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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Q is for Quilts!

It's ABC Wednesday again, and Q is for... Quilts (again)! Because October brings the annual Sheridan Fiber Arts Show at the local library, which always features lots and lots of quilts. So, here is Part 1 of my 3rd annual multi-part Quilt Show post! As always, you may want to click on any photo to view a larger, more detailed version. For the quilt fans among you (the rest of you are SOL this week, lol), links to the 2011 and 2010 quilt shows are at the end of this post.

As always, I like to start out with some overview photos. Not as many quilts this year as in previous years,when they usually go all the way down and around the staircase banister, but still, there's no shortage of quilts, as you'll quickly see...

And now for some up close and personal views. I took photos of my personal favorites (all marked with asterisks before and after their name), or quilts that were unusual or had a quirky story, which I'll share (usually in their own words in quotes and italics) with their photos. 

By the way, space on the mezzanine is tight and in my quixotic quest to photograph most of the quilts I often have to seriously contort myself, bending backwards over the railing, to capture as much of a quilt on the wall into the frame as possible. Because there is a limit to my flexibility and I didn't want to do a quadruple backflip over the railing, some of the quilts don't quite appear in their entirety!

Before Halloween recedes any further into the past, here's a festive quilt to start us off...

"Halloween Frenzy"
Technique: Quilt - Pieced
Artist: Tammy Johnson
Quilting: Jennifer Golden

Arilyn, the artist's granddaughter, chose the fabrics.

Halloween Frenzy detail

Bat quilting detail
Notice that the quilting is done in the shape of bats!

"Summer of Fun"
Technique: Machine Pieced
Artist: Pam Rapp
Quilting: Two Chicks Quilting

This one should probably be named "Two Years of Fun," 
since it was begun in 2009 and finished in 2011!

*"My Rainbows Have Pink"*
Technique: Machine Piecing & Hand Appliqué
Artist: Janet Hoxie

"This started as an illustration in a coloring book,
but I soon discovered I had one more segment than a rainbow has colors, 
thus the need to improvise."

"Wheels of Wonder"
Technique: Quilting
Artist: Fran Wolfe
Quilting: Fran Wolfe

"This is a quilt made from a laser cut kit by John Flynn of Red Lodge.
Curved seams are really hard to sew even when the pieces are laser cut.
I almost quit more times than I can count. When I finished the main piece, 
I decided to quilt it myself, which was also a first. 
There are lots of mistakes, but there also was lots of learning.
About 10 seconds after I finished my thought was -- I've got to make another one."

*"Crows & Chili Pepper"*
Technique: Machine Quilted
Artist: Sandy Morton
Quilting: Karen Van Houten

Crows & Chili Pepper detail

"American States Block Collage"
Technique: Quilting
Artist: Sandy Morton
Quilting: Karen VanHouten

"Pineapple Star"
Technique: Paper Piecing
Artist: Mary Jane Collins
Quilting: Laurie Sheeley

"The Thundering Herd"
Technique: Hand Appliqué
Artist: Valeria Finley
Hand Quilting: Valeria Finley

"New York Beauty"
Technique: Paper Pieced
Artist: Georgia Mueller
Quilting: Larry Mueller
Pattern by Karen Stone

"I had this pattern for 10 years before I attempted to make it. I was inspired
 by my collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and other designers of bright colors. 
It took me about a month working on about three blocks a day.
Then I had to make the border which took a couple of weeks.
This I believe is one of the best quilts in my quilting career."

And who are we to quibble? :-)

"Grandmother's Flower Garden"
Technique: Hand Quilted
Artists: Betty Harrison, Valeria Finley, Kristy Anderson

"This quilt was started in 1929 by Nina Anderson and finished in 2011." 

Quality over quickness. I like that. :-)

*"Out on a Limb"*
Technique: Machine Appliqué & Machine Quilted
Artist: Elaine Inman
Quilting: Elaine Inman

I don't quilt, but McKenna Ryan's patterns make me wish I did!
Her wonderful designs are always my favorites.

"Star Log Cabin"
Technique: Machine Pieced
Artist: Louise Knievel
Quilting: Becky Stednitz

"I wanted to do a quilt for our daughter. She picked the pattern and colors 
to match antique rodeo posters in her bedroom."

*"Stained Glass"*
Technique: Pieced
Artist: Mitzi Siebert
Quilting: Laurie Sheeley
French Braid Pattern by Jane Hardy Miller

Stained Glass detail

More photos from the 2012 Fiber Arts Show coming soon!
Meanwhile, enjoy more quirky Q's at...

