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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Treasures

I spent a little time this week tinkering with my camera's settings and PhotoBucket's free editing toys (which have some neat tricks but are not without their trials and tribulations!), and here are the results applied to some of my tiny treasures...

Timeless treasures washed up by the tides:
Shells, sand dollar, shark's tooth & calcified coral I found on beaches in Maine & Florida, 
and two halves of a nautilus shell purchased at a gem show (a gift from a friend)

A teeny bunny my mom gave me takes a seat on a chunk of rose quartz,
with a watercolor of Loch Ness' beguiling Urquhart Castle,
a cherished token from a terrific trip to Scotland in 1998, as her backdrop.


  1. Wonderful treasures, the painting is lovely.

  2. Very nice rendering of your gifts from the sea, Laloofah. BTW,I responded to your inquiry on cameras on the redbird post.

  3. I love your Tiny Treasures.
    Your bunny reminded me that I had one like that. I wonder what happened to it?
    There are some things that never got unpacked when we moved. Hmmmm??

  4. Nice composition of your collection of treasures. If you want to play with more free editing tools, take a look at pic monkey. That's what I use when I'm away from my computer during the summer.

  5. I like what you did with both!

    I was going to suggest PicMonkey, too, but see that Andrea beat me to it. I love that site. :)

  6. Love what you've done here!

    abcw team

  7. Love them. My father was intrigued by the 'inner workings' of shells and spent quite a lot of time shaving fine slices through them using his diamond saw. I don't have any of these slices. I wonder which one of my brothers ferreted them away...?

  8. Both pics are lovely! I love the purple hue you gave to your beach treasures, and the little bunny with backdrop is very charming! A beautiful atmosphere in both photos!

  9. I love it. Both of them. I think they look like cards. You really have an artistic talent.

  10. Everyone ~ Thank you for all your sweet, complimentary comments! I'm glad you enjoyed these!

    raf ~ Thank you again for the info about your camera!

    photowannabe ~ I know I'm missing some stuff since we moved ~ it never got unpacked from our original move last September, and now I can't find the box. Hate that! Hope your bunny turns up.

    Andrea and Molly ~ Thank you, and thanks for telling me about PicMonkey. I'll have to explore it as soon as I've got time to play!

    Ellie C ~ Well, I'd put the word out to my bros that if they've got them, they need to share! Your dad, and his shell slices, both sound intriguing.

    Rose ~ Thank you! For some reason, that little bunny makes me think of you. Perhaps because she's very sweet and is wearing a rose! :-)

    Andrew ~ That's very generous of you to say and I sure appreciate it!

  11. I just had a couple of minutes because I'm off to Louisville at noon but that was enough time to enjoy this Tiny post of timeless treasures. I love how you got so many treasures into two photos and for that matter how you combined them. How clever for you to put the bunny with the quartz in front of the picture. I have so much trouble doing that and my stuff just looks like I lined it up for a parade and it's not very attractive. I've learned alot about decorating from you!

    The photoBucket changes are cool. Of course, I don't know what the before was but I'm guessing it toyed with the color a bit and softened some line. It's very "old" looking now. I like it. Some of the best treasures are old.

  12. Jo ~ I had to LOL at your comment about how your stuff looks like it's lined up for a parade! I had that problem this year with my snowman collection. When I had the bay window, and at Dragonfly Cottage the window seat, I had my snowmen scattered with some of my birdhouses, little picket fence and little pine trees, with an evergreen garland with little white lights as a backdrop. It looked like a little snowman village in the woods. But the only place I really have to display them here is the fireplace mantle, and once I stuffed the garland behind them (it really needs that to show off the snowmen), there was no room for trees, birdhouses or fences so it's just a line of snowmen, lined up (as I put it) like a festive firing squad! :-) I'll try to figure something different out for next year, but this year... I'm tired. I feel like all I've done for the last year and a half is stage and decorate all the houses we've been living in!

    I've got the "before" photos of both, and will email them to you if you'd like to see them. The bunny picture just looks more vintage, but the one with the sea treasures looks really different. Much more richly colored and textured than the original. I really like how they turned out and am glad you did, too! Thanks for squeezing in a visit before your latest trip!

  13. Well done that woman for photo experimentation! Really like the tones and the vignette in the bunny pic (and that bunny is so sweet). And I love that nautilus shell. I would be wanting to take a macro of it it's so intricate.

    Have you tried the various colour settings on your camera by the way?

  14. Barbara ~ Thank you! You know, I really didn't have to change the photo much during editing to get the soft, sort of vintage look. Must have been the filtered light in our bedroom or something, because the SOOC shot looks quite similar. I mostly gave softened and aged its edges, and gave it a pinkish tone. But the sea treasures photo changed significantly, adn the details of that nautilus shell especially really popped! IT would indeed make a great subject for macro shots (which my camera can't do).

    Various color settings? What various color settings? LOL It's just a point-and-shoot, it doesn't have a features like that (not that I've been able to find on the camera or in the manual, at least!) I have to do those in photo editing.

  15. Oh..comment misplaced...

    This one is a beautiful shot!



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