! The sunrise and scenery are definite winners, too, as is that car. Such a cool ride!

    That skillet dish is definitely going on our menu next week. It looks fantastic! I'm going to follow the link & print it right now. Thanks Laurie!

  7. Lovely "S" shots, Tatertot! An old buddy of mine had a Sprite years ago. It drove great in the snow ;-).
    What a great-looking skillet of grub.
    As always, you have the greatest sunrises and sunsets...fantastic!
    Thanks for putting Molly on your blog. I told her about her new celebrity status and she did what most cats do......took a nap ;-). xoxoxo

  8. Barbara ~ Yes it would, and though both Pepper and Charlie could fit up there together with room to spare, I have a feeling Pepper would insist on one of her "Exclusion Zones." :-)

    I can see you Grace Kellying about in that Austin Healey quite easily! As for the stone, it's definitely some sort of grave marker, but I like your theory - which is unique enough that all evidence would HAVE to point to you. ;-)

    I doubt you can find Nasoya tofu there, which in "Firm" is a perfect consistency for vegan sour cream. Other brands of tofu I've tried tend to be too firm, and the resulting sour cream is too "stiff." Though by processing the daylights out of it, and perhaps adding a bit of water, you can make it work. The skillet dish is definitely worth making! Great stuff!

    photowannabe and Andrea ~ My goodness, with all this growling and rumbling, I can hardly hear myself think! :-)

    D.E.M. ~ Thank you! I appreciate your stopping by!

    Molly ~ I'm really glad you're going to make the skillet dish, because I think it's right up your guys' alley! Let me know how you like it!

    Spud ~ Ha, yeah, I'll bet it did. Sure would be fun in nice weather, though!

    Did you notice that two of the featured cats are named Molly, as is one of the cat parents (whose comment is right above yours?) Great name, Molly! :-)

  9. That turtle is adorable! I bet the kids love to sit on him.

    I love the serene scenery pic too, and of course I always love the food posts! Sounds super delicious!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving Laurie, and have a great weekend!

  10. oh, my goodness, but that skillet dinner looks sensational!

  11. thank you so much for stopping by my blog and giving me the name of the artist who's work I've been using! I tried in vain to find out who she was, and you have solved my dilemma! thank you, thank you, thank you! Josephine Wall can now be properly credited for her fantastic work, and I am a happy non-appropriator of someone else's art - it's a good day ~ ♥

  12. Rose ~ You know, for as often as I've been by it (especially when we lived at Dragonfly Cottage), I don't remember ever seeing any kids sitting on it! I guess the adjacent elaborate playground equipment has them more in its thrall. (Too bad, I'm sure you and I would have been all over that turtle!) :-)

    Thanks, Rose, I hope you did as well!

    Mama Pajama ~ Love your name (and as I mentioned on your blog, your avatar!) :-)

    Oh, it is - that skillet dish tastes a lot better than my sorry photo would indicate!

  13. hey there - here's the link to my new post about Josephine Wall's Magpie Fairy:

  14. A fun Spread of Ss! My favorite was the Simple Stone. George may have more people thinking about him for eternity Simply for the lack of having provided information. His Secret will keep people guessing and thinking about him. Perhaps it was his attempt to be long remembered! Or maybe he was from Maine - they are pretty short on words there!!!

    I e:mailed myself the skillet supper recipe. I'm in need of new ideas and this seems hearty and just might be something Jim would like so I'm going to give is a Shot!


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