(This badge even looks rather quilt-like, don't you think?)

Past Quilt Show posts:
2010: Part 1, Part 2


  1. Beautiful designs!

    Would you mind pitching an answer?

  2. Fabulous selection of quilts.

    Que Sera Sera
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  3. Where oh where to start. I love your annual quilt show! I took my time scanning and rescanning the photos again. Thank you for doing all the contortions necessary for the great photos

    There were a couple of quilts in the overall photos that I'm hoping to see up close in the next post.

    My favorite of all the ones you did post was "wheels of wonder". I'm familiar with John Flynn. Is that Red Lodge MT as in the same place we stayed? I love the soft batik fabrics in a sort of autumnal color way. I agree that curved piecing is HARD so I appreciate the quilt for that reason too. And from this vantage point, there are no mistakes!

    I also loved "My Rainbows Have Pink" Fun quilt with a fun story. I'm intrigued with the interesting design and although I would have preferred a smaller black border, I thougtht it was stunning.

    I agree that McKenna Ryan's patterns are the best! One of these days, probably when I'm in the UP in my quilt studio, I will make one for you. How hard it will be to pick only one pattern! "Out on a Limb" is really sweet!

    I really liked "Star Log Cabin". I thought the color choices were really nice and though I'm not usually a great fan of log cabin quilts, this one really appeals to me.

    You were ever so silent on why you picked the ones you did to showcase. I'm assuming that you won't have room to post them all so I'm guessing these are your favorites. I'm very sure I know why on some of them. Not so sure on others. Is your very favorite in this batch or are you saving that for the next post?

    Thank you again for a great post and for a promise of a part 2 - can't wait. Thank goodness I had a whole 1/2 hour for lunch today - no interruptions!

  4. Oh my gosh! They are all gorgeous! I envy those who have the talent and time to create these pieces of art!

    abcw team

  5. What stunning creations, I enjoyed reading the Quilters explanations, really added to the pleasure. My aunt was a talented quilter and like "Grandmother's Flower Garden" she finished my grandmother's half done quilt when she was a grandmother herself.
    Joy - ABC Team

  6. Ordinary Words....That's some quantity of quilts♫♪

  7. Amazing quilts. My cousin is a quilter, and we were just at her home in Boise, and I so loved sleeping in her guest room with quilts over me, and hanging on a quilt rack at the end of the bed...Nothing but perfection.

  8. Quilts have always amazed me - this is a great selection -thanks for capturing this for us! My favorites are the red one, right above the stairs, and the Thundering Herd.

  9. I have a grandmothers flower garden quilt very much like the one in your photo except the background is tan instead of green.

    I have two quilt projects lined up but they require me to clean off my work table and that seems to be a harder project than making the quilts!

  10. I've seen posts with a quilt or two, but you've got QUILTS, of all sorts of designs.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  11. Oh. Oh. How beautiful. The dread disease has claimed my fine motor control and I can no longer sew (she says querelously, but these are simply beautiful. I drooled last year (quarts and quarts of drool) and expect to do so over your next posts. Thank you. Lots.

  12. Beautiful quilts! I love the way ther are displayed here. What a great way yo get people to go to a library too. ;))

  13. Love your annual quilt posts - I thought the New York Beauty was my fave until I saw the stained glass - the colours in that are just so beautiful.

  14. Amazing quilts - so lovely!

  15. Wow you have some darn good quilters in your area. Loved the fact that the quilt that was started in 1929, Grandmothers Garden, was finished in 2011. I'm sure there is a story with that quilt. all the quilts you show are fabulous -- you provided a wonderful tour. thanks -- barbara

  16. Thank you to all who commented, I'm glad you enjoyed Part 1! :-)
    Jo ~ I know you do. :-) I hope the ones you spied in the overviews show up in Part 2, which I'll finish up and publish this morning... if not, let me know which ones they are and I'll see if I got any of them. I am publishing most, but not all, of the photos I took this year.

    I always love hearing which one(s) is your favorite, and am rarely able to guess correctly. Yes, Red Lodge is where you and I stayed (and it was on our way there that we executed the Bat Turn to go to hte Washoe Quilt Shoppe that we stumbled upon!) I'm amazed you're familiar with John Flynn! How did you know about him, was it from our trip to Red Lodge?

    I would LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE a McKenna Ryan quilt made by you! But you're right, choosing which pattern will be a major (but wicked fun) challenge!

    I agree, the Log Cabin pattern isn't usually my favorite, but this show had two variations on it that I loved, and this was one of them ~ even though I didn't mark it as a favorite. It, along with "Summer of Fun" and "Grandmother's Flower Garden," would have been in my "darned near a favorite" category, had I had one. :-) And speaking of favorites, you need to go back and re-read my post, young lady! In the first paragraph beneath the last overview photo, I did say why I chose to photograph the ones I did! If you're wondering what made a quilt qualify as one of my personal favorites though, it's the same as it ever was (having no eye for difficulty or skill levels) - colors and pattern! Choosing this particular batch for Part 1 was driven by two factors: I tried to choose ones that would look good together on the page, and since this was an ABC Wednesday post that would (hopefully) get a much wider readership than Part 2 will, I tried to choose quilts that I thought would have the widest appeal and provide maximum "eye candy." I have favorites in both groups - not sure I have one stand-out favorite, though, but Ryan's and Stained Glass are definitely in my top three without having to think about it, but most of my favorites do appear in this batch.

    So, here's hoping for another uninterrupted 1/2 hour lunch break for you today so you can enjoy Part 2! :-)

  17. Leslie ~ As do I, not being handy with needle and thread (nor having the patience to do such meticulous work) myself! I absolutely love quilts, and quilt shops (as AdventureJo will attest!) :-)

    Joy ~ Thank you for that feedback about the quilters' explanations; adding them is a big part of what makes these quilt show posts so time consuming to do, so I'm glad it's worth it! (I enjoy reading them too, and am disappointed when they don't provide one!)

    That's so funny about your aunt finishing your grandmother's "Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt" because I have a similar story! My GREAT-grandmother had made the top of a Dresden Plate quilt, but never quilted it. When I was in high school, my grandmother and mother finally quilted it, and they insisted that I do a couple of stitches in it too, so it would be a four-generation project. My objections were overruled (I was afraid I'd ruin it!), and they made sure to choose a discreet spot for my stitches. :-) My mother has that quilt hanging on her front entrance hall, while I have my great-grandmother's Flower Basket quilt hanging in my upstairs hallway. Too bad the quilting gene didn't make it down to me! (Cross stitch and latch-hooking are the most I can handle).

    Wanda ~ How fun! (And I'd love to visit Boise, I hear it's a really neat town). AdventureJo is a quilter extraordinaire, and I love visiting her home - it's filled with her gorgeous (and prize-winning) creations (and I'm fortunate to have several of hers myself!) Maybe your cousin will "whip you up" something for Christmas! :-)

    Emille ~ Me too, thank you, and you're welcome! :-) Thanks for sharing your favorites - be sure to check out Part 2, as if the "red quilt right above the stairs" is the one I think it is, you'll get to see a closeup in that post.

    Andrea ~ I've always loved that classic pattern, it's so cheerful. There were two of them side by side in the show, but the other one was washed-out looking, and I preferred this one. Do you use yours or display it? And I didn't know you were a quilter! You are quite a Renaissance Woman! :-) Maybe you could do a post of YOUR quilts! Please?

  18. Ellie C ~ I hate that you suffer so with the MS, and that it's robbed you of a favorite hobby. I hope you'll check out this woman's story (one of at least two MS testimonials on this site), and the rest of Dr. McDougall's site. His diet is the one I've followed for over 5 years, and have had not one symptom in all that time. I was already doing well on a vegan diet, but am doing great on his no-added-fats vegan diet! I truly think you could really reduce your symptoms and your suffering if you'd change your diet. It's worked for me and many others.

    As for the quilts, I'm happy that you enjoy these posts so much (I think you and AdventureJo are my biggest Quilt Show Posts fans!), and you wait for Part 2 is nearly over! :-)

    EG CG ~ :-) I agree!! Though I must say, I think our library is well-used. Though strangely, I rarely have to share the mezzanine with others when I make my annual visits to see the quilts - and I always go multiple times! Of course, the quilts are up during the entire month of October, and the guest book always has tons of entries, so I guess I'm just lucky and am missing the hordes. :-)

    Barbara (UK) ~ I can see "New York Beauty" being your favorite, but since "Stained Glass" is one of mine, I'm gratified that you switched allegiance! :-) The colors are always what draw me first, then the design. And I'm always drawn to the bright colors!

    Barbara (KY) ~ Yes we do, and they are prolific; maybe the long winters help! I know, I wonder why that quilt wasn't finished, where it was during all those missing years, how it was found ~ bet it's a great story! I'm glad you enjoyed Part 1, and thank you for your compliment! Now I'm off to publish Part 2!


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